You must be able to ensure that you can better deal with the other person through the development of that connection with them. When that connection is built up, you will better be able to ensure that ultimately, you are successful. All you have to do is work hard. If you can do that, you can know that ultimately, your success matters greatly. You will be able to ensure that ultimately, you will better deal with the problems that you face with other people. If you have ever walked on a crowded street, you know how dynamic all of us have to be to avoid bumping into each other and to reach our destinations. When we think of Athletics most of us imagine a professional basketball a football player, an Olympic swimmer, a gymnast, or an ice skater. Or maybe we imagine the United States women's soccer team, the Russian national hockey team, or the All Blacks Rugby team from New Zealand. In this article I take a more general view of Athletics. To be human is to move. First Olympics As a baker, Koroibos1 must have had a rush of thoughts before the start of the race. Maybe he wondered if the person who was looking after his kitchen was using just the right mix of flour, water, salt, and yeast. Were they accurate in their measurements or were they, as was their habit, just tossing in ingredients haphazardly? Were they taking the time to knead the bread in order to release the gas holes that formed during the rising process? Just as with type 2 diabetes, excessive insulin drives calories into fat stores, creates a state of internal starvation, and causes weight gain. Once doctors realized that obesity and type 2 diabetes are just different manifestations of the same underlying physiological disturbances, they started asking the obvious question: If medications that reduce insulin demands lead to weight loss in type 2 diabetics, why wouldn't they help folks without diabetes lose weight? Why wait until excessive insulin demands cause your beta cells to wear out and your blood sugar levels to rise? Why not get started early, take advantage of the weight loss effects of these medications, and avoid diabetes? Indeed, researchers have recently tested these drugs on overweight people without diabetes and found that they not only promote weight loss, improve cholesterol balance, and lower blood pressure but actually prevent diabetes.

So far, the FDA has approved these medications only to treat type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, as with many FDA-approved drugs, doctors are now prescribing these medications off-label to help their overweight and prediabetic patients lose weight and avoid diabetes. None of these medications is a magic bullet. However, teaming the Sugar Blockers Program with medication can be a winning combination. When Debbie, a patient of mine for several years, reached her late forties, she started gaining weight despite her best efforts to diet and exercise. R eally, rapport works, then, as a way to sort of disarm the unconscious mind. It allows for you to slip past the conscious mind's firewall, so to speak; When you develop that control and that sort of hidden entryway into the other person's mind, you can know that ultimately, you will be successful. All you have to do is find that sort of back door in the first place. When you can identify it, you will have the access and the rapport that you will need for the other steps. U nderstand the Other Person Next, you must work to understand the other person. What is it that makes them work? What makes them tick? How can you better understand what is going on in their minds? Were they taking the bread out of the oven at the correct time or were they letting it burn because they were distracted playing knucklebones2. Were they letting it cool long enough or were they shoving their hands inside the warm bread? None of that mattered now as he stepped up to the starting line. He focused on keeping his breath calm which was hard because one of the other competitors like to take deep breaths and blow out loudly when he came to the starting line. All that mattered now was .

His life was transformed in 100 milliseconds. He ran in an out-of-body state. To prove that the people from Elis, Greece were special, he ran. He ran to honor Zeus. One step after another and he could feel himself slowly surely gain distance on his rivals. As many women that age do, she developed signs of insulin resistance: Her triglyceride level rose, her blood pressure went up, and her good-cholesterol level fell. Although she didn't have diabetes, I suggested that she try taking two of these new sugar-blocking medications. Within a few months she was back to her old weight, and the signs of insulin resistance disappeared. Make no mistake: Debbie didn't just let the medications do the work. She also continued doing her best to exercise and to avoid high-glycemic load foods, but for her, medications made a big difference. As you learned in article 4, acarbose is a natural substance produced by soil bacteria. It slows carbohydrate digestion by inhibiting amylase, the enzyme that breaks down starch to sugar in your small intestine. The huge amounts of amylase that your pancreas secretes when you eat carbohydrates are more suited to a diet of bark and roots than to the easily digestible carbohydrates that we modern humans eat. Acarbose puts amylase back in balance with the kinds of foods we eat. Acarbose reduces the blood sugar spike that occurs after a carbohydrate-containing meal by as much as 30 to 40 percent. Can you allow that understanding to aid you in other attempts to understand them? Can you allow that understanding to help you to become better equipped with understanding the problems that you will face at any point in time? When you can understand the mental maps of other people, you begin to recognize their values. You learn to read their minds; T his is perhaps one of the more critical skills that you will need here;

This is essentially learning to read people and learning to recognize their own actions and how they relate to the individual that you are attempting to understand. Typically, this involves trying to track backwards across the individual's own actions and tendencies. You will essentially be trying to discover what it will take for you to ensure that you are able to manage your own understanding of the person so you can use that to manage their behaviors as well. E ssentially, you are looking at the thoughts, feelings, behavior cycle to create inferences about the other person, their mindset, and what you can really expect from them at the end of the day. You must be willing and able to see the ways in which you can better process everything that is going on with them. In just a few seconds, he might . In his absolute focus on the finish line, all Koroibos could hear was the pounding steps of his competitors that he mistook for wild horses . won. His mind went blank. The trill of winning took over which he couldn't comprehend. The same person who shook his hand then offered him an olive wreath as his prize. When Koroibos finally had a conscious moment, he looked around for his fellow competitors, the people who understood this moment better than anyone. Most had begun to saunter away from the pitch. He touched the backs of a couple of them to extend the moment and to connect with others. Still, by winning Koroibos stood alone as the first Olympic Champion in 776 B. In the STOP-NIDDM study mentioned in article 4, subjects who took acarbose lost weight following the same diet as the comparison-group members, who gained weight. By lowering the body's demands for insulin, acarbose not only improves blood sugar control in people who have diabetes but can actually prevent diabetes in people at risk of developing it. In addition, acarbose improves cholesterol balance and lowers blood pressure, and it has been proved to reduce the risk of heart attack. Acarbose is by far the safest antidiabetes medication you can take. It actually works outside the body--it passes through your intestines without entering your bloodstream.

Because acarbose lowers the body's demands for insulin, people with diabetes who take insulin shots need to be careful when starting it to avoid low blood sugar. For that reason you still need a doctor's prescription to obtain acarbose. The brand name is Precose, but it's also widely available as an inexpensive generic medication. Acarbose works better for inhibiting the absorption of starch than of sugar. Sugar is digested by other enzymes besides amylase, which acarbose does not inhibit. You start this out by looking at body language. Body language itself is a nonverbal form of communication. You must recognize the body language of the other person so you can then begin to understand what is going on in their minds as well. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can make great progress toward controlling them and their mindsets. T he body language will usually be your way to explore the unconscious mind of the other person. The unconscious is highly responsible for this body language; When you are able to focus on this, you can better ensure that you make the right decisions at the end of the day because you do get that insight. T he body language will always betray emotions thanks to that connection to the unconscious mind and that means that what you are looking to do is develop and understanding between the unconscious mind of the other person and what they are doing. You must stop and consider what they are attempting to convey. You must be able to ensure that you do develop that time and energy toward doing what you need to do to understand them. Between performance and injury To prepare for a competition, amateurs and professionals alike push their bodies to their limits. The margin of error is very small because when you push too much you can get injured but if you don't push yourself enough you can't achieve the physical and mental strength in order to win . For modern Olympic, professional, and high-end amateur athletes, there is a fine line between preparing to give a top-level performance and having a career-threatening injury. Knowing this reality is like knowing there is a ticking time bomb inside of you.