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The product was retailing for $150, which seems like ridiculous amount, but she had listened to my advice. She told me, I'm offering all my best clients a thirty percent discount if they buy today. I also have referral cards for you to hand out. The wholesale price was around $60, but none of the other technicians at the spa were doing the things I had taught her. She not only outsold all ten of her co-workers, but her commissions for one week were more than triple of those who had sold without the 30% discount! The next time I saw her, I gave her a little button she could pin on to her coat. It had two closed eyes with beautiful lashes. Under the lashes it said, Ask me about my long eyelashes. It feels different from seeing things on social media. Jardine's friend Beth sends her photos of almost-dead orchids she finds on the street in San Francisco, plants that people have given up on, which then Beth takes home and brings back to life. Her friend Bruce sends her surreal collages of cats in Brooklyn apartments. Her friend Melissa sends links to articles she might adore. Nothing that requires a text or e-mail back. Just little kisses blown through the air. Jardine had a revelation one year in college--it was Valentine's Day and she was wistfully waiting for a gift or card or invite or something from anyone, and she suddenly saw how passive she was being. Why not be the one to send the card, make the call, leave a rose on someone's doorstep, or at the very least, text a Mapplethorpe photo of a calla lily to someone, which is like leaving it on his or her digital doorstep? There's a meditation where you go through people in your life and spend a moment wishing each one happiness. Amazing how these things--putting love out there instead of waiting for it--can jack up a bad mood better than anything. Suppose you have to catch a flight early in the morning. What do you do?

Do you motivate yourself and assume a zen-like discipline, trusting your internal body clock to raise you, rested and inspired, at the appropriate time? Or, like most of us, do you set your alarm clock? Likely you place it on the other side of the room so you have to physically get out of bed to stop it ringing, thus hacking your tendency to hit the snooze button. This is hacking our nature in action. Rather than assuming our laziness or desire to conserve energy is an evolutionary mistake, consider how we might design processes, systems and habits with the reality of our natures in mind. Kieran has a sock hack. Not because she is uber efficient but because, when it comes to domestic chores, she falls a little short. Rather than lamenting her lack of laundry-folding prowess, she decided only to buy one type of sock so they never need matching again. Another son followed after five years and after three more another daughter, both born at home. At first, the family lived in an old house that had no electricity, running water, or furnace other than a wood-burning stove. Outside, half-concealed in the high grass, sat their predecessor's legacy, a wheelless '59 Chevy filled with empty wine bottles. After a year they installed electricity in their old house, which allowed them to have a freezer, a radio, and lights, although there was still no plumbing. The first year they carried water from a stream. The well, which had been hand dug and lined with stone and tile, was contaminated from disuse. It took a year or so to learn how to clean it and be sure the water was safe to drink without boiling it. They washed clothes in an old wringer washer and hung them to dry in spring and summer. In autumn and winter they went to the laundromat in Elkins. Family members made gifts of sweaters and coats. She forgot one thing I had taught her--she was leaving a lot of money in commissions as a result. I had stressed to her how important it was to have real testimonies, and especially before and after pictures.

Right that moment she whipped out a camera and took a picture of my before lashes. When she was done with my new lashes, she took another photo. I dropped by two weeks later and she had the pictures up on her wall. No matter how good a company's literature is, everyone wants to see real people and hear authentic testimonies. We are all tired of seeing models in unrealistic advertisements. If you were to ask ten people to look at your homemade before and after pictures, then compare them to the company's slick promotional brochures, they will tell you they bought the product because of the homemade advertisement. I was tremendously proud that she had asked for advice and then applied it. If the owner of the spa trained all of the staff in the same way, not only would they make more money, but the customers would be even happier. One of our greatest revelations about being sober was that sober doesn't mean straitlaced. It doesn't mean obedient. Sober doesn't mean prim. It actually allows us more bandwidth for risk. Dear heavens, if we could send a postcard to our twenty-five-year-old self, who was confused and hungover and unhappy, or sober and bored as hell, it would have this message scrawled on it with twenty exclamation marks: sobriety can make room for more wildness, more fantasy, more crushes. As with so much stuff on the sober side of life, it's easy to turn an innocent (and innocently dirty) thing into an addiction, and we've seen people switch up a reliance on liquor to a dependence on sex--using it to feel high, to feel anything, to make a connection with anyone. If we notice we're doing something compulsively, we step back. But there's a good distance between playfully stirring the imagination and libido--and being destructively pathological. What was your first crush? Do you remember it? You are all welcome! Our friend Matt Church sleeps in his Lululemon training gear so that he feels compelled to exercise in the morning.

He says that the worst part of going for a run is taking your warm clothes off and changing on a cold morning. So he takes that barrier out of the equation. What this all means is that if we want to master implementation (and we do), we would be wise to stop beating ourselves up and, instead, work with who we are. Our chances of success are much increased by accepting the reality of human nature as opposed to trying to unpack 65 million years of evolution with a trite affirmation such as, I am a magnificent snowflake filled with the infinite potential of the universe and I apply my genius to manifesting, with abundance, a consciousness of all humanity. <a href=''>One</a> of the greatest barriers to implementation is self-doubt. <a href=''>We</a> spend a great deal of time admiring the successes of others and assume that they must possess some special ability or character trait that we are somehow missing. <a href=''>Growing</a> up and attending university, we would look up to successful businesspeople, C-suite executives and corporate board members and think to ourselves,One day, we might know just a fraction of what they do. This discovery should be seen as permission to not hold yourself back. A few farmers made a meager living on the mountain, but homesteaders did not farm; They made their own pickles and dried their own herbs. The orchard provided applesauce, apple butter, and cider, which they made with a press. We spent all of September canning, Gaines said. We canned over a thousand quarts of food every year, with over two hundred quarts of spaghetti sauce. They kept bees and collected honey which was their only source of sweetening. They also grew loofah gourds which, when dried, became sponges. Everything was recycled. Glass from the windows of a shack became glass for the windows of the house. Since they grew all their own food, there were no cartons or containers to discard, and so they generated no more than one bag of trash a year. I have received thousands of business cards over the years, and seldom has anyone given me a business card that brings value to me, the potential customer. Something so simple, yet 95% of people are losing thousands of dollars in commission, company growth, referrals, and upgrades, all because of an unnecessary mistake.

In fact, the majority of business cards will be thrown away because of these mistakes. I am going to give you a few insights so that the next time you have business cards printed, you won't miss out on opportunities to make a bunch of money. Obviously, you will have your name, address, phone, email address, website, fax, and a brief description of what your business is. For example: Business cards should be called sales cards. Not only should the card give information about your business; This is a card that gives added value to the customer. How do you do this? Jardine has little avalanches of images, sun streaming through a smeared winter school-bus window, her heart beating double-time, her crush sitting one seat away, the world outside moving slow as honey while the cozy interior of that bus became everything and everywhere; Why not allow that energy to run through our circuitry these days? Can we access that raw and gorgeous thrill? If we're single, let it burn and then turn into something more, or not. If we're in a relationship, the outside crush can fuel the commitment. If we're polyamorous, it can spin the globe in our hands. We can have crushes on officemates and next-door neighbors, or movie stars, or people who don't even exist, like characters from articles. We can have crushes on men or women, they can be sexual or platonic crushes, we don't need to be in control of them, and when they die out, we can be sad for a few days. They're small fires in the soul, shooting stars, not meant to last, breathtaking because of their brevity. When we were party monsters and heavy drinkers and often hungover, we had a compromised distribution system for energy. Rather, we all need to develop commercial acumen in order to survive in a competitive world. But then we need to back ourselves to make intelligent decisions, even in the face of extraordinary challenges.