I understand that God did not give me the ability to always make right decisions. He did give me the ability to make a decision and then make it right. When I make a decision, I will stand behind it. Before the experiment commenced, the prisoners thought that the prison guards would treat them well by acting morally. However, as the experiment progressed, they began to act in an inhumane manner. The prison guards were also highly unpredictable, and they would act in a manner that was unpleasant during the short period that the experiment lasted. Social psychology came about as a result of this experiment. In most cases, people have been assuming that people within a group will always agree although they may be right or wrong. The main idea behind such a form of reasoning is that the group that has the majority will always win any argument. Such a character can be termed as deindividuation. In this instance, the party that has a majority was able to manipulate the minority. The minority individuals had to change their opinion since they had to support the majority. Some of the suggested conditions include safety, authority, and comfort. You presently have a very low level of trauma symptoms. While you have experienced some degree of trauma, your resilience has helped you get through. You only have minimal effects remaining or issues in just a few areas. Do not negate your discomforts, however; Your healing will move at a cheetah's pace. Like all cats, you still need plenty of cat naps along the way, but you'll likely arrive at your destination sooner than most. What Healing Looks Like

With this understanding of how our brain and body work together, what trauma is, and how it impacts our daily life, let's now turn our attention to what body-based healing looks like in practice. In this article, I will share a few of my favorite stories about clients who have found healing from some of the issues that talk therapy struggles to get to the heart of. While each person's scenario is unique, there do tend to be some underlying themes and commonalities in the issues that follow. I will put my energy into making the decision. I will not waste my time on second thoughts. My life will not be an apology. It will be a statement. The buck stops here. I control my thoughts. I control my emotions. From now on, when I am tempted to ask, Why me? I will immediately answer: Why not me? Challenges are opportunities to learn. The scary part about the research that was carried out about the psychology of manipulation is that it showcased some rapid forms of change. Also, there was some rationalism that was present. Some individuals will always rationalize their behavior while also trying to convince themselves that they had actually chosen the action without being influenced in any manner. It is rare to find a person who acknowledges that they had been manipulated. People have perceptual limitations, and it is evident that we make some of these decisions in an unconscious manner and in most instances out, attention is always diverted to other areas. When referring to some suitable experiments that would help people to learn more about the psychology of manipulation, it is good to reference a group of people who have come together to watch a certain sport whereby each person is supporting a specific team. During some of these games, mascots are present.

Since most of the viewers will be fixated on the progress of the game, they may fail to notice that the mascot has appeared on the screen. Most of the individuals will have been focusing on the instructions while also counting the scores. By looking into the manner in which the people were not observant, it would be possible to note that the mascot may not have appeared on the screen. It is my hope that you will see through these examples that, no matter where you are today, there is always hope and the very real possibility for a more fulfilling, more vibrant, and richer life experience. It is also my intent to give you insight into what body-based psychology looks like in practice, how it helps to heal, and how it is uniquely catered to the client at hand in a way that top-down therapy simply cannot be. Healing from Depression Kathy was about fifty years old when I first met with her. She experienced a lot of stress from the time she was in utero and throughout her childhood, which was filled with abuse and neglect. Understandably, Kathy couldn't wait to get out of her childhood home so, at a young age, she married a man who, not surprisingly, turned out to be abusive. After many years, Kathy had the courage and strength to leave the relationship. Because Kathy spent her entire childhood and early adult life in survival mode, circumnavigating abuse, she never had the opportunity to develop a relationship with herself, or to understand what she needed emotionally. When I met Kathy, her life was dominated by stress. All she could see around her was danger, and she couldn't even identify the safe places that may have existed. Difficulty is preparation for greatness. I will accept this preparation. Why not me? I will be prepared for something great! I accept responsibility for my past. I control my thoughts. I control my emotions.

I am responsible for my success. The buck stops here. As soon as Michael read the final words of the note, he looked up. When conducting another experiment, the person in charge of the experiment may be asking people for directions to a certain place. During the exchange, the other individuals carrying out the experiment may have walked past each other carrying a door. The experimenters would be swapped, and the people issuing the directions may fail to notice. In this case, it is evident that a lot of manipulation has taken place. It is also possible to note that there were some inattention and rationalization that also modified the behaviors of the people who had taken part in the experiment. To influence a person's behavior, you may use different phenomenon such as priming. Such a phenomenon is meant to change the behavior of a person without their consent. For example, when reading a sentence, you may read it fast, whereas the other individual may read it slowly. Researchers have been claiming that people can be easily manipulated without their prior knowledge using different priming effects. However, the most common factor would be that every person would dismiss the fact that they were influenced and manipulated. She saw what was wrong rather than what was right. This is what stress physiology does, and is a common result of constantly living in survival mode. People like Kathy become adept at identifying danger because they have to; There are other results of a nervous system in distress, too. For example, Kathy did not know how to socially engage, which meant that she was largely isolated. Also, her digestive system was a mess. Over time, Kathy developed depression as a cumulative response to exhaustion from constantly living life on high alert.

Here's the good news: it didn't take me too long into my work with Kathy to realize that she actually did have a lot of safe spaces in her life. Her children, then in their early twenties, were functional and safe. But Kathy couldn't even see this--all she was able to see through her lens were the things her children weren't doing at any given point in time. The office turned and shifted; The desk seemed to stretch and curve. He stood up, pushed the chair away, and stepped toward the window. He never made it. Suddenly dizzy, Michael's knees buckled, and he landed face first on the floor. He reached out to catch himself, but his hands pushed through the floor as if it weren't even there. The rest of his body followed his hands into complete darkness. Almost instantly, like he had fallen through the floor into a room below, Michael was on his feet, alert and unharmed. He was in a large, ornate room that was the size of his high school gym, but much, much older. He was in the middle of a group of people who were pushing for a position to see something going on at the front. Instead, they will start talking about how they had arrived at that specific decision on their own. Many people may be shocked that some of these principles may have been applied many times throughout history. Some people may tend to assume that there were conspiracy theories present. The main point to note is that the psychology of manipulation represents the fact that human beings have the desire to be manipulated and dominated. As per the experiments that have been mentioned above, there is no individual that was forced into doing anything. All the people that took part in these experiments did so on their own free will. What matters most is that everyone wants to achieve their own desires at the end of it all.