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Those who settle for lackluster will bring you down to their level, if you let them. Good bosses will always hire people of excellence. Excellence is so rare. I'm really coming in hot with all of these great quotes, but Steve Jobs plainly states that, Some people just aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. If you've been excellent and you KNOW that you've been excellent. Go somewhere that expects excellence and appreciates excellence. They will compensate you well in due time. The great action step to take here is to identify what you'll truly be satisfied with. By doing these things, you move beyond the confines of the past on a course of spirituality in the present. As this happens, you will realize you cannot rely on your partner to make you whole, and you can and will be okay with or without him. You deserve the opportunity to make that inward journey. In A Dialogue with Hasidic Tales, Maurice Friedman relates the Hasidic belief that if you want to change from one reality to another, you must first go through a between-stage in which you must morph into a blank slate. During this between-stage you will experience a holy despair, which happens when you know that no other help will come except that which is from a Higher Power. When you accept that you cannot be the Higher Power yourself, it is the turning point of your recovery. When you come to believe that the Higher Power is all around you and also within you, that marks the turning point of your spirituality. My spirituality was compartmentalized. Like the rest of my life: broken, separate, not flowing. I grew up Catholic, went to church, and followed the rules, but it was something I had to do. We regularly use cumin, coriander powder, pomegranate powder, ajowan (popular in Indian dishes), mango powder, and black pepper. As you start your meal preparations, open your spice cupboard and consider which spices you could add to the recipe.

YOUR PRESCRIPTION FINDING THE SPICE OF YOUR LIFE Try to be creative by adding a little spice into all of your meals. Try different combinations and experience the flavors. Add black pepper to help its absorption. Turmeric is bitter, so start by adding it gradually to stews, beans, and soups until you become more comfortable with it. Now, we add it to our drinking water for flavor. Add 1/4- 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper to 20 ounces of water. Determine a timeframe for when you'd like to get these things done. Does this activity need to be accomplished in the next year? In the next month? What will it take for you to get it accomplished in that timeframe? Maybe you can push it off for five years because, right now, you need to focus on something else. There are no wrong decisions here. The only wrong decision is to continue to live in cognitive dissonance, to continue to talk about achieving such grandiose goals and, yet, still take zero action towards them. I wouldn't be satisfied with that, and you shouldn't be either. Stop Waiting for the Right Moment I'll keep this last article short since you've actually finished a article this year. Prayer offered me no solace. They were just words to repeat.

The weekend my husband told me he was leaving was the weekend of Easter. I felt as if I were in a slimy pit with slick walls and no way to climb to the top. I was truly alone with no one to tell, no one to talk to. I listened through my pain to the inner voice that said, Go to Mass. I hauled myself off to church and cried through the entire service. I'm sure the priest thought I was nuts. It may sound funny, but I could feel the presence of God, perhaps for the first time in my life. I think I was so raw, so empty, I had finally hit bottom and there was an opening in my armor to allow God into my life. Add a splash of lemon. Adding spices is a great way to get flavor without adding salt. If you have high blood pressure or have been told to restrict your salt intake, think about using cumin, garlic, and black pepper to flavor your foods. THE ESSENCE OF LIFE Water, an integral part of our existence Our bodies are 60 percent water. It is an essential component of the body's fluids, including blood, synovial fluid (fluid around the joints), saliva, digestive juices, lymph fluids, urine, sweat, and tears. Water is also a part of every internal organ and system in the body. Those organs and systems need adequate water to operate effectively. The nervous system relies on fluids for communication. You're part of only 19% of all Americans who actually read for pleasure on any given day, according to a report by the Washington Post. For the last time, here's the main message.

People continually live with cognitive dissonance. They don't feel like they have command over what happens and, therefore, live each day thinking it could be better. We aren't caring enough about being intentional with our lives. We're apathetic about making dramatic improvements to our lives or the lives of others. So, we settle. We complain. We blame other parties, people and groups for our victimhood mentality. While you may very well be the victim of unfortunate circumstances, this is no reason to mope around and whine. I had let go because I felt I had hit a wall; By finally finding God, I had an ability to turn my life and will over. The Serenity Prayer has become so valuable to me. Sometimes I journal and use each line of the prayer as a starting point. It helps me sort out, sift through, and give up to God. I love my God Box, too. Whenever I am struggling with an issue, thought, or obsession, I write it down and put it in the box. It actively helps me let go, and it works! I know God is present; I can hear and I can listen. Our digestive, lymph, and reproductive systems all rely on water for proper functioning. Every cell in our bodies needs water because water is the vehicle that distributes the electrolytes necessary for creating energy, transfers nutrients into cells, and removes debris from the cells.

Every bodily function requires water at some level. Water is also critical for maintaining proper body temperature. When we feel hot, we sweat out water through our skin, and when it evaporates, the body is able to cool itself. Sweating is also a form of detoxification. Water helps the stomach, eyes, mouth, and throat stay moist by keeping the mucosal lining hydrated. Every day, our bodies lose water through respiration (think of your foggy breath on a cold winter day), urination, sweating, and fecal material, resulting in approximately 2. Losses are then balanced by what we take in. We obtain our fluids from what we drink and the liquid in our food. Take action! Fix the issues around you and care about improving your life circumstances. Look to the many great leaders and influencers of our time. They all came from similar, if not, worse situations than you. Will it be challenging? Only the most important things are. What are the particular action steps, again? I'll list them out for a thorough review. List out all of your goals, your desires, your ambitions and everything you'd love to accomplish. Get it ALL in writing. A therapist once asked me where I thought God was when I was being abused as a child. At first I said clearly God was not around.