School drop-off was no longer an issue. Alex was now happy going to school and teacher reports indicated that he had started partaking in many everyday class activities, which he had not done before. The shifts and changes I'd seen in Alex and his play in the therapy room were transferring over into his real world. Playing with anxiety had truly empowered Alex - and his parents. The confident, self-assured, happy young boy showed me just how much the magically therapeutic powers of play had been hard at work! Not every child needs to see a play therapist, although many would benefit. The above case study provides you with ideas that you can hopefully bring home to regulate your child during anxious moments, to increase their control and to engage their problem-solving skills, all while deepening your connection and having fun. Not a bad day's work! Play techniques for parents Because children with anxiety spend much of their time `on guard' - on the lookout for danger, parents using play techniques in this way can help to bring some much-needed light and laughter into the panic station zone. The 3 facets of Law 4 Becoming brilliant and in demand for what you do requires you to be willing to openly share, to stand in your spotlight, to stand up and lead yourself and those around you. This is how we become professionally famous. This is how we shine in our brilliance and allow others to shine too. Law 4 means you need to practise three facets: Accelerate. Let's explore each facet now. Cheesy, Ziggy, Benny and Funky George are four of the most incredible teachers on leadership I've ever had the pleasure of learning from (true! They taught me about the power of trust, authenticity and courage. I met them during a unique and experiential training session run by Linda McGregor, founder and CEO of Four Legged Sages.

So not only do you have to give reading time to penetrate your mind, you also have to expect that, over time, opinions and views will change. This is growth. Muhammad Ali has said, The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. The yoga teacher who teaches the same way today as she did a year ago is wasting her talents. The thinker who has the same opinion today as he did a few years ago is exhausting his growth. Life evolves, and so should we. The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; Disciple: Some people do genuinely believe that Krishna from the Gita is real and is God itself. The supreme figure of godhead. After four months, all three groups did roughly the same, with the combination group doing the best by a hair. But after 10 months, the difference was clear: only 8 percent of the exercisers noticed their depression return. The groups taking the drug didn't fare nearly as well: 31 percent of the combination group and 38 percent of the Zoloft-only group had continued mood problems. To use SVT as a part of a holistic and integrative strategy, I recommend testing for neurotransmitter deficiencies and lifestyle changes. If you need more B vitamins to boost serotonin, then SVT can help you eat more healthy foods that are rich in brain-healthy nutrients. That's why SVT is so powerful in helping people create effortless change. You can learn more about testing for neurotransmitter deficiencies and other integrative strategies I recommend at my website, drmikedow. SVT FOR BOOSTING MOOD Circumstances and relationships change every day, and they can impact your mood. So whether you're dealing with the occasional blues or depression, SVT for boosting mood is worth making a regular practice.

Mandibular advancement devices combine a mouthguard and a dental brace, and attach to your teeth to position your jaw forward slightly as you sleep. The aim is to modify the anatomy of your upper airway, in order to enlarge it, or stabilize or reduce its collapsibility. In this way a mandibular advancement device may reduce snoring and relieve mild sleep apnoea. Some people find that their jaw aches after the first few nights of wearing the device, but usually any discomfort passes as you get more used to it. Snoring and milder forms of OSA may be caused by anatomical deformities that have been present since you were born or are the result of injury to your throat. For some this means that the most effective treatment is surgery. The procedure is most likely to be uvulopalatopharyngoplasty - something of a mouthful in itself! It's a laser surgery that removes excess tissue at the back of the throat and in this way clears the airways. It can take a few weeks or more to get over the sore throat that results from the surgery, but the procedure is effective for up to 75 percent of snoring cases. A newer form of surgery is called the Pillar Procedure, which can be performed under local anaesthetic in only 20 minutes. Thinking about details is nothing more than doing your job. If you're a writer, your job is to write the best article you possibly can. If you're a designer, your job is to create the best design you can. You're not here to write one article and call it quits. Or to design one product and retire. If you want to grow--financially, spiritually, mentally--you must revisit the details all the time. Never underestimate or overlook details if you want to do a job right. And if you don't, it's better not to do it at all. Take Thinking Out of The Equation I don't want to become someone who only thinks and never acts.

