With Dad it was less of a question of how he died than how he stayed alive for so long. When we are babies our world is tiny. We eat, drink, piss and shit. A few faces appear, and these faces do things to us. When we are uncomfortable we cry and grizzle. When we are not uncomfortable we sleep or wiggle our arms and legs and eventually we smile. With time our world grows. We recognize different faces and different sounds. Comedians like Andrew Schulz, Dave Chappelle, and Bill Burr are their own bosses--in effect making it impossible for the outrage gluttons to get them fired. Burr can't fire himself; THE PLUS: THE TALK OF THE STREET Activists often come with baggage that drives their inner turmoil. That turmoil speaks. Sometimes it even stinks. But if you keep your distance, you'll find it's easier to avoid hearing the nonsense. So the best you can do is to keep stepping back, until you're on the other side of the street, where they can't spit on you. A friend of mine told me his no-fail way to deal with street annoyers. One day in front of the United Nations headquarters on Second Avenue, he found himself surrounded by a dozen or so bad-tempered demonstrators. Write his or her name and on the line. My grain harvest is not what it should be!

I have sown and tended my fields, but still, the barley does not grow as I had hoped. Please, oh goddess of grain, grant me a plentiful crop to feed my family! Zadu the Farmer My son has been having such strange dreams! Every night, he sees seven camels dancing around the walls of the ziggurat just before it crumbles. I cannot imagine what it means, but he is desperate! Please send him peaceful dreams, and reveal to us any hidden messages in those dreams you have already sent. Malla the Mother What exactly happens in an NDE that's so commonly experienced and profoundly transformative? Below is a list of experiences consistently reported, even though any one NDE might not have all of these features. Ineffability: NDEs are difficult to put into words. One NDEr states: I regret that words can't do my experience justice. I must admit that human language is woefully inadequate for conveying the full extent, the depth, and the other dimension I've seen. In fact, no pen can describe what I went through. Positive emotions: NDErs report experiencing unconditional love, peace, joy, bliss, a disappearance of pain, and a mystical feeling of oneness. The visual was accompanied by a feeling of absolute love and peace. I had fallen into a pure positive flow of energy. I could see the flow of energy. Be as detailed as possible in your solution-izing (I wrote down when I was going to do those things, even put that my dance class was at seven o'clock). Now literally circle those motherfarters;

Put them all in order. Whenever we're in any sort of crisis stage, we revert back to a toddler mentality. True story. We need things to be clearly outlined, in order, and easy to follow. Use this diagram to give yourself organized instructions to make it through. Because you were so detailed in your solution stage (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? THEN you can execute them without hurting your brain or feeling overwhelmed or wondering what you should do next. I KNOW it sounds so basic it hurts, but it's really important, and you'd be surprised how often we forget to do this. It is important to take action to control the blood pressure as early as possible. Most patients I encountered in the hospital had high blood pressure caused by excessive liver yang. What on earth is excessive liver yang? Let me explain with an analogy. The cold weather in northern China requires heating in winter. As long as the fire is hot, the water that flows through the pipes will remain hot. Similarly, the liver fire in the body of the patient who suffers from excessive liver yang provides heat to the blood in the vessels that keeps impacting the heart and brain. Therefore, these patients usually suffer from headaches, insomnia, agitation, and a bitter taste in the mouth. They also have flushed faces, and the tip of their tongues are red. It is highly recommended that these patients practice the xu breathing technique (see article 61), especially when their blood pressure rises. On game day, BuzzFeed wrote about the tweet in a post that earned 400,000 views. CNET and a handful of others wrote as well.

The next day, Mashable posted an article titled, Someone Give This Oreo Employee a Raise. That story itself was also likely viewed more times than the actual tweet. Then the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post wrote about it. Advertising Age and Adweek wrote about how everyone else was writing about it. The frenzy of media coverage resulted in what Oreo's advertising agency, 360i, claims were 525 million earned media impressions. anyone saw the tweet itself, but an enormous number of people heard about it later. And people within the advertising and PR industries didn't stop hearing about it. On the surface, the Oreo tweet's incredible velocity looked like a modern runaway carriage. Rhythmic Activity - The key to using exercise to relieve anxiety is to work the body hard using rhythmic activity like running or jumping jacks. Trying exercises together first is best. Heartbeat Exercise - Children are timed doing jumping jacks for 30 seconds, then asked to lie down and place their hand on their heart, relax, breathe deeply and feel their heartbeat slowing down. The Bounce - Children stand and bounce gently up and down on the balls of their feet, where their heels rise and fall, never touching the ground. They can add a little shake of their hands if they like, as if they're shaking off water. Sensory Activity - Engaging a child's senses is a great way to release anxious tension. When they're feeling anxious, get your child to do something as simple as pouring liquid between containers over and over again. Have a try at the Slime and Glitter Jar activities when you're both feeling calm. These can then be used when your child is feeling anxious. Most children who come to see me also adore making slime, because it really relaxes them and they end up sharing a lot with me during the production process! They add stamina to run the marathon of your dreams, to navigate complexities and recover from setbacks. They help you learn from mistakes and keep pushing you on.

They celebrate your wins, remind you of your achievements and keep it real. Who would you say you have in your network now looking out for you? Who celebrates the highs and catches you when you fall? A life of continuous learning is essential to growth. Successful people know this; Harvard professor Linda Hill says, `You can't think of something new unless you are being pushed to think in new directions, and you can't do that unless you are engaging with people who have a different viewpoint'. The right teachers teach you mastery, guide and stretch your thinking, challenge your ideas, and encourage you to push further because they know that this constant curiosity creates real opportunity for growth, achievement and success. They're an architect, a professor and an influencer. If you gain, you gain all; Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists. Many sadhus want to believe in God/Shiva because they have been conditioned to believe. They have been raised as children with a belief in Shiva (and/or Krishna) and they have never dreamed of questioning his existence. When they immerse themselves into their sadhu lifestyles as adults, the time they spend alone allows them to think and to contemplate for themselves for the first time in their lives. During this reflection, a question pops us. What if Shiva does not exist? What if all this penance and hardship turns out to be pointless? Then they slap themselves for daring to question the existence of the blue-skinned one. They ignore their thoughts, have a smoke (a sadhu custom) and forget about that moment of pondering as it never happened. I wonder if you can bring your attention to the place in the body where you feel the most relaxed. You already know how to activate the subconscious, which has always been here conspiring in your favor, so let's begin this journey now with some mindfulness.