Remember, emotions that are not experienced become a wave of energy caught in midcycle waiting for completion. Do you freeze your own emotional flow and then remain stuck in your frozen Emotional Current? When you notice repetitive canyon experiences in your life, it's time to pay attention. Cycles of energy held tightly in check reduce and impair your ability to move with ease. When the river flows too fast for you and you must move or shift suddenly, some sort of injury--to your body, your environment, or your finances--may ensue. Allow yourself to experience your earlier cycles of emotional challenges, and check your intentions and the feng shui challenges in your environment for rapidly moving energy. Wrecking your vessel with trapped, pent-up energy as you careen through a narrow canyon is always an option--and a necessary part of some people's reality--but it is not a pretty scene to watch. Many hearts, bones, and financial agreements may be broken in the process. Being shipwrecked in a canyon adds to the drama of a good adventure story, but it will not aid in your movement toward the ocean of abundance. Right now take some deep breaths and name and claim your prior experiences in the financial canyons. Those kinds of coincidences occur all the time. It is a timely reminder the professional world is as tiny as that. In our professional life, you'll never know when and in what circumstances you might meet someone again. You don't know who knows who, in the future, or who they might meet. With this in mind, the tips provided here will help develop reliable, trusting, long-term relationships that will benefit you, those you encounter, and those inevitably influenced by your world presence. Listen from the viewpoint of the other person. All have our maps of reality. It's impossible to comprehend the route of the truth of the other entirely, and so we have to rely on our senses to grasp as clearly as possible the viewpoint of the other. We talk through filters, and that's why we never know what someone else has learned and, therefore, what we talked about. Hence the essence of our contact is the response that we get.

Not wholly resigned, but somehow more able to face the prospect of things not turning out just as I want them. I woke up quite bright and cheerful -- as you saw this morning. Our interview this morning [eighth interview] was nice. Hopeful, but with a good down-to-earth practical feel about it. Everything came alive and positive again -- you and me and things in general. I knew I hadn't found the whole solution, but I felt as if I had enough material to carry on with, and that it was time to do something now, not just think about it. But do you know, in spite of the fact that you have changed aspect in these last interviews, it hasn't had the hallucinatory quality I noticed before. I can't describe it -- I just know it's different from what it was before that shadow was peeled from your face. I felt a bit awkward about terminating the interviews -- partly because you might think I was cutting and running when the going got tough, but mostly because I can't be entirely sure that that isn't what I'm doing. But I don't think that's so, really. Notice that they did come to an end and that you are still here and in fact becoming much wiser. Now you can move ahead and work on avoiding future canyon experiences. THE COUNTING DANCE. Counting is done to keep track of the flow of money in and out of your life. Carry a small notearticle with you to record when and how you spend or receive money. Remember to record every penny. Let go of any judgments, just record your emotions and body sensations along with the rest of the transaction, date, description of the item, and amount. Later you'll use this information to create your spending plan. In the meantime, doing the Counting Dance gives you time to check in and be honest with yourself as you spend money--cash, check, or debit or credit card. With these actions you literally count all of yourself in the money flow of your life, paying attention to some of the details you have been overlooking.

Create excellent relationships with our colleagues and clients; This allows us to make sure that we offer what they want and not what we think they want or that they ought to have on our charts. If we can understand that each person has his or her map of reality, then there can be no argument given to the same thing by just different labels. There can be no 'false' degrees of clarification just. Negotiate a win-win situation. Negotiation is a thorough analysis of both your situation and that of your opposite number to find a mutually satisfactory solution that will give you as much as you can. If both of you go away pleased with what you've won from the contract, that's a win-win! Will find in a perfect win-win scenario that the other person wants what you are willing to trade and that you are prepared to give what he or she wants. If this is not the case, and one of you has to offer way, then obtaining some sort of compensation for doing so is fair. But both sides still need to feel at ease with the result. I think this just is the time to stop. Here in Chicago where I'm away from my own environment, and have no responsibilities and no friends, it is pretty largely imaginary practice. Well, I can certainly testify to the wisdom of keeping on with your work and normal contacts during psychotherapy! In the beginning of the eighth and final interview she expands the insight suggested at the outset of this quotation, realizing that she has been self-punishing, that she is the one who has tortured the little animal, that she is the one who has been making harsh judgments about herself, and that this need not necessarily be. The interview closed on the note that I can see that things aren't hopeless, that it is in me, and that I can do something about it. I don't mean it's going to be easy. But I think I ought to be gentle with myself, not punishing myself as I have. This tentative and cautiously positive note is very characteristic of the conclusion of therapy. Some Weeks Later The next entry was written some weeks later, while on vacation.

