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Far from being a stage on the road to a final dream of facility, the effort itself becomes, if not easy, then at least enjoyable. Philippe Petit, like Montaigne, might say: Someone who only takes pleasure in pleasure, who only wins when he is at the top, who only likes hunting at the moment of the kill, has no business in our school. Pleasure, far from being reduced to the final moment of the kill, is spread throughout the hunt and coincides with it. Ward about her family's situation, ensure her you're going to do everything you can to get them settled and take care of their needs. Oh, and pay special attention to their pup, asking his name, petting him, etc Step 2: Tell them What You Can Do. What I can do is make accommodations for your family to stay with us, and I can make a reservation for little Ralphie at our local pet hotel. They are a fantastic facility that I would absolutely use for my dog, Max. Is this something that would work for your family? Step 3: Offer Options. If that doesn't sound good for the guest, here is another option (and the one our guest chose, by the way). Ward, I completely understand you want little Ralphie to be with the family. They are a pet-friendly hotel and they have a two-room suite available. You, I and everyone else got their first lessons about relationships from our parents or some other authority figure, if Mom and Dad weren't around. What you take into your adult relationships is in large part based on the examples you saw when you were growing up. Now, you have a choice. In fact, for many people, from the age of 18 on, the life you have is the life you've made, and no one else is to blame. Of course, your childhood experiences can stay with you for a lifetime, if that is what you've decided to keep and use as your reference system for evaluating, judging and acting upon the choices you are presented with each day. Or, you can choose to let go of the things from your past that aren't working or are causing you pain and choose to replace those things with beliefs, attitudes and actions that do work better for you. Leave Mom and Dad out of it.

How they raised you was the best they could with what they knew how. They weren't given all the best tools and examples to learn from when they were growing up, so how in the world did you expect them to pull the rabbit out of the hat when it came to raising you? Sure it might have been better if they had done this or they hadn't done that, but whose life wouldn't have been? I fell into this trap with my narcissistic mother and was stuck there for decades--well into my adulthood. My Life, Close Encounter One I grew up in a two parent home as the youngest of three siblings. My mother has narcissistic personality disorder, primarily exhibited covertly. My father is her enabler. My mother greatly favored me over my other siblings whom she treated terribly. They moved out of state while I was still young. I was left with the sole responsibility of keeping my mother happy. As her favorite child, that had always been my job--I knew no other way to relate to her. Feeling guilty about leaving my mother (even though my father was still there and also doting on her), I stayed at home after graduating high school, commuting daily to a nearby university. The pursuit of happiness is already happiness itself. A dream worthy of the name is accomplished as one dreams it. If Philippe Petit is capable of walking without shaking, not on a beam so broad that we could stroll along it, nor on a plank wider than necessary, but on a simple rope stretched between the tops of the towers of Notre-Dame, if he seems in this way to refute both Montaigne and Pascal, this is not as a result of some new kind of philosophical wisdom, which is stronger than the imagining of vertigo, but of an even stronger imagining and an even grander reverie. The tightrope walker's dream is more powerful, vaster, and more euphoric than vertigo. Philippe Petit never had to struggle in vain against the fear of falling. This fear simply doesn't exist for him and has neither the time nor the occasion to come into being. It's not reason but imagination that triumphs over imagination: the dream cancels out the nightmare, quite simply by taking its place.

Yannick Noah agrees: I don't believe in effort for effort's sake, I believe in making dreams come true. You play better when you know why you're playing or who you are playing for, when your effort has meaning. Already as a junior player, I had won the title of champion of France, easy peasy, for a good reason: in the stands there was a girl from the Languedoc with a sad look, I couldn't get her out of my head. This way your whole family can stay together. This guest was so relieved. She just needed someone to take care of her and her family as she simply had too much else going on to deal with all the accommodations as well. It was such an honor to help this family get settled in their temporary home. After we made Mrs. Ward's arrangements and sent her and her family on their way, we asked the team at the Residence Inn to prepare the room with a special treat and welcome card from all of us at the Courtyard as a sweet surprise. In addition, while their house was being completed, we stayed in touch with the Ward family and even helped arrange a pet parade at the Residence Inn, in which Ralphie took lead. There is always something extra you can do to change the world, one Yes at a time. Can I get a whoop-whoop for difference makers! PINEAPPLE PRO TIP But they weren't perfect. They simply did what they thought they could. Understand them, forgive them if you hold any grudges and learn from their example. YOU LEARN BY WATCHING Instead of saying that man is the creature of circumstances, say that man is the architect of circumstances. Humans are amazing creatures. Of all the things that were given life, it's been said that only humans have complete control over their thoughts and possess the power to choose and not be driven by instinct like animals.

Yet, like animals, people learn many of their behaviors from watching. That is, watching their parents, siblings, friends and others. In essence, people are masters at something called mirroring; That proved to be a disaster for me. Though I tried, I couldn't become the adult I needed to be under the twisted constraints of my parents. My home life became hostile. To achieve some semblance of peace in my life, I dropped out of college, got a job and moved into an apartment with a roommate. Still enmeshed with my mother I continued to feel responsible for her happiness. My mother told me that I was the only person she could truly rely on. I had no reason not to believe her. When she had problems I would work tirelessly trying to find solutions for her. Each time she would say, Thank you, Babe. I don't know what I would do without you. That day I pulled out all the stops and played much better than usual. Knights could always count on courtly love to give them wings in battle. Noah, who is still the only Frenchman to have won a Grand Slam tournament, has only ever done it once. He knows he could have done better, but nobody at the time told him how to go about it. What was he missing? He ended up by understanding it for himself, and too late. When you reach the summit, the problem is to find a new dream.

Something else to conquer. An adventure rather than one more title to your name. If I'd had in my head the metaphor Dan Millman is so fond of, describing a career in terms of a difficult climb up a high mountain, if I'd had the idea of setting off with a map like gold miners, I would certainly have accomplished greater things. Are you thinking, Man, the last thing I need is to say Yes more. I'm one of those people that says Yes to everything, and my life is a crazy mess because of it. Well, my friend, this philosophy can actually help you, too! I'm sure you've read advice that says you should say no without any explanations; Let me offer this example: Say your child's school has asked you to volunteer for yet another fundraiser. Just follow the four steps, Thank you for your trust in me. Let's Live it! Two Customers In our businesses, we have two types of customers. The customer who pays us and the customer whom we pay. The problem with this is that many of the behaviors, beliefs and actions learned while growing up can actually hold people back later on life. So what do many people do when that happens? Blame their spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, parents and anyone else but themselves. The behaviors you have are the behaviors you've chosen to keep, whether they are wise or unwise, good or bad, happy or sad. When you were growing up, you may have had pressure to conform to the expectations of those who were the keepers of the house, but as an adult, it's an entirely different story. How many times have you heard someone say, She's just like her mom or He's just like his dad? Why are they that way?