What other process goals could I have? I could play more social tennis but simply turning up to play doubles, however much time I invest in it, will not, if I take on the conclusions of Anders Ericsson, lead to great achievement. How can I build in deliberate practice beyond my weekly hour's coaching with Sami? Richard is standing right next to this elderly person. Comment on what this means. On Saturday, Mark argued with his sister. He was visibly angry, but they continued exchanging words while seated on the same sofa set. Comment on this distance and space in communication. Comment on the importance of trust and assurance for people who share this space. Mark met his girlfriend while attending a football match. It all started when Mark threw a hard stare at her at the farthest end of the stand. When the girl reciprocated the stare, Mark moved closer to her after the game and they walked holding hands. This is an example of allowing someone to transit from public distance to personal distance. Visualization: Picture a bunch of Cupids flying about in straight lines, aiming their tiny bows at whoever or whatever is your peg. Visualization: A large chart on which are the names of sad movies. Visualization: A tall, gangly Abe Lincoln vigorously mopping your kitchen floor. Daily Tune-up: Political Strategies Although politics may not be your cup of tea, it wont hurt you to know more about the individuals who make decisions about your future. If you want to see how easy it is to increase your political knowledge using your memory tools, I will show you how. If you have trouble remembering the names of your senators and representatives, for example, use your substitute word tools to help you out.

Century, centaur, or even tore work as a substitution for senator. Next, think of the names. For example, the names of the two New Jersey senators are Frank Lautenberg and Robert Torricelli. I could do more with Sami but he isn't cheap and his diary is crammed with sessions articleed by other members. I could have a hitting session with one of the junior coaches or one of our young promising juniors. What else could I do to work hard on each stroke in a purposeful way until good habits become engrained? What if I can't get hold of a hitting partner? Well, it turns out that the club has a ball machine which is rarely used. I can set it up to fire balls to my backhand or I can use it standing at the net to get some much-needed practice for my forehand valley. If I piece all these things together, I get a populated goal-mapping structure as in the figure earlier in this article. What makes this an illuminating example is that until I began to think about improving my tennis in this way for the purposes of this article, I had no idea that I could get a rating or a ranking or that competitions existed for my stately age. Or that I could enter them. I thought improving my game simply meant continuing with my current combination of weekly coaching combined with social play. Using analysis of distance and space in communication only, why do you think the girl allowed Mark to shorten the distance and welcome him into the personal space? Nicole works as a nurse at the local clinic. When one of the patients asked for a nurse, Nicole moved close enough to the patient and touched his hand to examine it. What is the justification for this distance in this communication? Nicole and her husband quarreled last night, and today they sat eight feet from each other while pretending nothing happened. Using the concept of space and distance only, suggest two reasons for this behavior? As a new mother, Nicole holds her baby closer, making her nose and that of the baby touch while making sounds to the baby.

Justify why this distance and space in communication is allowed? Last month while seated on a bench in a public park, a stranger walked and sat right next to Nicole even though the bench had only Nicole. Nicole decided to stand up and walk away. Since both of these are long names, break them into syllables according to their pronunciation: lout-ten-burg and tor-ra-celli. Now think of visualizations for each one. For Lautenberg, you can use out ten burgers, and think of ten hamburgers sliding into home plate in a baseball game and being called out by an umpire. To add the senator title, put the word centaur into the visualization, such as picturing the ten hamburgers riding on the backs of centaurs as they both slide into home plate. For Torricelli, use tour-a-cell, and then think of centaurs touring jail cells at Alcatraz in San Francisco. While most people don't have too much trouble remembering that they have two senators from their state (even if they can't remember their names), the number of congressional representatives is another story. Think quickly: Do you know how many congressmen there are, in total, from your state, and how many of them are Republicans and how many are Democrats? It shouldn't surprise you to learn that your memory tools can help you remember this information. Let's visit New Jersey again, which has thirteen representatives: seven Democrats and six Republicans. First, use your phonetic number code to come up with a consonant sound for the numbers 7 and 6. Once I approached this with a process mindset, I researched what the LTA had on its website (quite a bit, it turns out) and I began to look at opportunities such as the club's ball machine that have been there all the time but I've chosen not to exploit. EXERCISE 5. Complete your process goals. Remember that you are looking for activities that will take you out of your comfort zone, that will give you feedback, and most importantly, are the output of experts that have figured out how to build skills in whatever pursuit you have in mind. Do some research online. If, for example, your outcome goal is to do with creative writing, what courses can you take? Are there creative writing groups in your local area that you can join and where you can get feedback on your efforts?

What if your outcome goal is not to do with something with a structured hierarchy or progression? It may be that it is work-related such as being appointed to the C-Suite of your organisation or delivering a certain revenue target for your start-up. Part 5: Mapping your goals Why do you think Nicole walked away? Use only the concept of distance and space to explain. One of the critical roles of mirroring the body language of the target person is that it alerts them that you are taking deliberate interest in the person and want to strike a rapport with the person. Mirroring helps create a connection between the participating parties in a conversation. Akin to any other aspect of communication, one needs to learn the right way of mirroring body language to realize the maximum benefits of the concept. First, start by building your connection through fronting. In fronting, you want to lend the other person, complete attention. Go ahead and square your body so that you are directly facing the target person and try to make them the focus of your universe. Then establish eye contact, which may first appear invasive. Eye contact is critical in communicating your level of interest in the target person by communicating that you are giving undivided attention. Next, in order to differentiate between Democrats and Republicans, have the word that you come up with for the Democrats always end in d, and the word for the Republicans always end in r. For example, the word kind signifies the seven Democrats (the k sound from your phonetic code for 7, plus the last letter d). For the six Republicans, the word jar works (soft g or j sound from your phonetic code for 6, plus the last letter r). Once you have this system committed to memory, you can use it to remember the number of congressional representatives from any state. Don't forget to include a substitute word for the state and you're all set. To remember there are six congressional representatives from Oklahoma, associate O. Homer (Oklahoma) with a word such as rag (the r as the first letter signifies that it means representatives, while the g sound is for the six representatives).

For Oregon's five representatives, use oar-gone with real or a similar word. Use this system to remember other political information, such as the number of state representatives for each state. In fact, you can even use this system to remember a state's electoral votes. Action When In the near future From now on In the future Cultivating the ability to persist Effort and talent Remember Lee, my workshop delegate who took up the guitar, found it difficult and gave up. From article 3, you may now recognise in Lee symptoms of a fixed mindset. Because he found it awkward to form chord positions with his left hand, it therefore followed that he was not cut out for guitar playing. The combined view of social scientists who have studied achievement across a wide range of disciplines is that effort is twice as important as talent. Eye contact is also thought to elicit warm feelings that enhance a close connection. You should go ahead and initiate the triple nod, which does two functions. When one does the triple nod, then the target person is likely to speak three or four times longer, making them feel that they are being listened or what they are communicating is important. Additionally, if one nods, then it communicates that you are in tandem with what the person is saying, and this creates a receptive environment for sustained communication. One should elicit questions that will invite nodding. For instance, start by asking if the weather is warm. Then, pretend, followed by not pretending.