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I'll put some more money in her account. That's a bad idea. How is she going to learn to be responsible with money if you always bail her out? I'll talk to her about being more careful. And you think that will work? She needs consequences. I think I can give her guidance. I think that works better. And your (exaggerated) self-confidence might cow your opponents. BACK TO us. As humans, we have slightly more sophisticated means of puffing ourselves up than our animal counterparts. We have the ability to lie--not just to others but also to ourselves. Self-deception is a useful strategy for believing the stories we tell, and if we are successful, it becomes less likely that we will flinch and accidentally signal that we're anything other than what we pretend to be. I'm hardly endorsing lying as a means of attaining a partner, a job, or anything else. But in this article, we'll look at the ways we succeed in fooling ourselves as we try to fool others. Of course, we can't instantly believe every one of our lies. For instance, let's say you're a guy at a speed-dating event and you're trying to impress an attractive woman. A wild idea enters your mind: you tell her that you have a pilot's license. I was astounded. She took a deep breath in and said she felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off her.

She came in a few weeks later and emphatically exclaimed, Laura, I feel like a new person. I thought I was experiencing love before, but now I really feel what love is! I later learned there is much information about the violet flame. It is also referred to as the flame of forgiveness or the mercy flame. It is often attributed to St. Germain, an ascended master. I find that the flame comes when it is needed and not for everyone all the time. Silver is another high frequency of light that is used to help kill infection and clean areas of the aura after removing debris in the astral layer. The other day my friend called me and told me about a conversation she had with her aunt. First let me tell you this: my friend's aunt has never spoken to me in my life. She knows who I am, I know who she is, but every time I see her around and smile at her--meaning, Hey! You're my friend's aunt! My friend's aunt told her, Probably the reason why your friend Erica is not having children, after six years of marriage, is because she can't. That simple. Poor thing, she must be devastated. My friend insisted that that was not the case. She told her aunt about my success, which she knew about, and tried to explain to her that kids were the LAST thing on my mind. But it was pointless. You really spoil her, you know. I don't think so.

I think you are in a competition with her and that makes you too harsh on her. Wow, that's a zinger. Where did you come up with that? The Browns want us to come for dinner Saturday. No, I'm tired. You're tired? But today is Tuesday. Are you saying you'll be tired Saturday? Even if you sold her this story, it's unlikely you will convince yourself that you do, in fact, have such a license and start suggesting to the pilots on your next flight how to improve their landings. On the other hand, let's say you go out running with your buddy and you get into a discussion about best running times. You tell your friend that you've run a mile in under seven minutes, when in reality your best time was a tiny bit over seven minutes. A few days later, you tell someone else the same thing. After repeating this slightly exaggerated claim over and over, you could eventually forget that you hadn't actually broken the seven-minute mark. You may come to believe it to such a degree that you might even be willing to bet money on it. ALLOW ME TO tell you a story of a time when I embraced my own deception. In the summer of 1989--about two years after I left the hospital--my friend Ken and I decided to fly from New York to London to see another friend. We bought the cheapest flight to London, which happened to be on Air India. When the taxi dropped us off at the airport, we were dismayed to see a line of people trailing all the way out of the terminal. It is super conductive and takes a lot of energy and coherency to use during healings. Sometimes the crown chakra has a more white-silver or gold-silver hue to it.

I see silver in my client's aura and higher aura layers when they are actively working on their soul's life plan, mission, and purpose. Silver strengthens the nervous system over time to receive more refined communication with the higher realms. Gray is typically the color of unexpressed and repressed emotions like sadness and grief. Other emotions that appear gray in the field are despair, apathy, helplessness, and hopelessness. Collections of gray colors, or clouds, in the aura can point to physical health issues if they have been there for a while. If you clear them and they repeatedly come back, there may be something in the area you need to take a look at. Certain medications for depression and the thyroid and sometimes birth control can mute the colors of the chakras. Estrogen-repressing pills cause a shroud of gray over the entire field and shut down the sacral chakra, making everything gray. Her aunt kept on insisting that not being able to get pregnant was what was happening to me and that I was too ashamed to admit it. It was the most comfortable explanation for my predicament. God forbid it was my choice at the time. I was a nomad at that moment in life, traveling from one place to the other and enjoying my life to the fullest with my hubby at twenty-nine years old. When my friend told me about the discussion, I was only thinking about one thing: content! This was the perfect story to share with my online community and highlight an important message that could potentially help others in the same kind of situation. While I'm being judged for not having children after six or seven years of marriage, other people are being judged by their families and peers for living with their partners without having a signed document, or for choosing an unexpected career, or for dressing in a certain way. We are all expected to conform. But when we do not conform, we give gossipy people reasons to talk about us. Some even may blame our success on situations they can disapprove of or that we might have no control over (and therefore can take no credit for). I'm saying I'm tired of going out. I just want to stay home and relax.

How about what I want to do? You always want to go out. And we go out a lot. Your idea of a lot and my idea of a lot are quite different. No kidding! Just look at our sex life. Each of the examples begins with some trivial issue but quickly escalates into something major, even hurtful. The problem in each of these examples, and with most couples where struggles are common, is that both members of the couple are spoiling for a fight. Thinking fast, Ken came up with an idea: Why don't we put you in a wheelchair? I thought about his suggestion. Not only would I be more comfortable, but we could also get through much faster. But I don't need a wheelchair. We were both convinced that it was a good plan, so Ken jumped out of the cab and returned with the wheelchair. We breezed through check-in and, with an extra two hours to kill, we enjoyed coffee and a sandwich. But then I needed to use the restroom. So Ken pushed me in the wheelchair to the nearest bathroom, which unfortunately was not designed to accommodate a wheelchair. I maintained my role, though; Once we made it through the bathroom challenge, it was time to board the plane. I have worked with breast cancer survivors to help clear the gray built-up energy in their auras and keep their sacral chakras healthy while they are required to be on this type of medication. When people have a very healthy aura, all the rainbow colors of the aura layers and main chakras are vibrant and symmetrical in size.