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Maybe it would at least distract him now. Out of desperation, he began to imagine what was happening back at his house. Mom's waking up Dad. According to Glen Gabbard who is a professional psychiatrist, it's vital to note that some introverted manipulative people cannot take negative feedback and act on their actions especially when it comes to becoming a better person in life. These people will also defend themselves for their bad actions. Others will fight or become dismissive in many ways. Typically, they won't let anyone on regarding how much negativity bothers them. At the end of it all, they will act as the victims who have been hurt by those who are questioning their negative actions. Apart from that, these people will even withdraw. In dark psychology, this person is often termed as a special individual who is often misunderstood. The self-perceptions of some of these people are such as they are special and one of a kind. They could also refer to themselves as the most unique creatures in their classes. These are the common narcissistic tendencies that can be drawn from such individuals. The movement medicine of yoga also dates back to this period. Around that same period, we also have our first record of Chinese Medicine, which looks at the body-mind as an energy field. Because of this, you cannot have health in one without health in the other; Greek physician Hippocrates, who lived in the third century BC, was the first person on record to attempt to understand the link between the body, emotions, and healing. He argued that disease is the product of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Ancient Rome adopted this belief and developed public health systems in an attempt to prevent the spread of germs and to maintain holistically healthier populations. In nineteenth-century Europe, there was a movement toward holistic healing and mind-body care.

Reich cracked open the door for much more work to come over the centuries, including that of Peter Levine, who went on to become the founder of Somatic Experiencing therapy. Somatic Experiencing therapy is the end result of Levine asking some important questions, such as, why aren't animals in the wild traumatized by events in the same way domestic animals and human beings are? Levine ultimately came to realize that wild animals have a habit that human beings (and some domestic animals) do not. His dad had been so exhausted lately--even more than usual. Just last week, Michael had followed his dad up the stairs and was alarmed by the way his father had to stop at the top of the steps to catch his breath. A few years ago, a half-hour game of one-on-one didn't even faze him, but something had suddenly taken its toll on that man. Now, Mom's breaking the news. They're getting dressed . Michael wondered what they had said to each other, or worse--if they had gotten ready in silence. His dad had always been a man of few words. He never said a whole lot--he never needed to. One look from his dad, and Michael knew he needed to straighten up his act. Boy, was he going to get that look tonight! These people tend to create a reassuring role that does not exist in the actual sense. They end up submerging the actual true self, which is usually the vulnerable personality in this case. The Impersonal and Difficult Individual in Relationships As earlier mentioned, part of the society of introverted narcissists includes insecurity as well as the inability to connect with various individuals genuinely. To that end, the aloofness in them is a defense mechanism they use to put people away. They don't really want to have the narcissism exposed in any way since these are personal inadequacies. Some of these individuals may also be narrowly focused on some self-absorbing tasks that can prevent others from realizing who they actually are in the real sense.

Some introverted narcissists delve into social networking, technology, as well as games and cliques. This is usually a project geared towards helping them to remain antisocial when it comes to human interaction. These activities will also assist them in hiding their personalities. You have likely seen this behavior yourself, perhaps in your dog. After an animal, for example, escapes being chased down in the wild, it begins to shake. What it is doing is literally shaking the trauma out of its body. The animal is regulating and resetting its nervous system. Levine noticed that modern civilization works in the exact opposition to this trauma-healing instinct. Let's say you were to get into a car accident. An ambulance would arrive on the scene to take you to the hospital. The first thing the paramedics would tell you is, Don't move. They would then proceed to strap you down. It is the exact opposite of what your nervous system actually needs to do to expunge trauma. This time Michael barely raised his head to look. But he sat up with a jolt when he saw the all-too-familiar figures coming through the door. His mom's plaid, flannel pants and slip-on clogs told Michael that she had barely taken the time to get dressed before running out the door. He could see that she had attempted to apply some make-up, but it had done nothing to hide her puffy, tear-streaked face. He felt another knot in his stomach-- Michael couldn't stand to see his mom cry. He shifted his gaze to his dad, who met his eyes with a blank stare. It was nothing like the disciplinary look Michael had expected.

It was a look of confusion, a what-in-the-world-are-you-doing-here expression on his face, as he stared back at his only son. Michael quickly averted his eyes down to his dad's shirt. He had missed a button and the shirt was untucked--nothing like the crisp, formal way he usually dressed. Subtle Insults The subtle insult is often recognized when people are overly insulted. However, subtle insults can majorly be harder to recognize for precisely what they are. Perhaps a colleague may pretend to compliment you on the work you have just completed. When you sit somewhere and try to think of it, you'll realize that it's some insult in disguise. This is for instance; He then reads it and says it is almost as excellent as someone else's. A subtle insult can also comprise of a hidden as well as a semi-hidden reference to a person's weakest points. This is for instance; Maybe you received yours from a local college if the individual makes irrelevant references to your institution and then goes ahead to imply that it's not an excellent institution. Have you ever noticed that you begin to shake or tremble in moments of fear? That is your body, attempting to regulate itself. But in today's world, we don't pay credence to that. We ignore--and even prevent--this very natural reaction of ours. One that, in fact, serves a great purpose. Levine decided to experiment with this, and he noticed that if he allowed his patients to move through the spontaneous movements that occur in the wake of trauma, they were able to discharge the energy that would otherwise become locked in their body. These movements can take on different forms--for example, shaking, crying, or sweating.

Regardless of what the movement is, it accomplishes the same purpose; Interestingly, this works not only in the immediate aftermath of an event, but also long after an event. The timing is not important (although, obviously, the more quickly a person can resolve trauma, the more freedom they have), but the completion is. Michael knew his parents would be angry with him, but now, he was afraid it was much more serious than that. As his parents spoke with the officer, Michael wondered what they would say to him. He could handle stern looks from his father and try-to-do-better speeches from his mother. His dad seemed stunned, and his mother already looked as if she'd been crying for days. How would he face them? What would he say to them? How would he explain what had happened? It had been a little less than two hours since the crash. Two hours that had felt like an eternity. But now that his parents were standing there looking at him, wanting to take him home, it seemed like he had just gotten there. That's an insult. Sullen Behavior When it comes to sullen character and behavior, it becomes uncomfortable being around people who are grumpy as well as sulky. It's also unhealthy to hang out with people who are grouchy or moody. It's almost as terrible as being near people who act explicitly. For instance, if an individual feels like they are answering you, they may choose to provide their answers using innocent comments such as remarks and questions in a slightly negative manner. As such, a sullen person will not smile.