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They're a fool's game. One of my favorite quotes about predicting the future comes from Isaac Asimov, the sci-fi master known for his robot stories, which I absolutely love. But in his lifetime, Asimov was also known as the great explainer. He wrote far more articles about science fact than he did about science fiction, across a range of disciplines, from astronomy to biology to chemistry to--well, I could probably make my way all the way down the alphabet, but you get the point. He even wrote about the Bible and world history. But when it came to predicting the future, Asimov had a very specific stance. A successful person has health, family, love, money, joy, peace, and living a life of purpose. Everyone in the world is born with a purpose, but most of the population don't know what their purpose in life is. Law of Mind The law of the mind is whatever you put your mind into; You will start to see that in your life. This law is exact. Your mind has the power to transform your life for the better with the help of thought. Think about your mind as a gigantic magnet. Whatever you focus on with feelings, your mind will pull that towards you. Your mind has the potential to do anything for you. Meditation has been practiced for centuries. When you meditate every day, you consciously, deliberately, and intentionally make space to see your IC's old, habitual thinking. This is the only way to break the addiction to taking guidance from her. You have been living with your IC's voice as the guiding force of your life for as long as you can remember.

It's time to take back the keys to the kingdom of your mind and reassert dominion. This takes conscious attention on a daily basis. Meditation is an important tool for disallowing the old beliefs, attitudes, memories, and perceptions to run your mind. The moment you have an old brain thought or feeling, you will be able recognize it as your IC's old programming and unhook from it. Instead of identifying yourself with your IC mind, which is who you've always known yourself to be, you begin the work of reprogramming your mind by unlearning your old pattern of thinking and rewiring a new mind with new patterns of thinking. If you've never meditated much before, love meditating to sounds or music, or could use some guidance, you'll find lots of great meditation tools, recordings, and apps online. People always expected him, as a writer of science fiction and science fact, to predict the future. This led him to say: Predicting the future is a hopeless, thankless task, with ridicule to begin with and, all too often, scorn to end with. I always share this quote with my students on the first day of class. If you still want to be a futurist after hearing that, I say, then you've come to the right place. As I also tell my students, futurists do not predict the future. It's not our job to be right. This is what most pundits and predictors of the future are trying to do. They want to be right. They want to be the person who gets up to stand in front of the camera and say See? You need to ask, have faith, you will receive it. The Law of Plenty This law states that there is plenty for everyone in the universe. You receive your desires through a process of psychic energy that sets into motion.

People use this law against them most of the time. When you don't use this law accurately, it will bring stress, anxiety, fear, and greed. People think there is not enough in the world for them. When you shift your thinking from lack to plenty, this law will provide you with the things you need in life. Those people who are greedy are thinking in terms of lack. This brings scarcity in their lives. Take a look at Inside Timer, Calm, and guided meditations on YouTube, like those from John Kabat-Zinn. This is how you change who you are, by accessing who you really are underneath your IC mind. And when you change who you are, you change every aspect of your life. Step Ten: The I Am Statement I am are words that will allow you to design your life using a new mind. Those two words recently literally saved my dad's life. My dad has been battling pancreatic cancer since 2015. It was caught early and treated surgically and successfully the year before my parents retired to Florida. But soon after they began their new life, the doctors discovered two new lesions on his pancreas during a routine check-up. I had already taught my dad how to use visualization to imagine his future life. I told you so when something they predicted comes to pass. But this is not the job of a futurist--at least not my kind of applied futurism. As an applied futurist, my job is not to be right but to get it right. That might seem like a subtle distinction, but it contains the whole universe of what I do.

It basically means that when I'm working with clients, whether it's a small start-up or the government of Australia, I not only model possible and probable futures based on facts but also prepare the client so they're ready to achieve the best possible outcome. I help them design their future in such a way that they get it right and end up thriving. This is what you and I are going to do together. I'm not going to tell you your future, but I am going to give you the tools and ways of thinking so you can get that future right and get the future you wanted. There are a lot of people who like to make predictions about the future, people who enjoy telling you what your future is going to be like. Worse, there are people who want to scare you with overwhelming versions of the future that you can do nothing about. They always live in fear of having nothing. The Law of Cause and Effect This law states that your thought is a cause. Your thoughts cause the energies to set into motion and show up in your life. Your thoughts are bringing the results in your life. This is the reason this world is cause and effect. Whatever you send will cause something to show up in your life. It would be best if you focused on what you are sending to the universe. The Law of Karma The law of Karma states that whatever you do in life, either good or bad, it will come back to you in some form or another. And so my dad, now seventy-five, decided that even though his cancer had returned, his life was going to be filled with joy, fun, and peace. Every morning he meditated on this and, in his mind, said, I am living a healthy, vibrant life filled with love and connection. My parents have seriously not stopped. They've made new friends and actually have a busier social life than I do.

But here's the best part. As I was writing this article, my dad received the results from his latest CAT scan. Here's the text I got from my mom: Miracle city! Cat scan showed NO evidence of metastatic cancer at all. That means BOTH LESIONS have disappeared! This is ridiculous. Anyone who tells you that a specific future is coming and there is nothing you can do about it is trying to disempower you. Here's a simple way to combat the onslaught of negative futures and disempowering people you're likely to encounter as you begin to design your own future. Any time someone starts telling you about the future and making predictions, ask yourself these three questions: Who are they? Why are they telling me this? What do they expect me to do with this information? Short and sweet, but I deliberately made these questions as simple and streamlined as possible so that when you're in front of the TV or on your laptop, maybe in the gym or the airport, and you hear a daunting prediction for the future, you can pause and quickly ask yourself them. This Futurist at Your Front Door This brings us to an important final point. It is essential to be mindful of the actions that you perform in your life. The Law of Love The law of love states that whenever you perform any action with love, your attitude towards doing that work will be very positive. If you lack the feeling of love within yourself, you will lack the joy of life because love is the basis of pleasure.