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Her hair shined like gold, she had the perfect figure and the face of an angel. Certain groups of citizens are considered special classes who are protected under the law from abuse or neglect that may result from hoarding situations. Children, people with disabilities, and older adults are protected in most jurisdictions. Protective services professionals include social workers and other staff members of child welfare agencies and agencies that serve older adults and/or people with disabilities. These staff members can be contacted directly by concerned citizens or staff from other human services organizations to investigate a situation. Both child and adult protective services workers are empowered to act if they observe imminent threats or risks to the protected group. Depending on the nature and severity of the situation, interventions to correct the risks may be carried out quickly or more slowly and can include temporary removal of the protected individuals (children, older adults, people with disabilities) from the home until the risk has been reduced or eliminated. Coordinated community services Professionals from housing, public/environmental health, and protective services have regulatory mandates when addressing problematic hoarding. Their involvement with hoarding cases stems from an apparent need for compliance with legal codes and mandates. Their ability to succeed in eliminating hoarding-related risks is enhanced when referrals come from those who encounter hoarding in the course of their daily work activities (for example, first responders in police and fire departments and emergency medical personnel) and when they work in collaboration with other human services professionals mentioned above who can provide supportive assistance. We're taught to treat the Happiness Family, and especially joy, as peak emotions that are better than any other emotions; If anyone or any group tries to recruit your ecstatic joy regularly, be on your guard. Ask your fear, anxiety, panic, anger, and depression to take a very close look at what's going on, talk to trusted friends, research the person or group online, and follow the money! I grew up in a cult and became a cult researcher, and while I learned that there are many mechanisms cults use to recruit and entrap their followers, this exploitation of joy is one of the most powerful. There's nothing joyful about that. I created the Rejuvenation practice to help you (and me! You don't need any substance, person, group, experience, or activity to help you feel joy. Joy lives inside you; All you need to do is imagine a marvelous place, breathe it in, and rejuvenate yourself with joy.

Then you'll naturally move on to your next emotion, your next idea, and your next task. Chances are the environment she provided for you will be the environment you provide for others. And this isn't the exclusive domain of loved ones and children. The Moon decides whether you're going to treat the team at work like family or if it's every person for themselves. Do you believe that good fences make good neighbors or will you invite them over for a barbecue? Trust issues, the way that you emotionally process things, and abandonment anxiety are all reflected by the Moon. The Moon is also where you go when you feel frightened or hurt. You may have the sort of Moon that takes you up into her arms and holds you close or a Moon that tells you to buck up, get back on out there, and give 'em hell. Not all Moons are nurturing. Some wax and some wane. Finally, the Moon gives us our resilience. Monoculture is devastating for farming soils and habitats. In any ecosystem, greater diversity increases the resilience that ecosystem has to meet ongoing challenges. One powerful way to increase the number of strains in your intestinal ecosystem is to eat fiber--lots of it. You need to feed these friendly bacteria well. To paraphrase what doctors tell pregnant women, Remember, you're not just eating for yourself. You're eating for 40 trillion. Intestinal bacteria thrive on fiber. One landmark study showed how the Western diet of low fiber, simple carbs causes a sharp reduction in microbiota diversity, and that increasing fiber in the diet had a formidable effect in increasing this diversity again. But over a single generation, simply adding microbiota-friendly fiber was enough to powerfully increase diversity.

A second powerful way to dramatically increase your microbiome is to expose yourself to nature. Yes, but who wants to draw all that attention to her lips? Iconic Paloma Picasso pulls off fiery red with pizzazz, but don't kid yourself -- it's tough to wear! Darker lip colors emphasize the dark circles under eyes. And the darker the color, the thinner your lips will look. You can apply the same principle of dark and light from fashion: darker minimizes; If you're feeling heavy, are you going to slip on black or white pants? You're going to choose black, because black makes your butt look smaller. By contrast, you want your lips to be fat, so choose the white pants equivalent: pink helps plump them up! There's a practical reason to make the switch to pink lipstick: lip lines. I hate lip lines, those tiny (well, maybe not so tiny), vertical crevices that show up one day on your lips and keep getting deeper. In extreme cases, it will lead to stress. This is because you will still have several pending tasks on your to-do list when you finish the workday. Sometimes this might mean that you will need to work overtime to compensate for the time lost. Constantly working overtime is a sign of poor time management. Avoid this from happening by using your time wisely. Eliminate these distractions by choosing to disconnect yourself from the digital world for some time. After all, there is nothing that you will lose by muting your phone for a couple of hours before checking it. Negative Effects of Procrastination on Your Life No one is a stranger to procrastination.

At one point in your life, you must have postponed doing something now with the idea of doing it later. I know that I am one with all life. I am surrounded by and permeated with Infinite Wisdom. Therefore, I rely totally on the Universe to support me in every positive way. Everything I could possibly need is already here waiting for me. This planet has more food on it than I could possibly eat. There is more money than I could ever spend. There are more people than I could ever meet. There is more love than I could possibly experience. There is more joy than I can even imagine. This world has everything I need and desire. If you don't have a lot of time, then make the time you spend with your loved ones quality time. One hour of quality time can be worth more than five hours of you being only half present or thinking of work all the time. Value your family and friends. They are your constant source of love and mutual support, which increases your self-esteem and boosts your self-confidence. As I said before: The latest science confirms that spending time with your loved ones will not damage your productivity. On the contrary, it will make you even more productive. At least try it out for a while. Go out and spend time in nature and connect with it whenever possible. Go for a run or a walk in the morning hours, and it will energize you for the whole day.

Take the time and walk through the woods or on the beach to disconnect from the fast and stressful rhythm of the lives we lead. Attend a sound bath. This emerging wellness phenomenon marries deep, intentional relaxation with sonic-wave healing. Some yoga classes now feature live music like cello, harmonium, or flute, with or without vocalists. You can also search for local sound meditations and sound baths at wellness studios, spas, acupuncture clinics, and festivals--even some boutique hotels! If those sound too dreamy for you, participate in a drum circle or drum healing session. Drumming in a group, using hand drums, is deployed to treat stress or trauma, enliven tired nervous systems, and quell anxiety and depression--and basically connect you to your primal self and empower you from the inside out. Plus, it's incredibly fun. Listen to nature sounds like ocean swells and bird songs. Whether at home or at work, this is another restorative option that creates an infectious state of calm in you and those who enter your space. I encourage everyone to enjoy multiple doses of musical medicine. Those with trained memories never forget Even if you dedicate yourself to practicing photographic memorization skills, it doesn't mean you will remember everything. An ironic aspect about the human brain is that it tends to remember things it wants to recall. No matter how many memorization skills you learn, you are going to still forget some things. However, you will be able to recall things much easier and clearer than you used to. Memorizing too much clutters the mind Think back to the box analogy we used earlier; It depends on how well you mentally organize the information you acquire. That's why it is essential to keep the things you want to recall organized and easy to mentally find.