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He described the period to one of his friends as a time of restlessness and faintheartedness. And yet he called this experience school. As horrifying as his psychological state was, as much as he would have preferred death to the doubts and fears attacking his mind, Luther found that the experience taught him something. This trial, as with all others, was a school yard, a training ground. He would say elsewhere that trials make us more sure of doctrine, increase our faith, and teach us Scripture's true meaning. This belief did not tritely diminish the dark's intensity or make light of its pain. But it did train Luther to expect to grow in the midst of trials--and sometimes because of them. This expectation was strong enough that he wrote it down as a reminder in the midst of an intense emotional and spiritual fight: You are at school. It was about this time that Luther wrote his famous hymn A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. What are the emotions you feel? These emotions are associated with the feel-good communicators in our bodies, known as dopamine and serotonin. Engagement is the complete immersion into an activity or job that can challenge us and our skills. It is the state where we lose ourselves in tasks. Belong to and serve something that has a purpose larger than ourselves, a purpose for a greater good, such as community work. Cultivate strong relationships with family, friends, and community. Work toward mastery and success for the sake of achievement. Just as a building cannot be held up with only one or two pillars, neither are only one or two of these pillars enough for us to get the most out of life. A building needs a proper foundation, and so do we. A proper foundation for us is all five pillars of positive psychology. Demonstrate it in little ways.

Treat the strangers you meet, especially people who work in the service industry like waiters and receptionists, with kindness and respect. Send a smile someone's way. Greet people with genuine warmth. Make a child smile. Feed the local stray cats. There are so many ways you can express your kindness and generosity. This also relates to the point. The more kindness you show, the more good memories you accumulate. Eventually, you start seeing yourself in a new light. These resounding words many of us still sing today carry greater weight when I think of the painful physical and emotional fire behind them. A mighty fortress is our God, A good mailcoat and weapon; He sets us free from ev'ry wrong That wickedness would bring on. The old knavish foe, He means earnest now; Force and cunning sly His horrid policy, On earth there's nothing like him. For example, for a pleasant or fulfilled life, one must cultivate social connections, work toward goals that are in line with passions, and find meaning on a day-today level.

An optimistic outlook is a great aide in achieving these pillars. Triggering Our Fire There is also a link between negative emotions, such as depression, and increased inflammatory markers. Although this seems like common sense, it is one more reason to work toward reducing our negative emotions by working on increasing our positive ones like optimism. Cultivating these practices can rewire the way your brain thinks about a situation. As Michael Singer says in his article The Surrender Experiment, Each of us actually believes that things should be the way we want them, instead of being the natural result of all the forces of creation. Ultimately, the only things in our control are our thoughts, which lead to our emotions. The practices on article 191 can lead to a more positive outlook. A more positive outlook can help us achieve the foundation of the five pillars. Did someone really say that you were a terrible person? How can that be? In fact, the next time someone comments on your negative qualities, you will have enough mental strength to ignore them. That's because you truly know that you are not what people make you out to be. Happiness Tip # : Make Offline Connections Don't think that the only way you can connect with people is through the virtual world of social media. Step out and make some genuine connections. Meeting people in real life is much more rewarding than simply trying to send them a message online. Psychologists have shown that Facearticle and other social media platforms have a negative impact on our happiness (Davis, ). Because we are not in the presence of the other person to see their reactions. Our strength is soon dejected.

But he fights for us, the right man, By God himself elected. Ask'st thou who is this? Jesus Christ it is, Lord of Hosts alone, And God but him is none, So he must win the battle. And the world with devils swarm, All gaping to devour us, By focusing on what we can control--doing work with intent, having gratitude for what we do have and where we are, and allowing the natural course of things to go forward--we will find that we are more peaceful and fulfilled. The tools can be a challenge for anyone, regardless of whether you are a naturally positive person or not. We know there is a limited time in the day. We know we cannot sit and meditate and exercise all day. As the late Richard Edlich, MD, a former plastic surgeon at the University of Virginia and Dr A's mentor, once told her, It is not about finding the calm [and joy] on a mountain in India. That's easy. It is about bringing the calm into the here and now. Working on rituals teaches us how to bring calm into our daily lives. Like anything worth doing, with time and practice these tasks will begin to feel natural, and you will be astonished at your changes. Give it a try! When you sit face-to-face with someone, you are able to see their emotions visibly reflected in their reactions and body language.

Your mirror neurons, responsible for empathy, are able to reflect this in your own reactions. When you are sitting in front of a computer screen, all you see is a series of digits and images. Your brain cannot process that in the same way. Happiness Tip # : Spend Smart Having money in your pockets is definitely a bonus. Which is why, you should avoid spending more than you are able to. Always make sure that you have money for emergencies and other important aspects in your life. This does not mean that you should not spend on the things that you want. But create a budget if you find yourself short on money repeatedly. We will not fear the smallest harm, Success is yet before us. The world's prince accurst, Let him rage his worst, No hurt brings about; His doom it is gone out, One word can overturn him. The word they must allow to stand, Nor any thanks have for it; He is with us, at our right hand, Eat well, play more, sleep deeply, heal