This time the super white light brought no sound with it at all. The quiet was deafening until it was replaced by the sound of confused thoughts pouring into her young mind. What's happening? What should I do? But an intense peal of twin thunderings gave her the answer. Carl was starting to get excited. Oh, now I've got it, he continued. Lucian is dying of cancer. And then he blogs about it. I went silent. That's what Belle Gibson did. Belle Gibson. The wellness blogger. She faked cancer, then wrote a article about how to cure it with alternative medicine. Carl, I'm not going to fake cancer. Yours can be a tranquil mountain lake, a seagull hovering, anything calming. Have the image ready so you don't have to scramble for it if you can't sleep. Another way to help calm a jittery mind is to create a relaxing, cozy sleep environment. You want everything about sleep to feel comfortable and safe. How you sleep, where you sleep, and with whom you share a bed affect the quality of your restfulness and dreams.

Your sleep environment is more than a place to plop yourself down after a long day. It's your launching pad to mind expansion. Whether you're in bed alone or with another, try these practical solutions. Happiness Is the Right Mattress I consider mattresses to be holy ground. The happy life that my wife, Deborah, and I built together. July evenings at the water's edge watching our children catch spider crabs and search for pipefish. Our anniversaries--ten of them. Hushed, sweet dinner dates over candlelight. And ten autumns of raucous football Saturdays--a period during which my beloved Michigan Wolverines cycle through three head coaches and hordes of forgettable quarterbacks, and a point in every season when I'm lying on the floor and moaning after yet another interception and my children giggle uncontrollably at my agony. Here is what I say about all of it: Give me the forty lashes. Lock the pillory around my neck and wrists. The punishment will be cruel--of course it will be cruel--and I will suffer. But do not lock me away from my children for ten years. Do not block me from my marriage bed. We don't recommend hitting people, but there are times when feeling states escalate to a point of being truly out of touch. At those times we need to hear a Stop it! You're losing it. We need honest friends who will confront us when we are not seeing reality. Their confrontation limits our tendency to blow things out of proportion and scare ourselves to death.

In a sense, we have dealt with thinking in the structuring and confronting sections. Our feelings and impulses need to be connected to our thinking, but when we have not had containment, we are separate from our thinking. To talk things out with others and begin to think about what we are feeling begins to hook up the two processes. We need to think about our thinking. As we observe our feelings and as we talk them out with a support group, friend, or counselor, then we begin to observe how we are thinking in addition to what we are thinking. Yoganidra text should be spoken slowly and softly giving pauses at the right places. It should be recited like a poem rather than spoken plainly. SOME OPTIONS FOR CHILDREN In the mirror you first look at your right hand, - right arm, -right waist, - right hip, - right thigh, - right knee, right foot, left hand, left arm, left waist, left hip, left thigh, left knee, left foot, top of the head, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin, neck, chest, stomach. Everything is just perfect. Now imagine it is early evening - you are walking in a park - see a tree full of yellow flowers - you spot a swing - sit on it and start swinging. You are swinging higher and higher - It feels so nice. From the swing you spot a small pond. You stop swinging, get off and walk towards the pond. You sit on a rock near the pond and keep looking at the clear blue water. Fighters do just that: they fight you every step of the way along your road to success. They hold you back with the intention of bringing you down with them. They can't bear to see you achieving when they are not. How dare you demonstrate focus, integrity, drive and determination! Keep that junk out of your head and stick with me in the status quo.

A Bully fights you from all angles, breaking down your spirit until you feel like you have no hope left. Often they appear in the guise of a friendly competitor, until they start intimidating and even humiliating you. They can make you feel submissive, small and without a voice. They exclude you from conversations, meetings or events. They may even become abusive (verbally or physically). Let go of your worry about whether or not it will come true. To do that, there are three focuses you need to have and they are all aligned to the Feel -- Think -- Do model, or your emotional, mental and physical connection. Emotional -- releasing yourself Release yourself emotionally from the goal itself. When you have an attitude that you actually don't need that goal to come in order to have a great life, to be happy or fulfilled, then the worry of whether or not it will come true vanishes, leaving you to channel that energy into taking action. Focus on how you want to feel and turn your attention to the action you need to take. With the right mindset, when you let go of the pressure, expectations and worry, achieving your goals can become effortless. If there is one lesson I have learned that has benefited me the most over the past two years, it is this one: once I set a goal, I release it, which frees me to achieve the results I desire. As we spoke about in the previous article, there will be challenges, but when you know it is all part of the journey it makes sense. Mental -- living with certainty On another exhale, unroll, bringing up your spine, vertebra by vertebra, as if you were stacking up dominoes. Stand very straight, until your head feels balanced on top of your spine. Feel the effects of this exercise. Get on all fours, your shoulders over your hands and your hips above your knees. Now, slowly, on an exhale, arch your spine up so it's humped like an angry cat and on the inhale bend your back the other way, raising your head and your bottom in the air.

Repeat three times. Sit on the ground with both legs together in front of you, and curl your head forward towards your knees. Again, it's all about noticing what's going on, not about how far you can bend, so even if you move only a hair's breadth, don't push yourself. Try to stay in the position you've reached, inhaling and exhaling, sending focus to any area that aches or seems to be feeling any strain. Notice whether, while you're in this position, anything changes. All by itself her body lurched backwards against the back of the bed. Instinctively she pulled her blankets along with her and huddled under them, eyes closed tight, as she tried in vain to protect herself from her own mounting fear. Chelsea was experiencing the first electrical storm of her tender seven-year-old life. She had no idea what was happening--which is why, in a period of less than three minutes, the summer storm that had broken across the Montana plains had formed a center in her as well. All she could think of was wanting to be back home where things like this just didn't happen; And there, standing in the doorway of her room, backlit by a hall light was the oh-so welcome sight of her grandpa. Pretty scary, isn't it? But she could see that he didn't look at all frightened, and this made Chelsea relax the choke hold she had on her blanket. She would have run over to his side but as he was already walking toward her, she just opened her arms and gladly accepted his outstretched arms as her new set of covers. He picked her up, blankets and all, and carried her out of the room and downstairs into the living room. Okay, but you should create some kind of scandal. Have you read Laura Kipnis's article? How to Become a Scandal. You should find some inspiration there. After we hung up I found a review of the article in the New York Times.