Although you're lying down and rebooting, Active Rest helps your baby rotate and keeps your pelvic outlet propped open, making space for your baby to descend. You won't feel any discomfort, but if you still have some mobility you can do the Press and Tilt massage, tilting your hips in and out (just like the pelvic tilt) against the pressure being applied to your low back. This flexion and extension can help your baby descend. Have your partner be mindful of hand placement when doing this massage; Demonstration of Active Rest with peanut ball Sitting semi-upright with one leg over the peanut ball and another leg open to the side can help keep your pelvis open, making room for your baby to rotate; This position can allow you to feel more active in the birthing process when your mobility is limited. Switch legs every thirty minutes. She couldn't stop. It was such a beautiful moment; Then Amy realized she was feeling dead. Here was Charles, young, full of energy, excited about life, and she realized a part of her was dead. A part of her had stopped jumping around, singing and dancing. The good news was that after she embraced this dead part of herself, Ed no longer plugged her in. By loving and nourishing this disowned aspect, Amy was able to forgive both Ed and herself. It was her anger with Ed that had led her on this treasure hunt to find this hidden part of herself. Without it Amy wouldn't have discovered this part of herself that needed to be awakened. By embracing her deadness she was able to reclaim her aliveness. When Ron upped his alcohol intake to three drinks per night, he felt a certain level of intoxication. However, after having three drinks per night for a while, Ron's body started to develop a tolerance to the alcohol, meaning that he needed to have more and more drinks to feel the original effects that he once felt after one or two nips of whiskey.

This type of physiological tolerance often goes hand in hand with withdrawal--in Ron's case, his shaky hands in the morning indicated that his body was suffering from not having alcohol. For those who are dependent on a substance, physical withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant and often compel the user to seek more alcohol or drugs, simply to stave off withdrawal. The top shows a typical drinking experience: The user starts out feeling normal (baseline). After drinking, the user feels the high and then eventually sobers up and feels normal again. For people with alcohol dependence, however, like Ron, the bottom image is more applicable. If Ron does not drink, his hands shake and he experiences uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Thus, Ron starts at below baseline (he feels bad) and then must drink simply to get himself to feeling okay. The story of Ron's experience with alcohol dependence may not always hold true for the vast majority of adult men. Don't use your coping thoughts or relaxation techniques during the scene; If you become so upset that you quit visualizing the scene before sixty seconds have elapsed, do your relaxation exercises and try again. If this happens three times in a row, the scene is too intense. You need to break it down into two or three more manageable scenes in your hierarchy. RATE YOUR ANXIETY When the timer goes off, leave the scene and rate your anxiety level on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is no anxiety and 10 represents the worst fear you've ever felt. RELAX AND USE COPING THOUGHTS BETWEEN SCENES Between visualizations of your hierarchy items, relax and use your coping thoughts. If the scene evoked only moderate anxiety, you might use cue-controlled relaxation and spend time calming yourself by visualizing your special place. If you experienced a lot of anxiety during a scene, spend some additional time doing progressive muscle relaxation or relaxation without tension. The next financial crises is likely to be caused by the misuse of innovations by people applying for such loans unless banks improve their own screening software. Ever improving picture editing means that the income and tax report documents that banks rely on to approve trillions of dollars of loans for houses, businesses and governments, could all be faked on a simple computer.

When this is discovered, all these loans would become invalid, wiping away billions of dollars and erasing once again the confidence in the financial industry. Former Attorney General for New York, Elliot Spitzer, when asked why technology companies don't appear to have the same levels of criminality as the financial services industry, responded by saying that tech companies are a fundamentally creative business. The value generation and the income derives from actually creating something new and different. As we now know, value must be created first through innovation, money comes after. Sadly, the culture in the financial industry sets up desperate workers to seek huge bonuses by breaking the law and risking millions and billions of hard earned dollars invested by everyday people. The type of innovations within a society determine the type of actions of people inside it. Ideally the value factors become faster, cheaper, smarter, and healthier. Productive - An innovation that does more with less actions (eg mobile phone, computer, car). Demonstration of the Throne THE COMFORT MENU: MASSAGE Try weaving some massage throughout your labor, cycling among movement, rest, and massage as coping methods. Massage can be relaxing and calming, and can also provide much-needed counterpressure to general bodily discomfort and the pain of contractions. What's more, you simply can't massage yourself in the places where you really need it in labor, so these exercises can be a great source of connection for you and your partner. Your partner will likely feel proud and more fulfilled by being able to be an active support in your labor. Many of the discomforts that these massage techniques address are not unique to labor--you may already be experiencing back and hip pain as early as six months in. Ask your partner to try these moves in the months leading up to delivery day, especially those last uncomfortable weeks as you wait for your baby. Partner Massage Tips Ask where she likes to be touched. Search around for stored-up anger. If you are fearful about discovering your anger, remember that your power is buried along with it.

Anger is only a negative emotion when it is suppressed or dealt with in an unhealthy way. When you have compassion for yourself you can easily allow all aspects of yourself, your love and your anger, to coexist within you. Whenever I'm judging myself or others, I know I'm holding onto negative interpretations of a quality or an event. It is essential at times like this to let myself express my emotions in a healthy way. A woman named Carla came into one of my courses with a big smile on her face and a beautiful glow surrounding her. Carla worked hard during our weekend workshop, but when it came time to do anger work she froze. Carla said she had no anger. We were working on an exercise that involved hitting pillows with a plastic bat. Diagnostic criteria have generally been developed and tested on younger people, and while middle-aged and older adults may experience the same end results as their younger counterparts, the process of addiction can look quite different. Drinking experience baseline Differences in the Addiction Process as We Age It is important to realize that men over 50 may become physiologically dependent on substances without meeting the standard criteria for dependence. Granted, this sounds nonsensical, but clinical guidelines for tolerance and dependence generally fail to account for adults' aging-related physical changes. Research in the area of older adult addiction has identified two distinct types of problematic users. As you might guess, some older men are alcoholics or drug addicts who survived into older age. They are referred to as earlyonset users or survivors. Men who fall under this category are at high risk for continued substance use later in life and have a much greater risk of health complications as a result of their years of drinking or drug use. However, men sometimes develop a problem with alcohol or other substances for the first time later in life. These powerful techniques can help you achieve a deeper level of calm. REPEAT STEPS B THROUGH D UNTIL YOUR ANXIETY DECLINES, THEN MOVE TO THE NEXT SCENE

If your rating was 4 or above, revisit the same scene. Once your rating drops to 3 or lower, move to the next scene in your hierarchy. It usually takes at least two exposures to a scene to fully desensitize to it. However, the lowest-ranked scenes may require only one exposure if your anxiety is quite low from the outset. Practice daily if at all possible. Your first practice session should last about twenty minutes. Later you can extend your sessions to as much as thirty minutes. The main limiting factor is fatigue. Unproductive - An innovation that does the same with the same actions (eg cafe, toy shop, hairdresser). Counterproductive - An innovation that does less with more actions (eg drugs, fast food, crass lyrics, sensationalist news). THE ENTREPRENEUR - PLAYING THE GREATEST GAME ON EARTH When we treat man as he is, we make him worse than he is; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Great minds discuss ideas; Holding up a finger, he says, One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that, and everything else don't mean shit. The one thing, as we've come to know, is the making of our productive innovation for the greatest number of people. It's important to know what areas might be off limits, and always ask for permission before you start any massage. During contractions, no news is good news.