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A tennis match, a guided tour of a natural park or city, a bike ride or bowling. On average, the most sedentary people make between 2000 and 3000 steps per day. By adding 2000 steps daily, you could manage to maintain your current weight and stop weight gain. Add more and you will lose weight. It makes sense, the more food there will be before your eyes, the more you will eat, no matter how hungry you are. Instead of using your larger plates to serve your meals, which are usually 25 to 35 centimeters in diameter, use instead the salad plates, which are about 20 cm in diameter. Also reduce the size of your cup of coffee and your glasses of juice. You are about to take increasing charge of your own conscious evolution. And when you do this, you will discover certain principles that govern your development. I believe humour is a great way to get ourselves into a positive frame of mind. In such a way, have you noticed some of the strange principles that people sometimes adopt? "Weiler's Law" Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself. "Law of Volunteer Labor" People are always available for work in the past tense. "The Law of Motivation" Creativity is great, but plagiarism is faster. "The Law of Self Sacrifice" When you starve with a tiger, the tiger starves last. "Boob's Law" You always find something in the last place you look. "The Law of Common Sense" Never accept a drink from a urologist. "The Law of Reality" Never get into fights with ugly people, they have nothing to lose. It's possible to demonstrate the brain-changing power of simply getting up and walking about. A straightforward experiment called the Stroop' task - devised by American psychologist John Ridley Stroop4 - is used to testcognitive control', in other words, the ease or otherwise with which you can direct and control your attention and thinking.

The Stroop task is a colour-and-word identification task with a twist. Participants are presented with lists of colour names (red, green, blue, black, etc.). These are printed either in the same colour (for example, the word red' printed in red) or in another colour (the wordred' printed in green). Participants are asked to, as quickly as they can, name the colour of the printed word. Typically, when the printed word and the colour it names are congruent, response times are rapid and accurate. By contrast, when the printed word and the colour it names are incongruent, response times are much slower. Often, Stroop-task performance is impaired under dual-tasking conditions. For example, a participant might be asked to engage in the colour naming, while simultaneously monitoring sentences played through earphones, and listening out for a particular word or phrase which they must identify by pressing a button. The Stroop effect is very reliable and easy to detect; it is often explained as requiring the paying of selective attention to certain aspects of the visual stimulus, while actively suppressing attention to other (automatic, attention-grabbing, prepotent) aspects of the visual stimulus, and then selecting and making the appropriate response. For us to remain youthful and healthy, insulin is the single most important hormone to keep in balance. Insulin resistance occurs when the normal amount of insulin can't open the cells to transfer the glucose from the bloodstream into the cells. In an effort to maintain a normal amount of glucose in the blood, the pancreas then produces more insulin to try to force the glucose into the cells. If this increased insulin can't transfer the glucose into the cells, then high amounts of glucose remain in the bloodstream and type 2 diabetes occurs. Insulin resistance is common in people who are obese or who have cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. Have your blood tested for fasting insulin, triglycerides and cholesterol. Excess insulin stimulates the liver to produce more cholesterol. If you are producing too much insulin, you are more at risk for heart disease and other degenerative diseases. We often are not aware that we have elevated insulin levels and we could go on experiencing symptoms such as increased fat levels, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, not knowing the cause. This is why we need to take control of our health and have the necessary tests done to ensure that our hormones stay in a healthy range. Now it is also necessary to take `aligned' action on the physical level.

