Reading a article like this should give you inspiration to change. I mean, heck, you made it this far in the article. You're obviously liking it for some reason. This article has likely caused you to think about what you could do to improve your life or show more care. Even if it's just to reconnect with an old friend, you feel invigorated. If you are like me, you've already come up with some pretty intriguing ideas about what you should do as a result of this article. Want to see what taking action looks like? We did this in the beginning of the article, but you've got a new vision on life after these last few articles. Will I ever be able to trust again? Is there help? Your recovery will not be linear; Some women describe it as a crazed meandering journey through dense clouds. Undoubtedly it is arduous; You cannot schedule it; It is an expanding process that begins with willingness, from a place of pain (and sometimes relief), and it unfolds differently for everyone. To begin your healing--your recovery journey--you must stop pretending, denying, minimizing, and rationalizing. You may come to recovery angry, defeated, embarrassed, ashamed, or confused, but just come. Remember the wonderful saying, When you are at the end of your rope, let go. There was also a higher rate of death in men who drank more milk, though the fracture rate was not significantly different. Markers of inflammation and oxidative stress were also higher in those who drank more milk.

In the 12-year Nurses' Health Study, nurses who drank more than two glasses of milk per day had no fewer fractures than those nurses consuming less than one glass of milk per week. That increased risk was not seen with calcium from nondairy sources. This is really important. In other corroborating research, a metaanalysis of multiple larger trials showed there was no decrease in hip fractures with calcium supplementation. There may even have been a slightly higher fracture risk in people taking calcium supplements who didn't get adequate vitamin D. Let's consider the occurrence of fractures around the world. In countries such as India, Japan, and Peru, calcium intake is less than one-third of the US daily recommended allowance (300 milligrams per day), and the risk of fractures in those countries is extremely low. The countries with the highest fracture risks are actually those where people drank an abundance of milk, namely Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and the US. You're now committed, so here are examples of some action steps you'll find a committed person would do. Examples of Taking Action Let's say you don't like how abortion rights are threatened in your state. For that matter, it's threatened around the world. You had a personal story about a friend who got an unplanned pregnancy or maybe you had a really close call yourself. Because of this personal story, you are motivated to make sure more people can have access to affordable, safe abortions. What can you do? A few things as a matter of fact! First step is to look into Planned Parenthood's website and read about their Take Action or Volunteer articles. Their first suggestion is to call and email your senator about your feedback and opinions on Planned Parenthood. You have held on so long that your arms are tired, your muscles have been stretched and pulled, and your hands are raw. You may feel that if you let go, you will fall.

But the Women of the Lodge discovered that it was hanging on that caused their pain. When the chat rooms were not enough, he went to strip shows; It didn't matter how many of them he had; Now I have had enough. Enough hurting, enough crying, enough bargaining; Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries No boundaries, walled boundaries, damaged boundaries--everything but healthy boundaries. Boundary violation and distortion is a given at such times of crisis. These studies suggest that maybe drinking milk is not all it's cracked up to be! People who live in countries where less milk is consumed have fewer fractures. We also note that people with high-sodium and high-protein diets absorb less calcium and excrete more calcium in their urine. Protein from meat and eggs contains high concentrations of sulfate amino acids, which can cause calcium losses in the urine. Vegetarian diets are typically lower in protein than nonvegetarian diets. Notably, however, both groups in the Nurses' Health Study exceeded the recommended daily allowance for protein (RDA). This may explain why people in countries where less red meat and fat are typically eaten require less calcium. We believe that building bones requires many components. We know that calcium is very important to bone development, but we don't know how much calcium we need or the proper means for getting calcium into our systems. Besides a diet rich in calcium, we know it is essential to have an abundance of vitamins D and K. You can also call and email your state representative about your views. While you do this, I'd also go on Facearticle and search for abortion rights groups in your local city.

If your city is big enough, there will likely be a Facearticle group for abortion rights. To get smarter about it, you should first reach out to the representatives or senators who are in favor of abortion. If you live in Iowa, for instance, you could get in touch with Senator Claire Celsi, who's been a democratic senator featured in recent articles about legislation on abortion. She's a new senator who won her seat in 2018, so she'll likely use her fresh motivation to help anyone. Senator Celsi isn't the only ally either! Since abortion is pretty much a Democrat vs. Republican topic, the easiest way to figure out who your allies are is by simply Googling democratic Iowa senators, and picking a Wikipedia article with a list of elected members. Once you've reached out to all of them several times (don't stop until you get a response), a few will respond back about your inquiry to help out. When you live with boundary violation and distortion, it erodes your esteem and creates confusion about who is responsible for what. You lose the ability to maintain what is called protection boundaries and often react without containment boundaries. Not having the knowledge of what is occurring, being gaslighted, and succumbing to the manipulations, sets you up for becoming a victim and/or victimizing others. Both are common responses to being traumatized. Living with an addict only reinforces boundary violations because addicts are masters at trampling on boundaries. In time, as your esteem is battered, your boundaries sustain major damage. Your greatest source of strength and safety will come from self-care and that includes the use of effective boundaries. I had heard that word boundaries, but in reality it meant nothing to me, as I had so few. I let myself be talked into doing things I didn't want to do sexually. I allowed myself to sit and listen to him tell me everything that was wrong with me. In the Nurses' Health Study, researchers actually found an increase in fracture risk in women who consumed dairy sources for calcium versus those who consumed nondairy sources of calcium. Calcium comes from many nondairy sources, including broccoli, kale, collard greens, turnip greens (6 ounces contain 220 milligrams calcium), bok choy, almonds (3 ounces have 210 milligrams), sunflower seeds, tahini, dried beans, and blackstrap molasses.

Flaxseeds and sesame seeds are two more great sources of calcium. Spinach is rich in calcium, but it's mostly in the form of calcium oxalate, which may actually cause you to lose calcium in your urine and too much may predispose you to kidney stones. Vitamin D is also very important for bone health. It helps us to absorb calcium and not lose it when we urinate. Vitamin D is produced by the skin when we are exposed to sunlight. However, winter sun is not strong enough in regions above 40 degrees latitude (north of Philadelphia and San Francisco) to aid in converting vitamin D to its active form. Sunscreens, while effective for preventing sun damage, inhibit the production of vitamin D. Therefore, many of us are vitamin D deficient, regardless of whether we drink milk or not. By building these connections in the House and Senate, you help these elected officials understand that there are people who still want rights for abortion. On top of that, these elected officials will already have ties to local organizations and events that you can participate in. They will point you in the right direction once they know that you truly care to get involved and help out. That's why I emphasize that you call and email frequently, until you get a response. You may even need to SHOW UP in person to get a response! Do what you've got to do! If you want to try and reach out to Republican members to sway them on a specific abortion bill, it would be unwise to attack them on their views. Elected members in the government are VERY loyal to their party. Since Republicans are just about unanimously anti-abortion, you will gain no progress trying to immediately convert them. What you do is angle the conversation toward how a specific piece of legislation could directly impact you negatively. I was truly a doormat. I felt so poorly about myself that I just wouldn't stand up for myself with any self-respect.