They told me about a man who could go into a trance in a shielded room, and send his mind out into the world. They mentioned experiments where he could look into locked rooms, peer into locked safes, and read secret documents half way around the world. The scientists telling me this were people I knew and respected. This was not some rumor they were passing on. These are all true, and there are real, live, existing bodies that prove it everywhere. What do those four very simple statements mean? Fat bodies aren't inherently unhealthy, and skinny bodies aren't inherently healthy. That's a far cry from the FAT = BAD and SKINNY = GOOD paradigm we've been raised to think of as gospel. It also means we have to remove weight from the health equation and look at other signifiers of health. It also means a lot of mean people are sad that they can't play the role of Doctor and Concerned Citizen while judging people's state of health just by looking at them. God, I'm such a downer. It's actually a documented fact that being fat isn't an indicator of being unhealthy, and being thin is no assurance of good health. Just a reminder, dear friends: This is a fundamental truth. I'm NOT saying that everyone walking around the world is in perfect health no matter their body size (not that perfect health is a prerequisite for loving ourselves; Fluff up your cushions every day, so that your sofa is inviting. It will help make the whole room look tidier too. Make the room cosy with some candles, blankets or plants - it can make all the difference. Invest in smart storage solutions that work for your home and your routine. Make sure everything has its place and organise it all in a way that means you can find things again. Declutter Your Study/Home Office

If you work from home, you'll understand how important it is to love your work space. This is the dedicated room or area where you house your computer, store your files, communicate with your clients, keep track of your accounts and manage your household accounts and correspondence. Working in this space will be pleasant and productive if it's neat, tidy and organised, but if it's full of clutter and your heart sinks when you step inside, you could find yourself getting into a mess in more ways than one. So, it's time to sort it out, declutter and put the MGJY Decluttering Plan into action. I Cried Through This Entire Video. That's OK Though, Because This Kid's Life Was Wonderful The Happiest Story about a Kid Dying of Cancer I've Ever Seen RIP Amazing Rock Star Teenager Who Punched Cancer in the Face with Love on the Way Out Cancer Wasn't a Death Sentence for This Kid. It Was a Wake Up Call. Her Parents Asked, Would You Date Him If He Didn't Have Cancer? So There Ya Go. This Kid Just Died. What He Left Behind Is Wonderful. All of us get flooded with fear and worry sometimes, which is especially confusing for children, so giving them a vocabulary for their emotional experiences will help them to regulate and manage their emotions. Anxiety made simple Question: What's the fight-flight-freeze response? Answer: Here's a little example, then I'll explain: Imagine you're allergic to wasps, and one flies straight into your bedroom through the window. What's the first thing you'd do?

If you're feeling up to it, you might find something to kill it with or steer it back out of the window (that's fight'). <a href=''>You</a> might run the heck out of the room to shout for help (flight'). That would be me! Or you might stand totally still (freeze') until the wasp flies away, because that's what your mum told you is the best thing to do. <a href=''>You're</a> doing a lot of stuff but rarely feel like you're getting on top of things and so you find yourself placing anX' in the top left-hand side. Alternatively, you may be feeling like you have all the time in the world and you're just going through the motions of life. Work or life may have hit a rut. You're a human doing but not necessarily a human being. If this is the case, you may find you place an `X' in the bottom right-hand quadrant. Our ultimate aim is to place ourselves in the top right-hand quadrant. A place where we're thriving as individuals, loving the things we're doing and feeling like we're doing things that matter. We want to feel like we have time to explore, to think, to be spontaneous, to take advantage of opportunities as they arise -- or just to sit and breathe! This is a place where you're truly able to harness your energy and make the difference you want to make. The 3 facets of Law 2 According to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart corresponds to joy through emotion. For this reason, using the he breathing technique to exhale can benefit the heart. Movements: Sit cross-legged in a natural pose, with your thumbs on the Jiquan points, crossing your hands on your chest so that you hit the right Jiquan point with your left thumb and the left Jiquan point with your right thumb. Take a deep breath and use the he breathing technique to exhale, pressing your thumbs against the Jiquan points with force. Loosen your thumbs when the exhalation is finished. Repeat this set of movements six times.

After the exhaling, rub the antithenar eminence with your thumb until it warms up. The Jiquan point is easy to find. It is located at the center of the armpit, where an artery pulses vigorously. The he breathing technique can also be used to enhance the heart function of those who suffer from heart disease, such as tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, palpitations, and angina. I wonder if it is silver or gold or white? You already have a sense coming to you now that this journey will be a safe and healing one. Visualize yourself stepping into that elevator and pressing the number one with your finger. In just a moment, you'll begin to feel your body descend. And when that happens, you'll notice that your mind begins to feel more and more relaxed. Begin to feel a deep sense of restorative healing washing over you. That's right. As you feel the elevator descend, you'll become twice as relaxed as the floor before. Simply allow the body to take all the time it needs. Many people notice the breath becoming slower and more relaxed here. Specific receptors in the brain perceive the caffeine molecules and think that they're adenosine. Instead of latching on to adenosine (making you drowsy), the receptors hook up with the caffeine. The adenosine sleep-promoting signals then can't get through, so the wakefulness-promoting parts of the brain remain active. Interestingly, in 2012 research students at Stanford University in the USA experimented to see if larks or owls were more susceptible to the effects of caffeine in relation to the quality of their sleep. They discovered that the owls (those who like to stay up late at night; However, the trial was conducted only on students, who tend to anyway have erratic sleeping patterns.

We'd need a more representative cross-section of the population to claim for certain that the discoveries are true. SLEEP SCIENCE Amphetamines (or alpha-methylphenethylamines to give them their full name) are drugs that primarily promote wakefulness, reduce fatigue and can induce feelings of euphoria and sociability. They may also be prescribed to treat narcolepsy - a condition that causes its sufferer to fall asleep at inappropriate times (see pp. Use vertical storage such as shelves, cabinets, articlecases, peg boards, cork boards and wall-mounted storage units as much as you can to maximize your space. If you're using a shared part of your home to work in, try to choose pieces that allow you to conceal the busy-ness of business, as this will create a calmer space after hours. This is particularly important if your work space is, unavoidably, in your bedroom. There are many not-for-profit organizations that will collect and recycle some e-waste, though not many of them are nationwide and some just handle commercial stuff. Start with weeecharity. Make sure you've deleted all your personal data. Make sure you know what they're all for and get rid of any that you no longer use. If you're tempted to save any of them because they might come in useful one day, remind yourself of the space they're taking up and how cheaply you can probably replace them if you need to. Only keep in them the things you need within arm's reach. Once you have sorted through them, use drawer dividers to keep everything neat. At a critical point in shaping our destiny, which hinges entirely on the private and collective decisions we make that increasingly have global implications. Of course, we knew what we were getting into, born when we were, that the world would be moving from darkness into the light, from confusion and fear into truth and love; And you, born when you were, knew, given our natural propensity to self-correct and thrive, there'd still be a great likelihood of stunning advances in every field of humanity during this very lifetime. Knowing this will hopefully ground and reassure you. What matters most, however, are your choices in this lifetime, not who you were and what you did in others. Facing today's fears.