Entanglements Mentioning the tangled ropes in the accountability section reminds me of entanglements. Entanglements are a wonderful can of worms! We entangle ourselves as we go about our lives. The people, places, and things we avoid interacting with actually have a connection to us, like a piece of rope or cord that we tie between ourself and others. Everywhere we go we take them and the connection with us. Are you getting a picture of how bound up your life can be? The love and focus of energy draw us back to one another, either in physical form or through our energy. The avoidance cords both whip us around and act as a barrier so we can avoid confrontation. Entanglements tend to strangle us, guaranteeing that we will never make the move to straighten things out. You'll never know where this could end. You are prepared, in your professional circle, to share what you know. Watch for your thoughts on this, which can limit you. Thoughts like 'I don't know enough' or 'maybe they're not interested. You never know what happens in the life of another human. Build partnerships that last When you enter a professional relationship, for the moment, you can view it as a transaction, or you can see it as a long-term plan in which you will invest. They are your heartbeats, so how you want to use them -to build fast, superficial relationships that don't have much value or long-term relationships that weave rich tapestry overtime where wisdom and encouragement are shared through the many changes that life can bring. Introduce your networks Just like your networks are generous in sharing your knowledge.

In one of these periods, my thought turned from the God whom I couldn't change to the fear of death, for which I just might be able to find some other relief. And there was the thought, ready to hand -- why, death is only fearful in anticipation! It's something that is not as long as there is life, and life is always being alive in the present moment, a sort of eternal now. Life and death are so completely opposite that you cannot possibly have any knowledge or experience of death until you are dead. Even when you are approaching death, and up to the very second of death, you are busy living. You can't possibly be afraid of death, really, you can only be afraid of life. It was as simple as that, perhaps even simpler, and all the fear melted away. With that gone, I was free to face the cruelly painful problem of this God who seemed to have betrayed me. It took a lot of tries to get my head above the waves of pain that washed over me at the thought, but finally I struggled through to the realization that it was the choice again, in a different guise: is God Love or is He Hate? I can't prove either proposition, and I must believe one or the other on faith. You can become untangled by focusing on one cord or rope at a time. Engage your breath and spend a moment with your Creative Current imagining yourself free. And with that imaging, you have set an intention. Now what is the first thing that you can do to become free? An action step that you can take will come into focus, then another. Now start taking action steps to face and complete whatever is incomplete, to untangle yourself, so you can freely flow with the River of Gold. I was touring Robert's company with him and noticed his jaw was tight. He had the same complaints in each area, pointing out how lazy and disorganized his partner was. After the tour, we went back to his office and I again mentioned his tight jaw. Seeing the neat piles on top of his desk prompted me to ask him to open his credenza and desk drawers.

Connect with people. Listen to what people are looking for, and don't be shy about getting in contact with the people you know. Here too, self-doubt could crawl in. What if everybody doesn't like each other? What if that is not working out? What if they do? Once you have made the presentation, it is up to the others to take it from there if you've done it with the best intentions and for apparent reasons. You are not to blame for the outcome. People will appreciate the work you have put into most cases. Be generous He can't be a little of each, either, because they're mutually exclusive. I feel Him to be cruel and hateful now, but at other times I have felt Him to be Love. But His nature is not determined by the way I feel about Him, and I must make my choice on some other basis. I don't know what that basis is -- I only know the choice is perfectly clear -- He is Love. But if that is so, why should I fear and hate Him? I suppose it must be because at some forgotten time, some close love relationship has exposed me to pain and apparent betrayal, so that ever since I have feared and distrusted love. Well, then, there's nothing wrong with God, there's only something wrong with me. You wouldn't think it would be such a comfort to find there's something wrong with yourself, would you? But if that's so, I can do something about it: it may be difficult, it may be painful, maybe even, I'll never succeed, but at least I can try, and there is a chance of success. Having got that far, the crisis was somehow over.

I didn't know what I was looking for, but I did have a sense there were relationship issues hidden somewhere. Later Robert said, I was resisting noticing the tightness of my jaw. It was only when we went back to my office and Suzan asked me to open my desk and credenza that I was willing to acknowledge my part in any of this. I was hiding several things from my partner. One item was a birthday gift for him that I had forgotten about and discovered months later because I had so many things stashed away. I was too embarrassed to admit my error, and there was no way I would ever actually give the gift to him. Rather than make a big deal about my own lack of integrity, Suzan began playing with the forgotten gift. After talking for a while she said she would like to have it, since I was never going to give it to him. That broke the dam. I was playing quite a deadly game with my anger and self-righteousness, and paying a consultant good money to boot. With your time, energy, and enthusiasm for life in general, be liberal in addition to your expertise and networks. Too many conversations at professional events will shift into doom and gloom, and the discussions of 'not life tough' begin. Don't just jump in. Generously give another subject representing what's careful about being alive in today's world, at this moment. This can take courage because they often think that the pull into a group can be strong, they can resist the temptation to conform to group norms, and they can retard their growth. Often when things can get way too dangerous in a professional environment. And if things get too bad, they can become dumb. Lighten up, just chuckle. Help us see that not all of this is so serious. Especially times, you move away and see new opportunities opening up on the lighter side.

True, it's a rather precarious feeling, more like a respite than a solution: there is still the doubtful business of doing something about myself, but at the time it was such a relief to get it in those terms that I couldn't worry about it. So I slept peacefully, and yesterday they tucked me up in rugs and cushions and drove me out in the country to bake the cold out in the sun. I felt quite cheerful and relaxed into the role of pampered invalid. This deep conflict and confusion, this facing of fearful attitudes within oneself, calls for little further comment, except perhaps to point out again that often the most crucial struggles occur outside of the interview itself. It wasn't till I got home in the evening that I came up against the terrifying thought that maybe I wouldn't be able to solve the riddle of myself no matter how hard I tried, maybe I would have to go around the rest of my life with some unknown, inimical thing locked up within me, never knowing when it would spring, always and forever terrified of myself. So of course I thought of you with longing -- and I also thought that it would be an imposition, and that you must want some holidays and so forth. I can safely leave you to imagine how little the added conflict did for my morale! But although it was pretty painful, somehow or other I could control my feelings a little this time. Finally, I came to the shaky conclusion that I could at least ask for your help without imposing on you. So I decided that I would phone you in the morning -- well, probably -- and finally drifted off to sleep. She later helped facilitate a challenging series of exchanges between my partner and me. For a while it was like a pile of tangled ropes. When we gently pulled on one section, everything shifted and gradually began to untangle itself. The two made several feng shui adjustments, and along with other changes, Robert and his partner cleared up many misunderstandings, releasing much energy that allowed the company to reach its sales goals for that year. They also enjoyed a newfound flow of positive energy between themselves. Now let's get back and see what's happening on the River of Gold. ROUGH WATERS Getting Control of Your Finances The journey on the River of Gold includes many types of rough waters where your focus, abundance, and vessel can be at risk.