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We all crave to be relevant and belong. Set goals and figure out the baby steps needed to help you accomplish that goal. Live a balanced life all work and no play will take a toll on your positive mental models so, be aware of your self-care to keep you balanced. It involves the recognition of external stimuli and the actions in response to the stimuli. use the perception process to gain knowledge of different systems and their properties. Through perception, we form a relationship with the world around us and learn how to act within it and how to relate to it. Perception is comprised of the detection of stimuli through the five senses, sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. Cognitive processes are required to interpret information and are also involved in the perception process. Throughout our daily experiences, we are constantly exposed to various stimuli that are present in our environment. We see and observe the systems and objects around us, smell different aromas and hear different sounds. We taste and touch multiple objects continuously in day-to-day life. your lips is an unconscious gesture, but it says a lot about the intention of the man you are chatting with. Eye contact is one of the most important things you should observe in your man. Many men will secretly look at you when they think you're not looking, so if you catch him looking away when you look at him, that's a good sign! The most confident and secure men will look at you and maintain eye contact. Most men tend to be shy about making eye contact with the woman they are strongly attracted to. If you discover a man looking at you when you are not looking at him, and he quickly looks in another direction when you look at him, this indicates that he likes you (it may not be love, but he is definitely attracted to you). If you meet a man who makes a shy eye contact with you, it is almost always a certain sign of attraction to you. If a man is shamelessly undressing you with the eyes and gives you a lascivious look, you can tell he is interested in you, but in a lustful way. By doing so he is telling you that he finds you hot, and that he is sexually attracted to you.

If this isn't the kind of relationship you're looking for, just turn around and ignore him. These are social needs that are as essential as other survival needs like food, shelter, and clothing. We want to feel connected to others and be validated, as it is a core part of having our needs met. Validation involves supporting, recognizing, and acknowledging someone, their thoughts, emotions and feelings without any attempt to alter them. It involves acceptance from others while also accepting ourselves. It is about being seen, heard, understood and valued. It goes hand in hand with empathy since it involves appreciating and acknowledging the emotional state of other people. It is the hallmark of a true and healthy relationship. A relationship in which two people truly care about each other and seek to share each other's joy and sadness. Not only will your partner say they care, but their actions will show it. The term gaslighting as a form of emotional abuse that came into popular consciousness in a 1938 thriller play written by the British playwright Patrick Hamilton, Gas Light. All these experiences constitute our conscious existence and help define our interactions with the people and systems around us. Interpretation of the stimulus. Action in response to the stimulus. This process occurs naturally and continuously. We live surrounded by stimuli that attract our attention at one point or another. These stimuli include anything that can be touched, heard, seen, tasted, or smelt. The specific stimulus that attracts our attention becomes the attended stimulus. The attended stimulus is transmitted as a neuro signal to the brain. Once it reaches the brain, we then become consciously aware of the presence of the stimulus in the environment.

This recognition is then categorized and identified. When a man is not physically attracted to a woman, he will not be shy about making eye contact, and this contact will be occasional or he will give you a disinterested look at you. at his Adam's apple you talk to a man who is normally self-confident, and you notice him a little nervous in your presence, see if his Adam's apple moves in an irregular way, this may be an indication he has feelings for you. feels nervous because he is worried about making a good impression on you, and when a man is nervous his Adam's apple begins to go up and down because his nervousness. When a man is not interested in a girl, no matter how beautiful she is, he is not going to be nervous in her presence - he is going to feel at ease with her. the most confident men show signs of feeling somewhat insecure when they are around that woman they dream about. Stiffness, hesitancy, overthinking what they say or do, unnatural movements - these are all signs of this nervousness. When a man is in the company of a woman he feels attracted to, he seeks, unconsciously, to show his masculinity by walking straight ahead, with his head held high and his stomach in. This is a man's way to impress a woman with his body. Most men tend to slouch a lot, so it becomes evident when they suddenly stand up straight in front of a woman. The play premiered in London and was adapted into a movie in 1944. The film was about a husband who tried to convince his wife that she was mentally unstable; his ultimate end was to send her away to a mental asylum so that he could steal her inheritance. In the movie, the abusive husband, Gregory Anton (depicted by Charles Boyer) manipulates Paula (depicted by Ingrid Bergman) into making her think that she has gone mad. He makes her believe that she is a kleptomaniac without realizing she is, and that she is hearing noises that aren't being heard by any other person. Paula sees the gas lights around the house dimming at times and brightening at other times for no reason. Unbeknownst to her it was Gregory who was switching the lights on and off to create the impression that she did not see the lights as they were. He was manipulating her belief in her reality. At a point in the movie, Paula begins to question her reality and thinks she is going crazy through her perception of the gas lights.

