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They can be excellent storytellers, poets, and speakers with others' concepts but may lack their own ideas. THIRD-EYE CHAKRA The third-eye chakra is located in the center of the head, level with or just above the eyebrows. It shares its center with the crown chakra. The color of this chakra is perceived as anywhere from purple to indigo. Balanced Attributes: When this chakra is in balance, people experience sharp creative thinking, the ability to see the larger picture, and a greater vision of where they are headed in life. They sense a deep satisfaction and certainty in the divine path laid out for them and have faith in a greater purpose and plan. A gift--although sometimes it doesn't always feel like it--is guidance in knowing the right step to take. Technically my 2017 New Year's resolution was: to fail. And that's exactly what I did. I turned my fear of failure into my goal. If failing is also one of your biggest fears, welcome to article 6! This article will help you change your perception of failure, strengthen your ego, and empower you to choose action over perfection. But first, let's understand what the heck defines failure. Imagine you are in the middle of a big waiting room. You are surrounded by all sorts of doors, but only one of them will take you to the place you'd love to go. The doors have no signs, so there could be anything behind them. This is not the typical waiting room. Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!

Imagine what Wordsworth would write today! Since the force of distraction is so powerful, ubiquitous, and corrosive in relationships, and since mental overload has a similarly negative effect in that it makes people irritable, seemingly selfish, and unsympathetic, we use this article to offer some more specific tips on how to fight these forces. Turn it off. That should be one of the Ten Commandments of Relationships in Modern Life. Cell phone, computer, BlackBerry, iPod, television, laptop, whatever it might be, turn it off. Distraction and overload will subside the instant you do this. Rarely is one intervention so simple yet so effective. Learn to say No or Let me get back to you on that. We all know the gold standard of white lies, in which a woman who is less than svelte puts on a slinky new dress and asks her husband, Do I look fat in this? The man does a quick cost-benefit analysis; So he tells her, Darling, you look beautiful. Another evening (marriage) saved. Sometimes white lies are just social niceties, but other times they can work wonders to help people get through the most difficult of circumstances, as I learned as an eighteen-year-old burn victim. After an accident that nearly killed me, I found myself in the hospital with third-degree burns covering over 70 percent of my body. From the beginning, the doctors and the nurses kept telling me, Everything will be okay. And I wanted to believe them. To my young mind, Everything will be okay meant that the scars from my burns and many, many skin transplants would eventually fade and go away, just as when someone burns himself while making popcorn or roasting marshmallows over a campfire. One day toward the end of my first year in the hospital, the occupational therapist said she wanted to introduce me to a recovered burn victim who'd suffered a similar fate a decade earlier. Imbalanced Attributes: In this chakra, the most common imbalance I see is the overuse of the front of the chakra in the forehead. When the front of the third-eye chakra is too large, it is in fight-or-flight mode.

The front of the chakra can expand 10 inches or more and be pulled so far forward that, while sitting at a comfortable social distance from such people, I can feel their third-eye chakra energy hitting me! This leaves the chakra in the back quite blocked, which means the person is typically seeing through a lens of fear of what might be as opposed to what really is. It takes a balanced third-eye chakra in the front and back to have clear vision, to receive energy and information from a relaxed and receptive state, and to see what is actually there and respond to it with creative intelligence. When the third-eye chakra has a front-to-back balance in symmetry, the nervous system is relaxed and responsive. CROWN CHAKRA The crown chakra is the funnel of energy located at the top center of the head. It moves vertically down into the center of the third-eye chakra. Our experience of being connected to oneness, bliss, and divine mind arises from this joint relationship between the two chakras. This room is familiar; Okay, yes, it also has a puppy. It's even connected to your friends' and family's waiting rooms, and they can come and go as they please--better yet, as YOU please. They are all in their own cozy waiting rooms, surrounded by unopened doors. They seem happy, or at least, at ease. Behind those doors is the unknown. You hear tales of failure, rejection, heartbreaks, setbacks, and challenges from those who have tried opening them; But behind one of those doors lies success, YOUR kind of success, whatever it is. The one thing you've always dreamed of becoming is right there, behind one of those doors. But, which one? Make no your default response, the response you automatically give first. You can learn to say no politely.

You can't let your default position be yes unless you want to be totally swamped. Cut back on screensucking. Screensucking is my term for mindless time spent online, sending and receiving meaningless emails, surfing the Net, letting the time pass as nothing of any import transpires. This can become a sinkhole for your time. Screensucking in turn leads you to feel overloaded as you do not have time to do what you need to get done. Meditate or pray. Mindfulness practices, such as meditation or prayer, refurbish your ability to focus and replenish your stores of attention. Close the door. She wanted to demonstrate to me that it was possible for me to go out into the world and do things that I used to do--basically, that everything would be okay. But when the visitor came in, I was horrified. The man was badly scarred--so badly that he looked deformed. He was able to move his hands and use them in all kinds of creative ways, but they were barely functional. This image was far from the way I imagined my own recovery, my ability to function, and the way I would look once I left the hospital. After this meeting I became deeply depressed, realizing that my scars and functionality would be much worse than I had imagined up to that point. The doctors and nurses told me other well-meaning lies about what kind of pain to expect. During one unbearably long operation on my hands, the doctors inserted long needles from the tips of my fingers through the joints in order to hold my fingers straight so that the skin could heal properly. At the top of each needle they placed a cork so that I couldn't unintentionally scratch myself or poke my eyes. After a couple of months of living with this unearthly contraption, I found that it would be removed in the clinic--not under anesthesia. It is why many psychics, mediums, and healers attribute colors like purple, indigo, white, or gold to these two chakras. They bring the higher experiences of who we are on a soul level down into embodiment.

Balanced Attributes: People with a balanced crown chakra experience synchronicity in all things. They are often called old souls because of their sage-like wisdom. Their aura feels bright with a luminous quality around it. They easily access grace, faith, and divine mind. With a refined quality and gentle touch, these people can have a strong connection to the angelic realms. Imbalanced Attributes: Time management is challenging for people with an unbalanced crown chakra. They live up in universal or angelic time. They tend to swoop in at synchronistic moments only to space out and miss an appointment. Give yourself a minute to envision what is behind the winning door. If you could dream of having your ideal lifestyle tomorrow, what would it look like? What things would you like to have? Who would you like to be surrounded with? How would you like to be perceived by others? The only way to find out which door leads to your dream is by taking the risk to start opening some of those doors. Most people choose to stay in the waiting room. I mean, why risk it? Why go through all that hassle, pain, and discomfort if nothing can assure you that you will ever find the right door? You look around, and you realize that you're surrounded by people who have never opened a single door and still had a decent life. Spend some time alone with your partner. Have a date night.