Eat protein: steak, chicken, pork, cheese, eggs, etc The payoff is plural sales, rather than a singular sale. TIP: Not only are satisfied current customers great sources of word of mouth, they are often ideal consumers, consumers custom-made for you. Cultivate them. Learn about what they want and don't want. Use this information to appeal to them, to make each sale that much easier. Establishing an Effective Cold-Call Strategy A cold call is an unsolicited sales call: an attempt to sell someone something he hasn't asked for. At least, that's the simple and traditional view of the cold call. The cold call can be made more effective by preparation: STEP 1: Don't make random calls to a random list of people you don't know. Find out what is underneath the fantasy. What are you afraid of? What do you want to avoid feeling? My two answers are generally: heartache and autonomy. I don't want to face the fact that something could not work out, specifically be out of my control. And I also don't want to face that I might be alone again in a forced state of autonomy. Which of course is a strange fear since when I am fully autonomous--partnered or not--I am my best self. What I am getting at here is it is scary for me to be my best self. FROM THE FALL of 2018 to the summer of 2019, when I was single for eight months with one romantic tryst in the midst of it, that one romantic moment spun me out for longer than I'd care to admit.

Let's break that down--Longer than I'd care to admit. There's a lot of pressure during a move. There's possibly hidden pressure on how quickly she'll make friends, how much her home will reflect her personality, and how easily she and her husband will handle the transition. And it likely won't always go the way she hopes. She may feel lonely or frustrated or a little resentful that this is her way of life. That's when she can be kind to herself. Bri can value who she is and where she is right now. She can mark moments of chatting with a neighbor by the mailbox or finding her way to the grocery store without needing GPS. She can celebrate with her husband at the end of every week in their new home, clinking glasses to living this adventure together. Kindness toward herself will help her be kinder to everyone else. LIVING LIKE A LAZY GENIUS Schedule specific amounts of time. Plan for how long you expect to spend on your tasks. If you finish before the allotted time, use this as a window of opportunity to do nothing. Allow time between tasks for unexpected delays, spontaneous events, or simply to do nothing at all. This space can also protect you from having to do work in the evenings or at weekends. Categorise different types of event. Use different-coloured labels, and you'll see at a glance if you're dividing your time in a balanced way. Then you can fix things accordingly. Drop anchors in your calendar

Imagine you have an entire weekend completely to yourself, to do whatever you want. Proper relaxation is essential for your long-term health and happiness. People who feel stressed, unhappy, or overworked will inevitably suffer from health problems. Psychological stress may cause weakness in our immune system, leading to ease of colds and viruses. Your feelings may even be related to chronic diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, digestive system, and back diseases. Usually, if you feel depressed, your body will also feel weak, which will bring more pain, discomfort, and pain. Throughout the day, many people take a deep breath until the end of breathing. It's okay for some people, but is it good enough for you? Wouldn't it be great to relax your life a little more? If you feel a smile appearing from the depths of your heart and bring a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when reviewing your day mentally, what should you do? How does that feel? Eat salads with veggies like radishes, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Eat fruits like melon, blackberries, avocados, and grapes. Eat small amounts of nuts such as macadamia nuts, almonds and cashews. If you drink alcohol, drink Michelob Ultra for beer, or shots without mixers. During the first two weeks on the diet, minimize your calorie intake without starving yourself. Your belly will start to shrink so you aren't as hungry. At some point you will feel your metabolism speeding up and your body will go into fat-burning mode. Follow an exercise schedule doing what you like to do best. Be patient and give it time.

When you begin losing weight, your motivation and sense of accomplishment will grow, and make it easier to stick with the diet. STEP 2: Warm up cold calling by selecting names from special-interest lists you purchase or lease. STEP 3: Call customers from your own data files. STEP 4: Consider research efforts to identify potential customers; TIP: On June 26, 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized a nationwide Do-Not-Call Registry, by which individuals can opt out of receiving unsolicited telephone sales calls. Many states also maintain their own do-not-call registries. Callers may suffer substantial penalties for making calls to individuals in the registry. For the law as it relates to the nationwide registry, see www. Just as you should base your cold calling on some form of consumer research, prepare your presentation in advance. TIP: It is usually an exhausting mistake to attempt absolute spontaneity. Preparation for cold calling may include:* Composing fully scripted pitches, which are read over the phone. She was magical, she was shiny, like a unicorn person who you know is probably going to destroy you. But the way she's talking to you, you're sure it's magic, and we can trust magic, so there's nothing to worry about. Alas, I hung on to an IDEA of what I wanted it to be, an idea of what it could have been. So many other relationships at least get to play out, you see if they work or don't work. While there was time spent together in real life, our phones were the tether for our feelings, and the phones were microphones for what we wanted to see happen but couldn't make into a reality. I drove seventeen hours through a dangerous blizzard to see her once because I thought that was a very good idea. Is it wild, romantic love? I'm just adventurous, I thought to myself! Plus, what if I NEVER LOVE AGAIN?

I thought as I approached the final hour of the drive to a person who I really hardly knew in the first place. What I've laid out isn't an intricate system with dozens of moving parts. Half of these principles affect Bri's mind-set more than her tangible choices. Still, when I read through these possibilities, I see this move to a new city as an authentic adventure. There are plenty of challenges and frustrations and first steps that could feel overwhelming, but by approaching the process through the lens of these Lazy Genius principles, Bri's move to a new city is colored with what matters to her, not with how she thinks she should be doing. Don't build a big system. Simply run your situation through these principles and see what comes to the surface. QUICK CASE STUDY: LEARNING TO COOK Maybe you want to take up a new activity, such as cooking, but it seems like too much just thinking about it. Rather than quitting before you start, employ Lazy Genius principles from the beginning. Decide Once Sounds like heaven, right? The reality might be a little different. A whole weekend with no direction often leaves us restless and indecisive; In this situation, niksen will become something negative. Your schedule suddenly has a defined space to use as you please, long enough to not feel rushed, but short enough to not feel lost. Whenever you need a reminder of the need for structure and routine, picture the famous dikes of the Netherlands. Just as they define the space where the Dutch can live and thrive, and protect the land from flooding, the anchors you drop in your calendar help define the space you spend on niksen, and protect you from feeling overwhelmed. TIME WELL SPENT? Create time for a weekly review.