It is important to note that in studies, the same level of inflammation was not noted when people drank sour milk or ate yogurt. In fact, a negative relationship was found; Likely, they do not have the same effect on the body as other milk products. If you have to choose milk products, these are the ones to choose. Milk in Our Daily Life There is a great deal of data that suggests that people live shorter lives when they drink milk, and most notably, they do not have fewer fractures. The popular conception that milk helps build strong bones needs to be reconsidered and modified. Dr A's children have been told that they're eating a bad diet because it does not have milk in it. While most people do not care, there are people on the other side of the spectrum that care about every single little thing. They are the social media commentators, who write up a storm on any controversial topic. They are the people that care to share their opinion about everything. They are the people who say yes to everything and, therefore, have no time for anything they actually care about. In fact, these caring individuals help so much with other people's problems and agendas, they have no idea what they actually want or care about. They are the people who get emotionally caught up in the smallest of details, and always feel passionately about fixing every problem. These are the super empathetic people in our world. While we appreciate the immense empathy they give, it's many times, too much to bear for one person. Please understand that there are only 168 hours per week. You can only put your care and attention into so many things. I had two kids and there was no child support from their father. But I listened to other women start to say it was important for me to respect myself and not to stay in my fear.

So little by little I started to say what I thought and what I felt, and then the biggie--what I needed. With that, I was setting boundaries. When partners are being harmed or attacked, they tend to want to analyze the situation rather than take cover. Let me share with you a riddle that stumps many people: If you are standing under a window and someone starts dumping garbage on top of your head, what do you do? Long pause. Then the woman replies tentatively, Ask them to stop? The answer and the appropriate response is, You get out of the way. This isn't the moment to ask why; If they buy a school lunch, they are required to take milk. When we look at the healthy school meal, it always includes milk. Are we teaching our kids the right thing? The American diet has butter and cheese in almost everything. If you get a side of black beans at a Mexican restaurant, there is always a sprinkle of cheddar cheese on it. If you get a salad, you usually get a sprinkle of mozzarella or Parmesan. Pasta sauces and soups have cream in them. This elimination is hard, no question, and takes education and effort. However, once you feel better, your sacrifice will be worth it. So, start by removing the milk from the house. What you'll find is, if you say yes to so many things, everything becomes mediocre. You make no progress on the concerns you're genuinely concerned about.

So, if abortion is something you say you care about, then you should put action into helping out. This is true, even if it's as little as donating a certain amount of money per month. If you can't provide the finances or the time to genuinely help out, then don't beat yourself up. If you genuinely wanted to help, you would make the time to help. But hey, abortion could've been a little too controversial to start with. Instead of choosing a big issue that alters the moral compass of our society, you decide to choose something more light-hearted and enjoyable. You want to learn a new language. There are income benefits to fluency in multiple languages, particularly in southern states where you are given thousands of dollars in additional income every year. While a lack of boundaries sets you up for being a victim, it can also set you up to be hurtful and intrusive to others. Going in either direction is an act of being boundary-less. You are not protecting yourself when you are in a victim stance. You also demonstrate a lack of boundaries when you fail to respect the boundaries of others. Healthy boundaries reinforce your inner worth and value, and support your integrity and self-worth. A lot of my problems with boundaries had to do with my being uncontained. I'd flip from totally walled boundaries to being boundary-less. And when I did, I was hurtful to others. I had this wall of silence where I literally said nothing. When I finally spoke up to my husband, I preached and ranted! Buy almond or soy milk instead; Try to drink the ones in the refrigerated section because they contain fewer additives.

You can even buy chocolate almond milk, which is delicious. Instead of butter, which is made with cow's milk, switch to a plant-based margarine with plant sterols and no partially hydrogenated oils. Or better yet, avoid all butters all together! You won't notice the difference when you switch to plant-based margarines, and eventually you won't miss it at all if you stop using it all together. You also can find coconut, soy, and almond milk yogurts. Get rid of your cheese and replace it with plant-based cheese alternatives as a transition. These options don't taste quite the same as dairy cheese, but many of them melt, shred, and spread just like dairy cheese. Eventually, you can move to no cheese at all. You may want to travel, and not look like an idiot tourist. Maybe you married into a family that speaks another language, and you feel really weird when they begin speaking Italian to each other. You just want to learn another language! Does this goal to learn a language help change lives and improve the world's ecosystem? Not likely (unless you're a translator in a terrorist hostage negotiation). Again, this article isn't about you turning into a roaring advocate for huge causes and abandoning your current surroundings. The whole point is just caring more about your life and intentionally living to improve and grow. The whole point is to stop being apathetic! Learning Italian to speak to your in-laws is a really admirable pursuit! Think of the bond you will now have with that entire side of your family as a result! Certainly his behavior toward me was abusive, but I was abusive too, in other ways. And then having no boundaries, it was like I was leaking all over.

I was telling everyone what was going on with him and others. I called his family and told them. I told his coworkers. I even told the hairdresser, who didn't know either of us. I was telling anybody and everybody. Maintaining boundaries that prevent you from being retaliatory can sometimes be challenging. Yes, you have the right to be angry, even outraged, but being boundary-less only inflames greater chaos and drama. SAYING NO, SAYING YES Personally, Dr A would rather not eat cheese now at all. It seems strange to her that she doesn't miss it when she was so addicted to dairy for so long. You will get there too! Are We Getting Enough Protein? People often become highly concerned about getting sufficient protein and calcium in a diet that includes no dairy, eggs, or meat. This is what we are asked the most: how will I get my protein on such a diet? For those just starting their transitions and still eating chicken and fish, protein sources are evident. To those of you who have taken it to the next level and completely eliminated all animal products, we promise that you will get enough protein! People don't become protein deficient anymore unless they are truly starving. Some of the best athletes in the world eat completely plant-based diets. Where do you begin? First step, you should probably take a class.