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Did the answer truly satisfy you? Did your life really shift in the direction you desired? Let me rephrase the question: What if you read in a article that you're going to be stuck in a huge slump for the next three years? What if you went to see an astrologer and were told that you and your partner have the worst compatibility possible, and that marrying them would ruin your life? Neither of these scenarios can be solved using astrology as it stands now. Your greatest hope was to become more of whatever the mind contemplated. Millions of philosophies have emerged throughout the eons. As you cavorted in happy expectation of new and thrilling adventures, expansion continued. Sometimes you left Eden for short periods of time because you knew that, as soon as you longed to return, you only had to feel the vibration of being here in order to arrive. You knew that everyone was divine. Although you have many different names for the concept of divinity--man, woman, angel, saint, God, entity, person, and alien--you can't change who you are because you give it different name. The God who inhabited this paradise when form first began is the same God who inhabits it today. Terms are interchangeable because there is only one God and you're it. Why have your Godly powers lessened throughout the eons? They haven't. They've given us the false belief that we can break people down into their parts and compare them to find the best one. Apps primarily give us a list of resume traits and nothing more. Only by spending time with someone can you appreciate that person for the experiential good they are. Issue #4: Apps make us more indecisive about whom to date. The first night I downloaded Tinder, I spent six hours swiping.

Yes, that's longer than it would take to binge-watch the entire first season of Fleabag. I went through hundreds, possibly thousands, of profiles. As if it weren't enough that dating apps can confuse us about what's important, they can also make it harder to choose whom to go out with. Our brains aren't set up to select a partner from so many options. Remember what psychologist Barry Schwartz discovered about the paradox of choice: We assume that more choice will make us happier, but that's often not the case. Because astrology itself isn't equipped to make your wishes come true. There is, however, an exception: the Blended Wish. The Blended Wish is neither a way of discovering yourself, nor a technique to predict the future. It doesn't matter who you are or what kind of star you were born under. The Blended Wish is a method for making your wishes come true. And it uses the astrological system of the twelve zodiac signs for that purpose. There are so many astrology fans out there, but unfortunately most of them know how to use it only in a rather passive manner. On the contrary, the Blended Wish is a proactive method of applied astrology. The Blended Wish Method is the secret art of manifesting your heart's desires. It is a technique for making your dreams come true that has never before been taught. The second you think differently, you manifest an altered state. Before you can find that altered state, you must desire it. Desire is what pushed you to explore without this power, so desire is what will push you to feel it again. As soon as you contemplate a new possibility, you expand to fulfill it. For eons, you adored this beautiful Garden of Eden.

Then, into this blissful Eden, a new idea was born. This new idea postulated that some contributions were meaningful and some were not and, therefore, the lesser ones needed improvement. This notion felt strange at first, but since it was new, it got a lot of attention. You don't leave your all-knowing aura because you inhabit a body. The only difference between you and those long ago Gods is the depth of your memory. In fact, too many options make us less happy, in part because of choice overload. It can feel so overwhelming to compare our options that we may give up and make no decision at all. Columbia professor Sheena Iyengar and Stanford professor Mark Lepper demonstrated this in a now-famous study. They entered a gourmet grocery store and set up a table of free gourmet jam samples. When they offered twenty-four types of jam, people were more likely to approach the table than when they offered six jams. However, customers who sampled from among the twenty-four jams were far less likely to buy any jams than those who encountered only six options. The researchers hypothesized that when you have six options, it's possible to make a confident decision about which jam you'll like the most. But twenty-four options are so overwhelming that people often make no decision at all. In a grocery store, that might mean leaving with no jam. In the world of dating apps, that means not finding a relationship (also, sadly, no jam). A Blended Wish is essentially a New Moon wish, a wish made when the Moon is in the New Moon phase of its monthly cycle--and yet it is so much more than that. The reason I call it a Blended Wish is because this technique actually has enough power to move the Universe. When you make a wish on the New Moon, it comes true--that's an indisputable fact. A New Moon occurs when the Moon perfectly overlaps the Sun. It corresponds to day zero in the Moon cycle, so if it were a human, it would be a newborn baby--which means all growth starts here.

When you plant the seed of a wish on the New Moon, it bears fruit. This isn't magic. As far as the cycle of the Universe is concerned, it's perfectly natural. That said, you'll need to know a few tricks to harness this power of manifestation. Write your wish at a designated time using words of high vibration. You, filled with love, are everything those long ago Gods ever were, or ever will be. Don't blame the illusion--or what you see with your eyes--for the fact that you can't remember the magnificence of your energy. The illusion can't keep you from knowing your identity. Only your belief that you are less than the love of God can keep you unaware. Before the notion of disparity took hold, your only thought was to cherish self and love every creation. Because you knew that every part of self was one, communicating with other selves was simple. It was just a matter of feeling their hearts and joining them. But as you questioned the worthiness of other selves, you began to feel separate. When you felt separate, communication suffered. To solve this problem, you began making gestures. And selecting a potential partner is way harder than selecting a jam out of twenty-four options: choosing from not just twenty-four but thousands of people and perhaps committing to one for the rest of your life. In dating, we may feel so overwhelmed by the options that we decide not to go on any dates at all. Even if we do, it can feel impossible to know whom to date seriously. It's not just that too many choices make it hard to decide. Schwartz tells us that even when we're able to overcome choice overload and make a selection, having so many options to choose from makes us less satisfied with what we choose.

We start to think: What if I'd chosen something else? Would that have been better? Would I be happier? That train of thought leads down a dark path toward regret. And the effect multiplies. That is the ironclad rule of the Blended Wish Method. By using the Blended Wish Method myself, I got into my first-choice college, got a job at the company I wanted to work for, struck out on my own at the perfect time, achieved instant success in multiple businesses of my own, received a miraculous offer to publish a article as a completely unknown author, and won the heart of the man I love. That's right--everything in my life goes my way! This is all because I was covertly using Blended Wishes the whole time. I alone knew the secret art--no one else did. You don't need hard work to make your wishes come true. Talent has nothing to do with it, either. As a matter of fact, you don't even need to wish hard. The only requirement is to know the rules of the Blended Wish Method. All you need to do is make your wish according to its rules. When gestures got misunderstood, confusion accelerated. Since problems had always been solved in the past, you continued to look for a better way to solve this problem, too. After all, everyone knew that life on Earth was blissful. It was just a matter of keeping it that way. The mouth was born in an attempt to reestablish instant communication.