The result of this will be a full alignment of your being on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. Only full alignment like this ensures that you will indeed manifest your desire with the Law of Attraction. Behaving AS IF is the most effective way of removing habitual self-limitations we all have. These self-- limiting habits are completely out-of-alignment and at odds with what you want to manifest. To become aligned, behave AS IF. When attracting success in your career or business - behave AS IF you are already a successful businessman. Constantly ask yourself: "Is that how a successful businessman behaves, thinks or speaks?" If not, adjust your behavior towards acting AS IF that is who you are. You're far more likely to eat more - and eat more high-fat and high-calorie foods - when eating out of the house than when cooking at home. Today's restaurants serve huge portions served in very large plates. By choosing to eat your meals on plates, like in the restaurant, rather than serving yourself on the table service dish, you will lose weight. Most people tend to eat 150% more calories in the evening than in the morning. You will avoid this by controlling your portions, eating what is on your plate without serving, especially. A study published by the Journal of Physiological Behavior showed that we tend to eat more when we are in a group, probably because we spend more time sitting at the table. On the other hand, eating with your spouse or family, taking advantage of the moment to talk and enjoying the time together between each bite, can help eat less and cut calories. If you are in a restaurant, always order the smallest option available. For example, a 6-inch sandwich can easily support you. No need to go for the large 12-inch format. In the cinema, take the little popcorn. At the restaurant, take the small salad. Here too, studies have shown that we tend to eat as long as there is some on your plate, even if you are full for a long time.

"Conway's Law" In any organization there is one person who knows what is going on. That person must be fired. "Iron Law of Distribution" Them that has, gets. "Law of Drunkedness" You can't fall off the floor. "Heller's Law" The first myth of management is that it exists. "Osborne's Law" Variables won't; constants aren't. Are there any other, maybe more robust, fundamental principles of how the Universe seems to work? There has certainly been a systematic process of unfolding. Such as the movement towards more complicated structures. Is there a principle that life evolves from a simplest atom to so called intelligent life? Is there a principle that intelligence itself evolves? It is even possible that the job of consciousness is to take responsibility for its own evolution, by evolving itself. Insulin levels can also be too low. The type 1 diabetic is unable to make insulin and must take insulin injections daily or their cells would starve as they have no way of taking glucose from their blood to feed their cells without insulin. Only a small percentage of diabetics are type 1. Most people who have diabetes are type 2 diabetics; their bodies have produced too much insulin and they have become insulin resistant. The insulin they produce can no longer move the glucose into the cells and high amounts of glucose remain in the blood. It is possible to push your insulin levels too low by eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. If insulin levels are too low, you could develop low blood pressure, loss of muscle tissue, fatigue, irritability, increased hunger and ketosis. Ketosis is a condition where there is an excess of ketones in the body.

This is caused when insulin levels drop and the glycogen in the liver is depleted trying to restore glucose levels. The body then begins to break down fats and this process leaves behind a by-product called ketones. Low carbohydrate diets encourage the breakdown of fat and can induce dietary ketosis, which is not a healthy condition. It is important to note that health risks increase when the levels of insulin are too high as well as when the levels of insulin are too low. Balance is really the key - it is critical to keep this hormone in balance. When attracting money - behave AS IF you already have an abundance of money. Do not worry about money, even if it feels unnatural at first. Basically, behave like a millionaire, but keep unnecessary expenses down. Saving money is in fact one of the things that attracts more financial abundance through the Law of Attraction. When attracting a relationship - acting AS IF involves making space in your life for the partner you want to attract. For example, put out dishes for two people when eating alone, or make your house ready to invite someone into it, keep yourself in a good shape. This works on many levels, including the activation of the Law of Attraction. A series of research conducted by Pennsylvania State University has shown that accompanying our meals with water-rich foods such as zucchinis, tomatoes and cucumbers can reduce the amount of calories that we eat. ingests. You can also think of a salad or soup to reduce the calories of your meal. The mere fact of drinking a glass of water, however, would not have the same effect. Because the process of hunger and thirst is not managed by the same mechanisms in the body, you will not feel the same feeling of satiety with a beverage. In terms of calories, you can eat twice as much pasta salad containing vegetables as broccoli, carrots and tomatoes than a pasta salad with mayonnaise. The observation is the same for all other dishes that can be enriched with vegetables such as stir-fries and omelettes. If you respect the ration 1 part vegetable for 1 portion of starch, the fibers in the vegetables will satisfy your hunger before you eat the surplus of starchy foods.