Choose those that fit inside the window recess, rather than outside it. You could also try talking to your local authority about turning out the street lighting between certain hours of the night. Finally, a word of warning. Your body does need morning light to reset your body clock for the day. If you find you're waking later in the mornings, leave a small gap in the curtains on one or two nights a week so that ambient light creeps in to keep your body clock in sync. Don't bring light in I once heard a friend reassure his daughter that rather than being scary, the darkness is your friend. Unless you're very afraid of darkness (and by that I mean actually phobic), avoid using nightlights, or leaving a hall or landing light on and your bedroom door open. Or do they simply represent an image of yourself that you're reluctant to let go of? Take a breath. Toss anything that's keeping you stuck in this out-of-date idea of yourself. When you've purged, you're less likely to buy more to fill in the spaces, as you will begin to love the serenity of less. The worst `it'll-come-in-useful' story you will ever read If you are still struggling with getting rid of things and feeling your decluttering efforts are inadequate, I am going to tell you an encouraging story about an idiot. And that idiot is me. Long after I'd ditched the yoghurt maker, broken toaster and the rest of that rubbish, I still had a terrible habit of hanging onto duplicates. I had two perfectly good salad spinners, two food processors and two mixers. Admittedly, some of these were things I had been sent to try out for work, but I was always reluctant to pass on the one I liked or used marginally less than the other. Until the really great stuff comes along, Great big innovative, world-changing ideas are plentiful.

People who take tiny little baby steps toward them It's okay to dream big and start small-- The real reason so many have trouble with taking baby steps Not realizing that each one triggers enormous leaps Life's magic isn't a substitute for networking, To the contrary, these are some of its greatest incubators. Don't be afraid to do the obvious. Not all miracles hide in the unseen. Kahlil Gibran once said, Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. I read somewhere that this is the bizarre economics of life. When you love, love returns to you. When you love, you simply give and do not desire anything in return as my mum has always taught me. The greatest success of a man would be to have lived and made themselves worthy of love as well as to have received and given their love wholeheartedly. There is no success in life without love as such a man just wanders through life headless and heartless looking for sympathy. Sympathy is a poor man's substitute for love. Life becomes a daze and a constant source of bewilderment. Men, rather than trying to conquer life and death, should attempt to find true love in a partner. This will be his most significant success. Make sure their goals follow the SMART paradigm. Now, change roles.

Have them repeat the process with you. You want to split the session in two so you can give undivided attention to your partner and vice versa. Make sure you are both great listeners and avoid interrupting each other. Wrap up with words of encouragement and acknowledge your respective progress, even the tiniest wins. This will improve your self-esteem and boost your motivation. This is how to arrange a meeting effectively. Make sure you keep the meeting professional lest it turns into a casual chat between friends. If you want to learn how to set 90-day goals in greater depth, I encourage you to check out The 12 Week Year by Brian P. There are six unique mind patterns, each determined by how the languages of thought shift our attention. Notice what triggers your mind to shift from focused, to sorting, to open states of attention. When you know your mind pattern, you can consciously shift your attention state to achieve different desired outcomes. To shift your attention from focused to open, follow the 1-2-3 sequence of your mind pattern. To shift your attention from open to focused, follow the 3-2-1 sequence of your mind pattern. RECOGNIZING HOW OTHERS' MINDS WORK A leader who loses his connection to his people soon loses the ability to lead them. In my fifty years of thinking with people about relationship issues--be they minor misunderstandings or large-scale cultural clashes--I've discovered that one factor rarely if ever considered is the difference in the way the people process information. There's the engineer who remained silent even though his idea would have averted a multi-million-dollar mistake, because he couldn't get a word in edgewise and had been shunned for not going with the flow of the majority. There was no time for a caesarean section. A large implement like a pair of scissors with the cutting edges on the outside was pushed into the baby's skull by Dr Robinson, forced open and moved around from side to side.

The baby's brains spilled out, the skull collapsed down and the dead infant was pulled out. The baby was sacrificed to save the mother. If the mother died the whole family would be ruined. I began to understand the significance of the moments in those old films or Victorian novels when the doctor would sombrely offer the stark choice between saving the mother or the baby. Dr Robinson died of vascular dementia in 2017, having worked his whole life in that mission hospital. He was effectively on call twenty-four hours a day every day of the year. To his credit, he never tried to convert the mainly Hindu people of Chikkaballapur. Unlike Mother Teresa of Calcutta, he never sought publicity or cult status, and in that sense he was the nearest thing to a saint I have ever met. Famous Jamies, not-so-famous Jamies, Jamies of all different genders and orientations. Even Jamie Farr! My family wasn't rich. It wasn't poor. It was just whatever, until my mom's best friend died and left my parents enough of a nest egg to get me and my siblings through college (I was cleared at the inquest). Now is different, and now it isn't good. The lonely and the alienated and even the not-so-lonely and not-so-alienated now have ample evidence--gigabytes of it, showing how much better off everyone else is. We now can see daily how the world truly treats people differently. And it's not about race, or gender. It's about physical attraction and status. Special interests are jumping-off points for learning. What began for Maura as a special interest in Greek mythology expanded and eventually inspired learning about the evolution of writing and math systems (doing work in Greek, Latin, cuneiform, and hieroglyphics), geometry, etymology, agriculture, and religion.

Last Halloween was Athena, this year, Isis! But always - learning. Rubber band temples have been constructed on GeoBoards (math manipulatives usually used to practice plane geometry or build finger strength) - that's spatial planning and geometry. A article report assignment on one of the articles from the Goddess Girls series (a teenage, high-school version of Athena, Aphrodite, etc by Holub and Williams 2010) called for the construction of a three-dimensional school locker. The instructions I gave her read: Athena's Locker: Your article report on Athena the Brain Use a visual/graphic organizer to help you summarize the article. It doesn't have to be long, just clear! We will take a detour for one article into the strangeness of proven science before we dive into concepts related to psychic abilities and survival of bodily death. This science is the underpinning of our reality and needs to be considered first. My aim is to simplify the topics as much as possible because they can be confusing. The pros and cons of following common sense If there is anything to take away from this article, it is that our perceptions can lead us astray because we live in a reality far more mysterious than our everyday senses show us. Just because something doesn't seem to make sense doesn't mean it is not real. We can use our everyday perceptions for an approximation of reality, but not a 100 percent accurate picture. Physicists Dr Stephen Hawking and Dr Leonard Mlodinow explain: Common sense is based upon everyday experience, not upon the universe as it is revealed through the marvels of technologies such as those that allow us to gaze deep into the atom or back to the early universe. For example, when you talk on your cell phone, it wirelessly connects with another person's device that is physically distant from yours. You can't see a connection between the phones with your eyes. Think Gone with the Wind, the 1980s television show Gimme a Break, or the film adapted from the article The Help. Our society tells us fatness is not beautiful.