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Bring more awareness to the outer boundary of your vision. Wait to see if you feel the pulse of your friend's aura. The pulse is not consistent, so don't be discouraged if it goes away. Keep breathing and wait for it to come back again. What colors do you see on your mind screen? Do this for about 20 minutes and then relax and share what you both discovered. SIMPLE STEPS TO SEEING YOUR OWN AURA Seeing your own aura can be a bit more difficult than seeing someone else's. The first time I thought about this concept was when I met social media and marketing guru Veronica Ruiz del Vizo. After stalking her for weeks on Instagram, she accepted my invitation to go for coffee and talk about possible collaborations. As soon as I shook her hand, I noticed that she had a tattoo on each wrist. One said Dreamer and the other said Doer. She told me that she realized she needed to become both a dreamer and a doer in order to live the life she envisioned for herself. And this woman was not kidding. As our conversation progressed, I remember she asked me about my plans and goals. While I was sharing some of my ideas, her consistent answer was, Cool, so you did that already? And I would be like, No! It's just an idea I have. He or she may not have the facts, but can offer you the encouragement you need to get them. Step three is make a plan.

It follows logically from step two. Once you have the facts, or as many of the facts as you can get, put a plan together. It doesn't matter if the plan fails. Then you just revise the plan. Life is all about revising plans that didn't work. The key is to stay in the active mode. Toxic worry feasts on a passive person like a buzzard feasts on a fallen animal. Brainstorm with your mate to make plans. Although this was an intriguing result, we didn't get too excited just yet. This first study showed that creativity and dishonesty are correlated, but that doesn't necessarily mean that creativity is directly linked to dishonesty. For example, what if a third factor such as intelligence was the factor linked to both creativity and dishonesty? The link among intelligence, creativity, and dishonesty seems especially plausible when one considers how clever people such as the Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff or the famous check forger Frank Abagnale (the author of Catch Me If You Can) must have been to fool so many people. And so our next step was to carry out an experiment in which we checked to see whether creativity or intelligence was a better predictor of dishonesty. Again, picture yourself as one of our participants. This time, the testing starts before you even set foot in the lab. A week earlier, you sit down at your home computer and complete an online survey, which includes questions to assess your creativity and also measure your intelligence. We measure your creativity using the same three measures from the previous study, and measure your intelligence in two ways. First, we ask you to answer three questions designed to test your reliance on logic versus intuition using a set of three questions collected by Shane Frederick (a professor at Yale University). You have become so accustomed to being inside your aura that it may feel counterintuitive to move into a state of surprise and curiosity when viewing yourself. Be open to something new and know that you are constantly shifting from moment to moment.

This exercise is great to do right after or while you are making an energy ball with the exercise earlier in this article because you are bringing a lot of energy to your hands. The more attention you bring to the sensations you are feeling, the more you will be able to see. You can do this exercise seated in a comfortable position. It's easiest to do it with a light-colored or white background. Keep in mind that you will be using the same soft gaze and your peripheral vision, like you did in the exercise with a friend. Dropping into the sensations in your body and your hands, rub your hands together briefly and, with your palms facing each other, move your hands very slowly closer together and farther apart until you feel the subtle energy or pulsations. Now place your hands as far away from your eyes as you comfortably can with your palms facing away from you and turn your fingertips from each hand inward so they are close together or touching. See if you can first feel the subtle energy pulsating or connecting your fingers. This back-and-forth happened about four times. And by the end of our meeting, I realized that I was full of unexecuted ideas. As our friendship progressed, and we went from a nice contact to have to FRIENDS,6 I started to be more and more motivated by her accomplishments and her attitude toward life. Just by watching her fulfill her goals, I felt challenged--in the BEST way possible--to take action on my personal dreams. And for that I'll be forever grateful. Now it's ME who asks fellow dreamers, So when is that idea rolling out? In the above graph, think about where you stand right now in terms of dreaming and doing. Then think about where you want to be a few months from today. Doers do have fears, don't get me wrong. They are sometimes afraid to try7 and are not necessarily fearless. Don't hunker down on your own. Stay connected and in an active, planning mode.

When you have a plan, you automatically feel more powerful and less vulnerable. You automatically feel more optimistic and upbeat. Toxic worry subsides. And you feel closer to your mate. You have not allowed the vicious cycle to divide you. Finally, step four is let it go. Many toxic worriers clutch their worries and can't let them go. It is as if they feel it were bad luck not to worry. Along with the correct answer, each question comes with an intuitive answer that is in fact incorrect. To give you an example, try this one: A bat and a ball cost $1. The bat costs $1. How much does the ball cost? What's the answer? Good try, but no. It's the seductive answer, but not the right one. Although your intuition prods you to answer $0. Once you realize that your initial instinct is wrong, you enlist your memory of high school algebra and produce the correct solution (. Doesn't it feel like the SATs all over again? Then imagine you are seeing through your hands and allow the background to fade away. You can also slowly move your fingertips apart or align different fingertips together to see if you can perceive the energy jumping or moving from around your hands.

Sometimes crossing and uncrossing your eyes will help you start seeing the subtle energy around your fingers. Continue to take long, deep breaths while you do this. Be patient with yourself because it takes time and practice to stay in a relaxed and open state. Interpreting What You See It's interpretation time! Feel free to flip back to the different sensations of the aura layers in article 1 . For help to access and discern different colors and frequencies and the traits they are connected to, refer back to article 2 . Colors can indicate your current mood or areas where you may be holding energy. They are just more afraid of not even trying at all than of failing. Speaking of failing, in 2017 I did something that was very upsetting to my superego8 but that turned me into the ultimate doer. At the beginning of this article I told you about my idea to turn my fear into my goal. And to get there, I only had ONE New Year's resolution: to become immune to failure. And just like that, starting things became my thing. During that year I: Launched a new YouTube series and podcast called Dear Younger Self to empower teenagers to change their perspective on fear and follow their gut. Committed to another 100-day project, this time, an illustrated one via Instagram. I called it Courage Is, and the idea was to illustrate 100 different definitions of courage--I'm definitely NOT an illustrator, btw! Became a nomad halfway through the year. As long as they suffer the pain of toxic worry, they feel magically protected. They fear if they let the worry go, some bad thing will happen.