Gregory's action with the gas lights was one of how he manipulated her perception of reality. Once the stimulus has been identified we can then act in an appropriate manner in reaction to the perceived stimulus. The perception that occurs in a bottom-up sequence of processing begins with the stimulus and ends with the identification and categorization of the stimulus. In top-down processing of perception, the perception is developed based on previous experience and expectations. Information, in this case, is interpreted on the basis of context in which the stimulus occurs or exists. Both types of processes play an important role in perception. Top-down processing is when we start with a larger object and then acquire more information on the object in question. In top-down processing of perception, we start with a general concept then gradually break it down to more detailed smaller concepts. Top-down processing helps in simplifying our view of the world, by taking in information in broad generalized impressions rather than having to focus on multiple small isolated details. Top-down processing is conceptually driven. It is influenced by expectations, existing beliefs, and our understanding of various systems. In another article we talked about nonverbal language. This may be another area where you can see certain signs of attraction to you. First of all, a small nuance: we human beings are very complex. It is possible that someone is showing you signs that you interpret incorrectly. For instance, a man may be trying to spend a lot of time with you for some reason other than physical attraction. You should value this and take it into account. However, although humans are capable of lying through words, gestures and nonverbal communication are much more difficult to disguise. That's why gestures, although they may be subtle, offer us a practical way to know what that man is thinking about you. We discovered a series of signs we must pay attention to, if we want to know the intentions of this woman who interests us.

Pulling her hair out of her face, sucking her lips to moisturize them or putting on lip balm or lipstick, all these are attitudes, most of them unconscious, suggest the woman is interested in the other person, so she grooms herself to make sure her look is impeccable. The movie is a historical reference to the term Gaslighting and not all real-life situations are due to a manipulator trying to steal a victim's inheritance. Real-life gaslighting situations, however, have something in common with what was portrayed in the movie. In Gaslighting situations, the goal is to isolate and brainwash the victim to control the victim's version of reality. The father may want to control every decision made by his son consciously or unconsciously, but he might be gaslighting the son into doubting his own choices. Another example of gaslighting in personal relationships is that of a spouse who continually humiliates their partner and demands attention from them while putting them down if they refuse to consider them. A worker can try to bring a subordinate or a coworker down with harmful and destructive words. Gaslighting happens in television commercial advertisements: a product is advertised, and it leaves you with the feeling that something is wrong with your memory or you are going crazy, and the only way out is for you to buy the product and use it. Public figures, who have a cult-like following, might use their leadership status to mislead the public. So, what does the term gaslighting mean? To be specific, it refers to the behaviors and actions by which a manipulator uses information in such a way as to make a victim question their sanity. Top-down processing is useful when looking for patterns in the environment but it can confine us to a set and fixed way of perceiving things. We develop a set perception when our experiences and beliefs influence and create a bias in our way of viewing things. The context and circumstances in which an object is perceived can influence our expectations. Motivation also plays a role in how we see things because we tend to perceive what will reinforce our beliefs. A classic example of top-down processing is evident when reading an article that has typos and spelling errors, we hardly notice them because our brains automatically fill in the blanks and we see the words as they should be and not as they are. processing in perception differs from top-down processing. In bottom-up processing, perception is purely data-driven and is not influenced by previous knowledge or experience. Bottom-up processing takes place as we interact with the stimuli. Bottom-up processing works on the principle of reductionism by breaking down the system or stimulus into its most basic elements.