THEY DIDN'T TAKE ANTIDEPRESSANTS Since the days of bloodletting and mental asylums, our interventions for depression have advanced significantly. Though we still have a lot to learn about the complex inner workings of the brain, we do have access to treatments for depression that can result in relief for most people. A combination of medication and therapy is extremely effective in treating depression, and some lifestyle changes (like exercise, for example) can be helpful in addition to these treatments. This is where I must plead with you. If you or someone you love is struggling with depression--if the symptoms here and the stories in this article sound familiar--please seek the help of a professional. I am not a doctor or a therapist. Neither is anyone featured in this article. We cannot offer you the sufficient help you need to be well. In addition, the energy producers of our cells, the mitochondria, have been found to increase in number with training. People often ask which type of cardiovascular exercise is best. The answer is that they are all good. Any exercise that helps us build muscles over time and condition our bodies is good. It is very important to vary workouts and not just focus on aerobic workouts alone. There is interplay between exercise and hormones. With moderate and intense exercise, cortisol levels increase. Cortisol can inhibit muscle growth and repair and can adversely affect our coordination. The amount of cortisol rise decreases as fitness increases. Anabolic hormones (hormones that build muscle) also rise with exercise. When they help you progress, they are empowering;

Why do Mindsets Differ Between People? Not everyone has the same mindset regarding various topics. While some people may feel one way about a specific subject, others may feel differently. This is because our mindsets are shaped by all of the experiences we have in life, especially when growing up. Thus, the first thing we need to consider when it involves mindsets is the environment. All individuals did not grow up in the same kind of environment. Even people who were raised in the same homes have different desires, Besides, they have different hobbies and spend time with different peers. With varying environmental influences, it is not strange for people to have different mindsets. All we can offer is the stories of our survival as fellow sufferers and brothers and sisters in Christ. We can offer advice as friends today can, sharing life experience, the lessons we've learned, the ways we've coped from day to day. This wisdom, these stories of survival, are an important part of the journey toward wellness, but they do not replace the role of any professional care you are--or need to be--receiving. Most of the people in this article did not have access to the tools and resources we have in modern mental health care. They lived in cultures and times that did not understand the effects of depression on the brain, did not have practitioners of evidence-based therapies, and did not have the option of psychotropic medication. So their experiences and advice laid out in the coming articles do not involve pills or therapy. That does not mean that these are not helpful, recommended, and sometimes necessary to recover from depression, or that you should not seek them out if you need them. In other words, the lack of their presence does not mean they aren't important--especially considering it wasn't even an option. I often wonder how their lives and legacies might differ if they'd had access to these tools. So please take these words and these stories and treasure them in your heart. Testosterone, which is considered an anabolic hormone, can help build muscle and support red cells that carry oxygen.

Resistance exercise and short-term intense interval exercise have shown to elevate testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels also help with recovery. Because of their higher testosterone levels, males can recover faster than females. Another anabolic hormone is growth hormone. Growth hormone increases muscle size and total body water content. It not only decreases body fat but also changes the distribution of body fat. Growth hormone levels increase with the intensity and duration of the workout. Moderate prolonged exercise can increase growth hormone levels tenfold. Data suggests that growth hormone is more associated with peak intensity of exercise than the total workout. For instance, if a person grew up in an environment where negativity was the norm, they will certainly have a negative mindset towards many things. The reverse would be the case if they were raised in a positive environment. Family habits are also of crucial importance. Take a person in a relationship, for example. If a person goes all out in their relationship and is always willing to care for, protect, and ensure that their partner gets the best treatment possible, it could be due to the influence of the kind of home they were raised in. These kinds of people probably grew up in environments with love and care, which probably shaped their beliefs, and they desire to provide the same for others. Even though this may not be the case all the time, this is essentially true. It will be nearly impossible for a person who grew up in an environment with a lot of negativity to not grow up with a negative mindset. Asides from family, education can also influence the mindsets of people. Various Kinds of Mindsets Let them inspire and encourage you.

But don't let them keep you from the care you need. THE ROLE OF FAITH At this point, many will start to ask, But I'm a Christian. Doesn't my faith play a role when I'm depressed? I believe the life of faith plays a critical role. But it plays a role similar to what it plays with other illnesses. When a family member is diagnosed with cancer, we pray for healing. We find comfort in the truths of the Bible. We cling to the hope of the gospel--a hope beyond our circumstances. Therefore, higher levels of the hormone are associated with higher intensity. Both testosterone and growth hormone can be regenerative due to their positive effects on muscle and how they aid in recovery. In cold temperatures, however, both hormones are inhibited, and, as a result, recovery time increases. In addition, as we age, both testosterone and human growth hormone decrease. Exercise, then, is a pleasant, natural way to boost both hormones. How Does Exercise Affect Body Composition? A combination of aerobic exercise and resistance exercise can impact cardiovascular health and can improve body composition. Exercise can increase muscle mass and decrease fat percentage, which can be key in managing inflammation and has a direct impact on our immune system. There are two classic body types, based on both visceral fat (pro-inflammatory fat that surrounds our organs) and subcutaneous fat (which sits right under the skin). One body type is the pear shape, characterized by subcutaneous fat accumulation around the hips and buttocks. As we stated above, many people have mindsets for various subjects.

Below are a few of them so you can determine which you fall into: The Social Mindset Individuals with this kind of mindset enjoy spending time around people, exploring new ways of life and cultures, and making new friends. They also enjoy having conversations with strangers. People with this mindset have great communication skills and can easily fit in various social situations. However, there is a likelihood that they may be too particular about how others feel about them. Also, they may depend on speaking to other people for happiness. The Growth Mindset This is an excellent mindset for anyone to have. Individuals with this mindset have the urge to grow and always make efforts to improve themselves. We are open to God graciously empowering us to grow through the trial. We are surrounded by the support of our faith community, propped up by our spiritual family. But we also seek good medical care. We take medication faithfully. We keep our doctor's appointments and adhere to his or her advice. So it is with mental illness. My faith can uphold and encourage me in the midst of the trial of depression, but it does not negate the importance of good medical care. And yes, I pray for God's healing, but I also go to the doctor and take my medication faithfully. I tape Bible verses to my wall to see each day, but I also keep my therapy appointments. I read my Bible, but I also exercise and eat healthy and try to get rest and surround myself with as much delight as I can muster. This fat is less of concern to one's health.