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A study of the most cited individuals within a given period placed Freud seventh behind the Bible, Plato, Aristotle, Marx, Lenin, and Shakespeare. Whatever Freud's legacy should be, no introductory psychology course would be complete without mentioning his immense influence on the early development of the field. But Freud's impact has spanned far beyond psychology; Shaping Consumer Culture During WWI, Edward Bernays wrote propaganda for the Woodrow Wilson Administration to build public support for going to war. Two years ago, I would shed happy tears if you'd have told me where I'd be right now. I wouldn't have even believed you. To me, doing thirty paid talks a year was just a dream, and last year I did sixty (at twice the fee). This year it will probably climb to eighty. I feel we've accomplished SO much in so little time that it blows my mind. While we're currently enjoying traveling over one hundred times a year, speaking to as many audiences as possible, we're also thinking about starting a family and being able to stay home more. Our goals have shifted from becoming the busiest speaker to coming up with ways to generate income without having to travel as much. And that is okay! We are allowed to detour, to rethink our paths, to question our strategies and change our minds. We have to trust that our future selves will make the best decisions for us when the moment comes while we continue doing our best in the now. Go to where you went on your first date. Get to know each other again in a setting that allows, first and foremost, for attention. Create a scene in which the cell phones get turned off and the chance for an interruption sinks to slim or none. Then, sit next to each other, or across from each other, or walk hand in hand, or sit in the car as one of you drives, play music you both like, and talk about . The conversation might go like this:

Do you remember the first time I asked you out? Yes, I turned you down. Yes, you did. You said I was too much of a womanizer, which was totally unfair and untrue! It was totally true! Looking back, I can see from a more worldly perspective that his beliefs were quite extreme, but as a child I soaked them up like a sponge. My father's often explosive attempts to instil this value in us ended up causing a huge number of highly inflammatory confrontations between my parents. Every time my Mum bought us something that we needed, like new school uniforms, new clothes, or God forbid, splashed out (excuse the pun) on something that she felt would help us in life, like swimming lessons, there would be a major argument in the house that night. The habitual fights caused huge waves of chaos in our household and my brother and I spent much of our early years sitting at the top of the stairs listening to our parents' booming voices below. As children, we make some pretty big decisions based on a very limited picture of the world. In all my hugely expansive wisdom as a four or five year old, I decided that the best way to cope with these frightening arguments was to become totally self-sufficient from my parents as soon as I possibly could. I made a strong internal vow to never ask them for help. And in the meantime, I decided I would be able to minimize the number of fights and the frightening unpredictability of the atmosphere in the house after the fights by not wanting or needing anything. There were (at the very least) two important things that I didn't know at the time I made this decision: It's the very fuel the universe runs on for goodness sakes! After seeing how well propaganda worked to persuade the masses in war, he believed it would work just as well in peace. Since propaganda had been given a bad name by the Nazis, he decided to start a new field, which he instead called public relations (PR). One of his more dramatic PR campaigns was responsible for convincing women to start smoking. In the 1920's, the President of the American Tobacco Company came to Bernays complaining that because men had made it taboo for women to smoke, his company was losing out on half the market. Viewing cigarettes as a sign of male power, Bernays believed if he could convince women that smoking is symbolic of their equality and freedom, they would gladly challenge that power by becoming smokers.

So, he decided to pay a group of fashionable, young women to puff on cigarettes while walking in the popular Easter Sunday Parade. He then informed the press he had heard that a group of women were planning to protest during the parade by lighting what they call their torches of freedom (a term Bernays himself created). The media gravitated to the story, and the number of female smokers exploded the following year. This experience taught Bernays it's possible to persuade people to behave irrationally if you can link a product to their deepest desires and feelings. For example, the idea that smoking made women more free was completely irrational; Success = The Happiness of Being Yourself Key Takeaways Go to hellofearsarticle. Read the post about the fear of success that gave me the idea to create this article (better yet, read the comments below the post! Money Mustache's talk at World Domination Summit ASAP. Watch some of my early videos (yes, including some of our anniversary videos). Learn about happiness anxiety with Brene Brown and Oprah during their Super Soul Sunday conversation. Read the article from Karen X. Cheng on the fascinating topic of virality. Watch Elizabeth Gilbert's seven-minute TED Talk about what happens when you fulfill a dream. And my turning you down is probably why we ended up getting married. You're right. It got my attention, that's for sure. It's nice to have your attention now. It isn't easy to get.

Yes, this is nice. You're right. I'm always on the go, aren't I? You're right. I should listen to you more. Polarities depend on it. Existence depends on this charge and it runs through the whole of creation. I couldn't have chosen a set of beliefs and rules more likely to close down the options that the universe could offer me! It was as if the universe had prepared an amazing smorgasbord of dishes from every country on the planet. Then I turned up from age four onwards and when it was my turn to help myself, because of my programming, I would say `no thank you'. Or, if I was completely starving, I would take a few crumbs - as few as possible - and eat them in secret, feeling guilty and hoping to God that, if there was a God, he or she wasn't watching. When I think of the number of times in my university days that I passed up on opportunities to go on nights out or on trips abroad with friends, all because a part of me that I wasn't even conscious of anymore was frightened of the argument it would cause back at home. I was perpetually on guard trying to ensure that I never received anything over and above the absolute minimum required for survival. Remember, if this seems absurd, I was a sensitive child with considerable will power. And the wounded child part in all of us is highly capable of carrying things to extremes. Likewise, he later taught car companies they could sell more automobiles by advertising them as symbols of male sexuality. This was a revolutionary idea, since up to that point, the vast majority of products had been advertised and purchased based on the customers' needs rather than their desires; Another company asked Bernays to help sell its meat products. With bacon sales lagging, Bernays needed a way to make bacon a staple of the American diet. He got the idea to ask a group of doctors if it would be healthier for people to eat a light breakfast or a hearty one.

Because the question was so cleverly worded, the doctors recommended eating a hearty breakfast. This recommendation was all it took to convince the country to change their morning eating habits from toast and orange juice to bacon and eggs. As influential as Bernays's ideas were, they weren't based on his own psychological theories; It's been said that every time advertisers appeal to deep desires - such as sex appeal, status, freedom, or power - they are drawing upon Freud's ideas. When Freud was facing bankruptcy in Vienna, Bernays agreed to publish and promote his work for the first time in the US, making Freud a household name. Grow Through Dirt--Rewrite Your Story In order to talk about the future, first we have to understand the past. My fears began way before I was born. It all started in the 1940s when my family was kicked out of their home in Romania and transported to concentration camps. The Nazis took their home, their belongings, and their humanity. All because of one thing--their religion. Being Jewish at that time in Europe was a crime that resulted in severe punishment. Long story short, my grandparents on my mom's side were sent to the labor camp in Transnistria in 1942. They were lucky because at that time there were labor camps and extermination camps--I'm sure I don't need to explain the difference. My grandparents were separated and sent to different locations. I don't often get a chance to tell you how much I love you. Do you doubt it? I guess not. But I like to hear it. If I don't hear it, then I start to doubt it.