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Put the crosswalk right there! The concept behind this is to include everyone in the company from the least paid to the most paid. Everyone's ideas count, and everyone works together as a team. The team concept is the framework for the new way business is done. Peter Senge is a pioneer in the learning Organization thinking. Peter is a graduate from MIT and now is the senior lecturer there. Peter has created a system for both the company and the employee to grow and expand together as well as individually. Organization and system thinking are vital to creating a successful business that will withstand the years. Helping the employee become a better person and have a more positive perspective on life will not only enhance that employee, but it will also benefit the company. Happy employees are more efficient and will create results in problems. If an employee feels she can express ideas and be creative in a safe work environment, she is more likely to speak up and give significant input. Toxins are found in the linings of cans, pesticides abound on nonorganic fruits and vegetables, and dioxins collect in the flesh of nonorganic animals. Baby bottles and nipples are often made of plastic, and when we run the bottle under hot water or heat it up inside the microwave, we cause it to leach toxins as well. problem is magnified because of our place in the food chain. As you move up the food chain, the concentration of toxins increases. Recall the ways in which an industrial chemical might find its way into a plant. Perhaps it is sprayed onto the plant as an insecticide. Or maybe it enters the plant through the ground water that leaches through the soil. Perhaps it is an airborne particle that the plant absorbs by breathing in. Now suppose that an animal eats the affected plant.

Most of the toxins in that plant accumulate in the animal's fat cells, where they remain more or less permanently. The last crossing site, a classic suburban street in Cudahy, was the most powerful experience of all three. We gathered at one of the five senior apartment buildings just down from the corner, and many of the people I had met at the workshop a month earlier came out to cross with us. Nancy, with tightly coiffed, bright white hair, used a walker. Lois used a scarf to protect her hair from the wind and grabbed a sail to use as a walking stick on our journey to the intersection. The mayor of Cudahy, a friendly man in his mid-fifties, arrived early and walked side by side with Nancy as she navigated the railroad tracks on the way to the corner. At the intersection, the mayor jokingly took a stance like a sprinter preparing to run a race. James called, All ahead full! and the guardrails and triangles burst into the street. The mayor and Nancy made it about halfway across when the director realized they wouldn't make it in time. A big green pickup truck revved its engine and inched forward, signaling his eagerness to make the left-hand turn. If an employee feels a sense of belonging and that their ideas will be heard in a safe and open work environment, more creative concepts to resolve problems will come forth. In his article The Fifth Discipline, he explains the five principles to create a learning organization system. We will examine each and give an example to understand better how the system works. Create a vision for the company that everyone can feel they had a part in it. Ask employees their opinion and make them a part of the vision. Employees want to do a task because they are asked not because they are told by management. If everyone in the company has the same CLEAR vision, the flow of the business will be smoother because everyone is working towards the same goal or vision. If a company's vision is to help children with learning disabilities to learn easier. This vision should be on everyone's mind when creating or doing daily business.

From customer service to the researchers gathering information for a new program. Over a lifetime of eating polluted plants, the animal accumulates more and more toxins. If a meat-eating animal then eats the plant-eating animal, the meat-eater absorbs all those toxins, a process that is repeated each time the animal eats meat. We humans are meat eaters at the top of the food chain, so we continually accumulate toxins and store them in our fat cells. There, they stress our systems and potentially disrupt our estrogen-progesterone balance. Prenatal Protection A recent study discovered that some 287 chemicals could be found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. When I learned this information, it became so obvious to me that we had an important issue to deal with. I felt the same way when I learned that the average mother has 150 chemicals in her breast milk. Discovering these facts helped me understand that prenatal care was incredibly important, as was doing a detox before attempting to get pregnant. And by no means does this suggest that you should not breast-feed! yelled the director, and the signs surrounded the stragglers on the boat, hoping to diffuse the driver's aggression with humor. The signs worked. We made it across. But the mayor and Nancy were rattled. Robert Schneider, the UWM urban planning expert who had been observing the performance, explained why. These lights are substandard, he said. They are supposed to be a second for every three feet. These are short by at least five seconds. We took stock.

Everyone was okay, but it was a rough first crossing. They all have to be on the same article and work together to uphold that vision. If the mental models are all the same throughout the company, then, the company and employees will work together as a team. A vision should excite the whole company. It has to be something that they can get behind and believe in. Having a sense of common ground can help grow a business in the right direction. A shared vision is a vision everyone can support. That is the glue to keep the company growing and going. System thinking is the process of looking at a company as a whole. Looking at how each department affects another and how the employees in each of those departments affect each other. How a company works together is an essential key to running a smooth and successful operation. Regardless of the body burden, breast-feeding is so beneficial to both mother and child that I would always encourage a mother to do so if that's what she wants. If you're considering a pregnancy, work with a health-care practitioner who specializes in detoxifcation. Before getting pregnant, you can eliminate as many toxic chemicals from your system as possible, ensuring a healthier start for your future child. In the ideal world, you would allow a three-month break between your detox and your pregnancy. Fascinating new information has recently come to light about the connection between environmental toxins and insulin resistance. According to a 2007 study of insulin resistance in nondiabetic adults published in Diabetes Care, These findings suggest that persistent organic pollutants (POPS) may be associated with Type 2 diabetes risk by increasing insulin resistance, and POPS may interact with obesity to increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Yet another study found a connection between environmental toxins and diabetes. People who are overweight and obese have generally been recognized as being at risk for diabetes. But now it turns out that the weight itself is not the issue--exposure to POPS is the key factor determining whether overweight or obese people will become diabetic.

Those with a higher toxic burden were found to be at far higher risk than their less burdened but still overweight counterparts. The others proved easier, and the staff at the oil change shop on the corner offered friendly waves and cheers of support. When we arrived at the grocery store, the students gave their brief performance, and I invited the civic officials up to make their statements. The mayor was humbled by the experience. He promised action to help Nancy and Lois get safely to the store. As we prepared to head back, someone from the grocery store approached with a box of cookies. These are from the guys across the street, she said. The oil change guys had bought us treats. A few weeks later, I was back at the conference table at the Kelly Senior Center with Bob and Debby to compare notes and assess the impact of the project. Debby told me that the mayor of Cudahy had made sure that the lights were lengthened the very next week and that he was putting in place a longer-term assessment of that intersection with the city engineer. Bob said that in the Bayview neighborhood, the alderman had instituted a sting operation with the police. Employees look at each other, not as rivals but, as team members. All on one team striving for the same goal. If the company has a vision that the employees can believe in, then that is a recipe for success. Each employee in each department will help the company strive to new heights by understanding it is all about the teamwork. Teamwork within the department and teamwork within the company. Teamwork is what makes the dream work. It doesn't matter how big or how small the company. This concept will carry the company far. Another critical factor in system thinking is to improve the employee as an individual.