Nothing in our lives can help us accumulate merit except offering selfless help to others. The Buddha says that if you help two people in your life, your cultivation will be refined, and if you help a dozen, you will be immensely blessed. A sincere helper will do his utmost to help others, expecting neither returns nor gains. When you give help without asking for returns, you increase your own blessings. Only in this way will you have others' sincere help when you are in trouble. An ant fell into a river while drinking from it. He tried his best to swim to the bank, but to no avail. Spinning in place, he struggled in despair. Pain coming from a leg that's not there reminds me of one of those Zen riddles about a tree falling in the forest. If no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? In this case, it does. Perhaps you're beginning to realize why SVT is powerful in treating pain--and in vividly seeing your future. It's so much more than just imagining something. Thanks to the subconscious, the brain actually thinks it's happening. And every time you do something, you create a pathway that lays down tracks of brain cells--and makes any new behavior more likely to continue. THE MINDBODY CONNECTION The subconscious brain is so powerful that it can even exert its force on your physical body without the conscious brain realizing it. One study used brain scans and hypnotized subjects while suggesting their hands were being moved by a pulley. Mostly As: If you scored mostly As, your sleep hygiene is heading for exemplary! Take a look at the sections where you scored Bs or Cs and address those issues in order to improve your sleep quality.

If, after doing this, you still have trouble sleeping, read the article on sleep disorders to see if one of them applies to you. Mostly Bs: You have a relatively good handle on your sleep hygiene, but there are some areas that you could improve. Read the sections that apply to the questions in which you scored Bs and Cs and see what improvements you can make. Also, read the article on sleep disorders to rule out whether or not one of these applies to you. Mostly Cs: It's likely that you could dramatically improve the quality of your sleep by improving your sleep hygiene. Look at the questions for which you scored Cs and read the relevant sections of this article to help you improve those areas of your sleep hygiene. Then, tackle the Bs. Be patient - it may take several months for you to see a significant improvement in your sleep quality. Nurture your house just as it is right now. It will spur you on. Look at it as if you were planning to sell your home. This gives you greater objectivity and makes it easier to evaluate what might be useless, dated or just plain ugly. When you're done, take some `after' pictures, too, and save them in case you slip back, temporarily, into your old ways. They will provide you with a helpful prompt to return the space to looking its best. Enough is abundance for the wise. The 10 Decluttering Commandments Space and light and order. Those are the things people need, just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep. And to what hurts for its beauty. Whenever feeling confused, conflicted, or bored by life,

Because feeling confused, conflicted, or bored No matter how things may ever seem, Nothing is ever lost. And not love; There is no harm, misstep, violation, or disaster Sometimes, when it seems your wings have suddenly It's often from a sense of discontent, Taking responsibility doesn't mean This image is not a religious symbol. I can see why it looks like I have a Hindu deity in the studio because let's face it, it can make the studio look more traditional. Statues of Parvati and Shiva at my Teacher Training studio that Laura and I have collected on our travels. Both statues have a unique stone and colour design. Parvati is from Nepal and the Shiva statue is from Goa. But this is a tantric statue that symbolises the union of Shiva and Parvati as if they are one. This is union or yoga if you will. You could say that union or yoga means love. When there is a merging of two and there is no longer a distinction between the two, they are blessed. So this murti in the studio, that is half Shiva and half Parvati, is a tantric symbol of pure love - the type of rare love that has no opposite. To write six articles of 30-35,000 words each and every year, I would need to write approximately 200,000 words. I could do this by creating a habit of writing at least 550 words every day.

To run 1,000 new AMS ads, I could create a daily habit of creating three new ads each day. To contact twenty authors, I would simply need to contact two authors per month. In short, what matters the most is what you do consistently. Therefore, identify high-impact tasks you have control over and work on them every day. This will boost your focus and increase your odds of achieving your long-term goals. Result goals Results goals are goals you only have indirect control over. For instance, whether or not I sell 50,000 articles this year isn't totally under my control--unless I order 50,000 copies myself. Eventually it would all come together in an understanding of how to drive her own life. Once she could do that, she'd also learn to read others and develop rapport with them, just as she was able to navigate smoothly between and around other cars on a racetrack. Maria became more alive behind the wheel. Her eyes flashed and the engine growled as the Porsche clung to the curves of the open, winding road. This is where I can really think, she shouted. I asked her what it was about driving like this that made thinking possible. Without hesitation, she explained that when she was in motion, her eyes on the road, with no one yammering at her, she felt as if she was living from the inside out. Songs just pop into my mind and I'm totally relaxed. We were quiet for a few minutes, and then she began to sing a song. The chorus ended with the words My life is for me. The highlight of the arts festival was a raft race across the Thames against St Thomas's Hospital just over the river from the Palace of Westminster. A good friend of mine, Tony, was washed downstream and plucked from the river by the staff of the tea garden of the Houses of Parliament.

He was shown around Parliament by some MPs before the medical school secretary picked him up and gave him the customary ticking-off. Today the raft race would have precipitated a massive security alert and the students would have probably been shot dead. At Christmastime there would also be a hospital pantomime in which senior staff were mercilessly satirized. One pinstriped consultant, who was late for every clinic due to the pressing needs of Harley Street, was replaced in the audience by a cardboard cut-out. Every lunchtime there were postmortem demonstrations in a small, semi-circular theatre on the top floor of the medical school. We had all seen dead bodies and carefully dissected one during our pre-clinical years. Those bodies had seemed no more than strange, butchered specimens on a metal slab, smelling of formalin. They barely resembled any living creature, let alone a person. The problem is, that someone else maybe the worst person on earth. What if you aim for Dennis Prager but end up Tom Arnold? Mistakes happen and sometimes they even get work. So the question becomes, as a drinker and a druggie: Are you a plus or a minus when you pull the trigger of oblivion? Are you happy or mean--or a bit of both (which still sucks)? I think I can master this tricky world, but only if I can see the change in myself before it appears to others. Once you can sense a shift in your behavior, or trust those who see it and ask you to have a glass of water, then you can learn to reap the benefits of oblivion without ruining an evening. Or your pants. If your life seems like warfare and you want to find peace, don't signal your virtue. Yes, of course you are a superior person. No amount of disdain will topple her. The characters in the Percy series also have to fight to survive where they don't belong.