Usually, the word `exercise' gives bad connotations to many people. But exercise does not need to be a negative thing. It does not mean running out to join the neighborhood gym or begin training for a marathon. Anything Go for a walk, jump rope, play with the kids in the front yard--anything, just get moving. Join a sports team. Remember how much fun baseball used to be. Rake leaves, clean out the garage, push the lawn mower around the yard. Regular movement releases stress and tensions and is another way to create a good habit. I felt so broken I wanted to be with others who maybe knew how it was, if that was possible. I found other women who had walked in similar shoes. I listened and began to talk about my experiences. I had so much shame about my behavior, our behavior, and my husband's behavior. But I felt such acceptance and love from these other women. I wanted what I saw some of them had: a voice. They could talk about their feelings. They had a sense of how to take care of themselves. They were struggling for sure, not knowing what was totally real in their own relationships, confused about whether or not to go or stay, and angry about the betrayal, the consequences. Together we would heal. In these early texts, it was noted that yogic practice also included meditation.

People would focus on the lotus pose that Buddha used in order to achieve enlightenment. Over the centuries, the practice of yoga has transformed from being ceremonial and meditative to having an increased emphasis on fixed postures. In the nineteenth century, yoga was introduced in the West by Swami Vivekananda at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. His speech on Eastern tradition and yoga was received with a standing ovation. At the time, the focus of yoga was on health and vegetarianism. After this, more and more Eastern influence made its way to America. In 1920, Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi (which is a classic in spiritual literature), spoke at a religious conference in Boston. By the 1960s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi popularized Transcendental Meditation. The Benefits of Yoga Practice organization. Some people are naturally organized, and some people need to work very hard to be organized. If the latter group seems more familiar, do not try to become completely organized overnight. The organization will not happen but failure definitely will. Being well organized is a habit--and like any other good habit, it will take work to achieve. Begin by organizing one thing. Begin with a drawer. It is small and easy to organize. Have some boxes ready. When removing things from the drawer look at them closely and try to recall the last time they were used. I had a lot to learn about the power of being with other women and how to be good to myself in a nurturing way.

In spite of the incredible struggle to confront and change old beliefs and behaviors, I discovered so much about me. But I can't say it came easy. My insides often screamed in protest of what I had to let go of to get to a greater place of wholeness. I discovered the only way to trust again was to learn to trust myself. I learned to be honest in all areas of my life. I learned nothing could ever be the same again. All of my interactions would be different because I was different. I learned to let go completely, to trust in God. I learned the power of supportive women in my life. In clinical practice, yoga is prescribed to help with sleep problems; Yoga can build muscle, improve memory, and reduce pain. The term antiaging, however, really is a misnomer. Goals of anti-aging are not to stop the aging process but rather to age gracefully, which includes being disease free and preserving vision, cognitive health, and body structure. What are our goals as we age? Is It to fight the process of aging or is the goal really to age with grace and strength? We want to be disease free, have good vision, and preserve memory and body structure. Yoga has been shown to help decrease chronic illness, preserve memory, and maintain body structure. Yoga, Inflammation, and Its Potential Role in Aging The average lifespan around the world is increasing. If it has been more than six months then the item is not needed.

Have some boxes ready while doing this. If the item is still in good condition it goes in the box to be donated. If the item is beyond usefulness then it goes into the box to go to the trash. Do not hold onto something because it might get used. If it's a family heirloom and impossible to give up, put it in a box in the attic. When one drawer is clean, go to the next one. When all the drawers are organized move to the cabinets. As long as unnecessary items are not brought back into the house, then the house will remain clean and well-organized. Cleanliness will become a habit. I learned to trust women. I learned to speak up for myself in an empowering way. I learned to share the hard stuff: the pain, fear, anger, and resentments. I learned to tell on myself, my mistakes and fears. I learned the power of laughter and fun. I learned to listen. I learned to honor myself as a woman; I learned I am controlling and judgmental, not perfect. I learned to honor that part of me too. I learned to trust therapy. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that life expectancy in the US is at a record high of 78.

As we age, the likelihood of contracting a chronic illness increases. With chronic illness, inflammation grows. We desperately need tools to help us age gracefully, preserve our minds and body structures, and improve our quality of life. The goal of aging gracefully is to not live in a bubble. We cannot escape stress. It is part of life. But we can change the way in which our body perceives stress. Stress can be good because it raises our awareness. But it can also raise stress levels to a point where it causes anxiety and sleep disorders. Time management is another goal that is necessary to embrace to build good habits and become self-disciplined. If there is no time management then time is the manager, and time is a very bad manager. Unmanaged time will slip away rapidly, leaving no time left in the day to do all the things that need to be done. Time management is nothing more than a plan to reach a goal of order and organization. An important part of time management is cleaning out the actcd targetivities. Just like cleaning drawers of unused items, there are many unnecessary activities clogging up daily life. After the drawers and cabinets are cleaned and the house stays organized, one unneeded activity (constantly straightening the house) will be eliminated. It really is that simple. Self-discipline is nothing more than practicing a series of good habits until they become ingrained in the daily routine to the point where they are a part of life. As more bad habits are replaced with good habits, then the good ones take over and lead to a more orderly and organized life. I learned I couldn't do it on my own, no matter how hard I tried.