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Here's the trick. Just don't eat that big hunk of dough at the base of the triangle. Put it in your starch pile. If you do that, you reduce the glycemic load by about two-thirds. That means you can eat three slices without exceeding the glycemic load of a slice of white bread. They involve memories that you may have as well. They include the ways in which you are able to sort through the thoughts, and the values that you currently have. They involve the beliefs that you hold that will influence the way that you behave. They involve the strategies that you take to ensure that you are better able to control the way in which you engage with the world. They also include the use of the language that you use at the end of the day to describe what you are going through. After getting filtered through the filters, your senses then go down to the internal representations that you have. A t that point, you then have your output. The output that you usually develop is either through the use of emotions or the use of behaviors. Either are proper examples of output, and you can very clearly see the way in which experience and thought then influence the way that you behave and feel through this sort of chain. E ssentially, then, NLP will change those filters or it will influence that internal representation that you are holding onto. I was just like, Well, I'll give up when I have to. And in the meantime I'll just kind of carry on until I can't get away with it anymore. I don't know how I managed to do anything, I got myself into so much trouble. I did actually manage to get an education and a career and all that sort of stuff. It was pretty haphazard, but I lurched along in a half-hearted manner through my twenties.

I think when you're young your body can cope with a lot more. And in a lot of ways I really needed alcohol. It was my medicine for everything. It was my crutch for life, because I was pretty messed up from my family environment. I needed it to medicate myself, to calm myself down. Chinese and Japanese Restaurants Chinese and Japanese restaurants have delightful meat, poultry, chicken, fish, and vegetable dishes that do not contain starch. However, many do include rice, which, as you know, is solid starch. The glutinous rice used for sushi is especially bad. Noodles, including rice noodles, also have high glycemic loads. Although Asians have been eating rice for thousands of years, they didn't consume as much of it as they do today. Separating the starchy cores from the husks was labor-intensive. It was considered a delicacy to be enjoyed in small amounts. Only since the advent of rice-polishing machines in the 1920s has rice become the staple it is today. Now Asia has some of the fastest-rising obesity and diabetes rates in the world. By changing those, you are then able to change the way in which you behave. You change the internal processes to better suit what you need, and then the output changes with it, allowing you to successfully make use of NLP. N LP and Medicine NLP is sometimes touted as a way that you can cure all sorts of different diseases, including cancer, HIV, and other diseases that do require medical attention. While NLP is not a magical cure-all, it can be used to help fight off some of the mental effects of living with these long-term, chronic, or sometimes, even terminal diseases.

When you are able to make use of NLP when you are critically ill, you can help yourself come to terms with the problem. You can make use of the ways in which you can better process the information. You can help with the mindset that you are holding to allow yourself to better deal with the problems that you are facing. K eep in mind that NLP will NOT cure cancer. It will NOT cure HIV or AIDS or any other disease at all. It served a great purpose, really, in lots of ways. Alcohol was there for me for sad, mad, bad and glad--for everything. When I was working, I'd go to the pub with colleagues as soon as we'd finished for the day, and stay there as late as anyone would stay with me. I wasn't interested in drinking with people who were just going to have one or two, I wanted my friends to be massive session drinkers. I looked at people in terms of Would they drink with me or wouldn't they? I was so black and white about it. My relationships with men were formed around how much they drank. I preferred it if they drank slightly more than me, because then I wouldn't look too bad. It all changed when I became a mum, because it became about my routine with the child. That was in my thirties, when I was constantly trying to give up and not doing very well most of the time. Try this: Instead of using meat and vegetables to flavor the rice, think in reverse. Use a few spoonfuls of rice or noodles to mellow out the flavors of the meat and vegetables. One-half cup or so consumed with meat and vegetables shouldn't spike your blood sugar. On the Road If you're traveling by car, you can usually eat when you want and at whatever kind of restaurant you want.

Air travel is another story. You're trapped in an airplane for hours at a time with nothing to eat but pretzels, or waiting in an airport with a limited selection of restaurants. You may arrive at your destination at odd hours and can't always choose where you will be when hunger hits. You're often compelled to eat things that you would normally try to avoid, such as starchy snacks and fast food. Here's a suggestion: Bring along some nuts. It is not medicine itself. However, it is a very powerful tool, just like meditation, mindfulness, and all sorts of therapies that people make use of when they are ill. You can make use of NLP to be a helpful tool during your illness, but it should not be the primary form of treatment. N LP and Psychotherapy NLP is highly used in a psychotherapeutic approach. It was initially designed to be a new approach to psychotherapy that would allow for the use of less training to be used. It is able to be used to help in many issues that you would commonly go to a psychotherapist for, such as negative feelings, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. NLP is able to make use of treating all of these through the use of changing thoughts. It is supposed to be systemic, focused, and solution-focused, allowing you to be able to reframe thoughts that are not helping you. E ssentially, NLP works much in the same way that many other solution-focused brief therapies aim to do--it works hard on getting people to acknowledge where problems lie so they can then ensure that they are fixing the problem. I met Mike when I was doing yet another sober stint. He was different and special, but I was weak and wobbly in my sobriety and soon went back to drinking cheap rose like a fish. He was confounded at how utterly pissed I would get in a short amount of time because I always hid exactly how much I was drinking through a complicated system of only pouring from bottles that were half full. He also had trouble making sense of the truth behind the facade of my carefully constructed life. The house was tidy, the kids were fed and dressed well, I held down a job and I was looking okay.

But my drinking was quite messed up. Five o'clock--the witching hour I used to call it--that was the magic hour for me when it was okay to have a glass of wine. I got very protective over that time. It was me time, Mummy o'clock, basically. That's when I started to use alcohol to de-stress. They're among the healthiest foods you can eat, they're easy to carry, you can enjoy them anytime, and they'll do an excellent job of curbing your appetite. They will put you back in control of your hunger when you're traveling. Also, if you're planning to eat at restaurants and you tend to crave a bite or two of something sweet after meals, consider packing some chocolate or another starch-free sweet snack. Rather than eating the huge desserts that restaurants usually offer, you can have your own, more appropriate-size dessert later. And bring your walking shoes. I once talked to an airline pilot who gained weight after he stopped working. When he was flying and had layovers in cities away from home--often several times a week--he brought his walking shoes and explored the cities on foot. That kept his weight down until he retired. LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE It's hard to be happy about being overweight or having insulin resistance, especially if it ends up causing type 2 diabetes. When they are able to fix the problem, then, they are able to begin seeing those behavioral changes that they are looking for. At the end of the day, you can better do this to help find the positive context in any situation, therefore allowing you to better deal with any problems that you may otherwise ordinarily face. It is usually quite effective thanks to the fact that it returns power right back to the individual. It allows the client or the individual that is making use of NLP to be able to treat themselves because they understand themselves and that alone is incredibly powerful. When you can make use of that yourself, you know that you are better able to ensure that you cope with anything that is going on around you.