Engage your Creative Current and write with your favorite color of ink. Create some fun abbreviations for what you are experiencing, and consider giving yourself a gold star every time you remember to tune in before you hand over your money or credit card. With the Counting Dance, your awareness of your patterns in dealing with a canyon experience or any other financial challenge can gently surface. Once you see these patterns, you can decide where to put your money with new clarity. You may realize that you are purchasing an item for some emotional or self-worth reason rather than as a necessity for your current life or your long-term financial well-being. Use this information in future decisions on spending money. Moving water in the midst of rocks and large boulders creates rapids. Rapids can appear in a canyon or in open spaces. They represent fast-moving energy flowing in the midst of stuck energy that has hardened into solid physical objects, impeding the larger flow and creating turbulence and chaos. The faster the flow, the more interesting the whitewater and the bigger the danger--and excitement! Meet those sales targets. All have a number of internal filters which pass through information from our senses. Language is one of our internal filters, shaping how we perceive and helping us to interact with others and ourselves. If you listen to the type of vocabulary that your prospects use, you will be able to detect some of their filters in activities that allow you to adapt your vocabulary to theirs and enhance your ability to influence them by' speaking their language. We know exactly where they are going, even though they may find it challenging to understand what should be avoided along the way. You're going to hear them talk about their dreams, their ambitions, their ventures, probably with great enthusiasm, and they might have a lot of projects running at the same time. Did you find these prospects? When you want to influence or acquire a 'Towards' person's cooperation, speak to them about their ambitions and how to help them reach their goals. Like this: You mentioned earlier that you were going to win the quality award in the U. This will ensure you reach a 100% pass rate in your quality score by using our XYZ app 'Away from' people know what they don't want and what they want to get away from.

On Vacation. My arrival was a disappointment -- though a disappointment for which I was not unprepared. I'm too emotionally exhausted to experience pleasure in anything. The days roll by, and I keep on feeling like a convalescent -- neither sick nor well, neither dead nor alive. And I'm just fantastically irritable. The least little thing is apt to annoy me out of all reason, and it just seems to be a completely irrational sensitivity. Well, no, perhaps there is some pattern to it -- I get particularly violent when someone interrupts what I'm doing, or suggests that we go North when I had thought we might go South, or when someone else gets in a stew and I am required to accommodate myself to them. And my irritation seems to be in proportion to the amount of energy required to make the adjustment. So perhaps it's partly just fatigue. But a lot of it -- most of it, maybe -- is that I'm so tired I really do need a rest; With rapids there is not enough empty or available space in the river for things to flow with ease. Things are too dense, and some pruning is necessary to open up space and induce a gentle flow. Picture a room with awkwardly placed furniture that impedes your movement and flow from one area to another, or emotions that have congealed and hardened and are stuck in your body. Consider the thoughts that you rigidly hold on to that impair forward movement in your career and life, the rigidly held thoughts of scarcity and your unworthiness to receive abundance. All of these represent blockages in a flowing river of energy. In rapids the river does flow and the whitewater is exciting, yet past a certain point of excitement you realize that you are terrified and unable to move with ease. These rapids represent physical, emotional, and financial chaos that eventually frightens even the bravest among us. Rapids and the chaos they create are feng shui nightmares. Lots of interesting and potentially dangerous things in your physical space, and even in your Wealth Area, are creating turbulent energy. None of them contributes to moving you safely through your space.