Sometimes only a formal letter will do. Whether it's typed or handwritten, the usual layout is set out in this example: Check that you have stated what action, if any, is required by the recipient. Keep Yours sincerely for when you do know the name of the addressee. Be sure that you've covered all the information pertinent to the recipient and keep a copy for yourself. APPLY FOR A JOB/WRITE A COVER LETTER While many jobs these days involve online applications, it is still a common requirement to send your resume and a cover letter or email. For the letter, follow the rules for formal letter writing and always quote the job reference in the header to clarify which job you are applying for. The letter needn't be long and mustn't exceed a single sheet of paper, so don't ramble. It needs to supplement your resume by focusing on why you want the job principally, as well as your suitability and enthusiasm for the role. Dee Hock, former CEO and founder of Visa, has described a spectrum of attention: Data at one end is distilled to information, then to knowledge, then to understanding, and finally to wisdom. However, Hock states, We are now at a point in time when the ability to receive, utilize, store, transform, and transmit data . Understanding and wisdom are largely forgotten as we struggle under an avalanche of data and information. As shareholders, co-workers, advertisers, and social-media platforms all grab for it, attention is in dwindling supply. No matter how much power or money you have, you cannot buy attention. As any parent or teacher can tell you, you can force someone to look but not to see; Over and over we tell our children and ourselves to pay attention. In the midst of a time when distraction has become a disorder, our research and work with influential global leaders has proven it is possible to influence the direction of the attention of a group, whether of two or twenty-two, by focusing it on the assets of the people present. For instance, remember how Nick, the CEO we wrote about earlier in the article, begins his senior-leadership team meetings by asking everyone to leave their phones and devices in a basket at the door as they enter. He starts the agenda by going around the room and telling each person something specific he or she has done in the previous month that contributed to the success of the company.

The dog's bollocks! Second was Switzerland, third Sweden, fourth Australia, Netherlands and Germany joint fifth, New Zealand and Norway joint seventh, France ninth, Canada tenth, with the most expensive health service in the world, the USA' s, bouncing along the bottom in eleventh place. The NHS has achieved this ranking with 40 per cent fewer beds than the EU average and only one third of the beds per patient enjoyed in Germany. I do not know why this was not widely publicized in the popular press, but good news stories about the NHS are usually displaced by some report of an individual failure of care. Over the last forty years in the NHS I have seen some terrible care and some utterly insensitive communication with patients. I have seen it - but hardly ever. When appalling care has occurred, it has almost always involved staff who have been overburdened, exhausted, poorly trained or pushed beyond the point where the spinning plates all start to fall. What I have mostly seen is good care, and staff working above and beyond the call of duty consistently and selflessly. More than anything else, I have seen overwhelming kindness. The more cynical reason for the negative coverage may be that certain factions of the press have a hidden anti-NHS agenda. It's American Idol all the time, and the loud, hilarious obnoxious judge is president, and none of us can stop thinking or talking about it. But the thing is, that antagonizing judge is pretty stingy with blood and treasure. He's not interested in spending our money abroad protecting people who should be protecting themselves, nor is he willing to send our kids to their deaths for the same damn thing. So there's that. It's worth bringing up when anyone (including yourself) mentions the sheer emotional cost of having an anomalous president like Trump: that I'll take a few sleepless hours in exchange for fewer bombs blowing up Americans. Let's return to the original premise: there's no break to this intense conflict--it's a nonstop debate. There are only sixteen games in an NFL season, followed by playoffs and an off-season. And with baseball, spring training was initially designed to get flabby drunks back in shape for opening day after months of disrepair and debauch. With politics we don't need spring training--we need the opposite--the wind-down. We need what the Mets do every October.