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If somebody is to actually sit down and do the same thing, they will look up to you. Most people that you tell will say, good for you! But to some people, a high achiever might come across as a show-off, and decide to undercut your achievements. They may say that it was a fluke, or that they would have done the same thing if they were in your place. Every ailment has a deeper cause, and I treat patients based on the whole person, to root out that cause. We look at everything; If I were to continue to treat just their symptoms and overlook this complex web underneath, my patients would be back in my office in less than a year. This whole-person approach challenges the core beliefs of those who still buy into the take a pill (aka quick-fix) approach. Ironically, as millions of patients and readers can attest, when you focus on building health, you automatically eradicate disease and shed excess weight. It really is that simple. Stress is the ultimate health robber, causing or worsening 95 percent of all illness. Having a calm mind is so integral to health that it is actually one of my seven Keys to UltraWellness. Not only does stress make us sick, but it prevents us from healing. It floods our body with hormones that cause us to pack on deadly belly fat and sabotages our weight-loss efforts. Henry: Yes. How can I prevent it? That's something I haven't quite figured out. Do you know how? Therapist: No, but I guess it is pretty puzzling for you. Henry: Yes, it is.

I was afraid to tell you, but I feel better now. One week later, Henry again brought up the matter of the Devil. Henry: Last week I was telling you about my worry over the Devil seeping into my mind. I was afraid he might punish me for telling you. Whatever they say, their intentions are usually to make you lose respect in yourself and to make you lose respect in your achievements. Some people are the complete opposite. They may actually admire you and the fact that you have achieved something. They may ask you to tell them everything about the accomplishment, and to how to achieve the same thing. Those are the people that will really value your achievements, and will appreciate what you have done. They will encourage you and boost your self-esteem, and will help you do even greater things. The most important thing to remember is to respect your past achievements. When you achieve something new, don't just take it for granted. In the future, somebody else might be doing the same thing you did. You have to show your respect and your acknowledgement to that person, appreciate them, and give them a pat on the back. We are seeing an epidemic of stress-related disorders in our society, ranging from depression to dementia, anxiety to obesity. Big Pharma and Big Food love the stress epidemic, as millions of Americans rely on pills, sugar, and caffeine to feel better. Life can be stressful. You don't need us to tell you that. And you probably don't need us to tell you the reasons why. Mile-long to-do lists, demanding workloads and pressing deadlines, having to do more with less, juggling our kids' complex schedules, caring for aging parents, relationship conflicts .

It's not news that chronic stress takes a toll on the quality of our lives. It muddies our thinking, impairs our judgment, damages our health and our relationships, and, perhaps most pointedly, makes us miserable. Up until now, the prevailing wisdom has been to allay stress with a pill, a massage, a vacation. But we're not here to teach you how to relax. So I decided to think about it. I tried to recapture my feeling about the Devil. I asked myself, Who is he? And guess who he is. I am the Devil! I make myself worry. All this time, the Devil has been me. Therapist: So that you are your own Devil? Henry: Exactly. I am my own Devil. You know it's hard to get respect for your achievements sometimes. You have to recognize that you had a difficult struggle to get to that point in life. You overcame all those difficult obstacles, and got to the point that you have made it to. Your attitude is very important and there is a great need to value it. You may ask why it is important to value your attitude but keep reading to know more. Your attitude shows what kind of a person you are.

People with positive attitude are loved by many but, equally hated by many as well. There is a famous saying, If you have a positive attitude, you'll have a positive life. That is true! You have to be a good human being with a positive attitude and a positive life will follow. We won't promise you that the answer is a new breathing technique or suggest you just power off your devices for an afternoon. Certainly, these quick fixes offer a welcome respite in the moment, but the results are fleeting and leave you right back where you started. Stress relief isn't our goal. We're looking to create long-term, deep-rooted, sustainable calm, no matter what life throws at you. Here's the short list of what else we're not going to suggest you do to get rid of stress: Find a new job Move to a more peaceful environment Leave your relationship Slash your to-do list Invest in a complicated time-organization system All this time, I've been fighting a part of myself, using up so much of my energy to fight a part of myself, and keeping myself so tired. Using energy I could have had for other things. Say, what happened to the room? Therapist: Is there something? Henry: It suddenly got lighter, like if there was a fog or a mist and an opening, and it got bigger, and the fog lifted and the mist disappeared. You mean, you don't see it?

Therapist: No. But things look much brighter to you now? Henry: Yes. It happened when I was telling it to you. Believe it! Positive attitude is important in every aspect of life. So what is attitude? Your attitude is how you see life. It is your mindset about yourself and others. It is your way of looking at life. If you are self-confident, friendly, helpful, and at the same time humble then you have a positive attitude. Those are the reasons why you are loved and respected. People value your friendship. On the other hand, if you are an arrogant, selfish, dishonest, picky, and at the same time unforgiving person then you have a negative attitude. Give up anything you love to do Because you actually can't annihilate stress. It's not possible; But you can learn to manage it peacefully--and you don't need to radically change your life to do so. If you think about it, stress often stems from trying to balance the things we value most: our family involvement, work, friends, caring for our health, the activities that bring us joy. So you see, this isn't about getting rid of stress but rather shifting your response to stress.