When you are able to develop that rapport, you know that you are developing a connection with someone. You know that you are able to ensure that the relationships that you have are genuine and in doing so, you know that you can trust the other person. T ypically, this is done through all sorts of methods. Early on, it may be in realizing that you and the other person share a close sense of humor. It may be that you and the other person are highly compatible in other ways, such as sharing the same worldviews. The American Heart Association recommends getting 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. You could combine watching your favorite sitcom with exercise. To be human is to move. To move is the first step to Discovering Your Human Algorithm. Jacks or five stones is played when a player throws five stones into the air with one hand and tries to catch as many as possible on the back of the same hand. To be human is to explore. As humans, we are born to explore With movement comes risk. With movement comes reward . About 100,000 years ago homo sapiens from modern-day Ethiopia began to wonder: What if there are more resources over there? Exenatide is usually taken twice a day before meals; The only common side effect is nausea, which usually subsides in a few days. Serious side effects are unusual. There have been reports of pancreatitis--inflammation of the pancreas--but this has been rare and resolved quickly after the patients stopped taking the medication. A similar medication, pramlintide (pharmaceutical name: Symlin), works the way GLP-1 analogs do.

It slows stomach emptying, helps the liver remove glucose from the bloodstream after meals, and reduces after-meal glucose levels. Like other sugar blockers, it reduces blood sugar and insulin demands. As with the GLP-1 analogs, it's self-administered with a pen-type injector. Doctors sometimes prescribe pramlintide in place of mealtime insulin injections to reduce after-meal glucose spikes. Unlike mealtime insulin injections, which cause weight gain, pramlintide promotes mild weight loss, although not as much as the GLP-1 analogs. You could even have experienced something together that was enough to create that beginning of the bond in which you and the other person were able to better connect with each other. When it comes right down to it, the rapport that you build with someone else is special. It is powerful. It is necessary, and without it, you will struggle with NLP. apport and NLP Rapport matters in NLP because it allows you and the other person to develop trust. It tells you that the other person is paying attention to you; It gives you that power that you need. It gives you the ability to ensure that at the end of the day, you can master the art of influencing other people. N LP requires rapport because it is unconscious. By over there, the hunter-gatherer tribes still meant to stay nearby. average, this group of homo sapiens traversed about 54 steps per day, or about two or three houses away from yours. It's your neighbor's neighbor. After a week, the same people might have traveled 300 meters which is three-fourths the length of a track, or about 2-3 blocks of an American city. Just by venturing to your neighbor's house, in the course of 1,000 years you and your great-grand parents (30 generations) walked about 8,700 miles.

That is like going from Los Angeles to New York, then New York to Seattle, then Seattle to Atlanta. Slowly but predictably wondering becomes wandering. Whether Adventure started out of a sense of desperation or innovation, humans have moved. Each new block, city, and region offers a new challenge and it begins with what if? It is through taking action with some unknown results that gives us the chance to learn about ourselves and others. Another class of medications, called gliptins, raise levels of your own GLP-1 by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down GLP-1. These include sitagliptin (pharmaceutical name: Januvia) and saxagliptin (pharmaceutical name: Onglyza). Like GLP-1 analogs, gliptins improve after-meal blood sugar levels and overall diabetes control without causing weight gain. However, they don't cause much weight loss. The main advantage of gliptins over GLP-1 analogs is that they're taken as pills instead of injections. The reason GLP-1 analogs are so effective at causing weight loss may stem from the fact that they block sugar at several points in the digestive process, not just one. As you learned in the discussion of sugar-blocking foods, combinations of foods that act on different parts of your digestive system to block sugar work better than ones that act on only one. GLP-1 analogs--which slow stomach emptying, help the liver absorb glucose, and enhance first-phase insulin secretion all at once--work better than metformin or acarbose, which affect only one part of the digestive process. Several studies have shown that combining exenatide with metformin produces significantly more weight loss than using exenatide alone. TZDs: RECENT QUESTIONS ABOUT SAFETY It is something that the other person does not think about. They simply trust you and they follow your lead on an unconscious level. Look at how two old friends walk together; They stay on the same path with each other. They ensure that they are able to properly follow each other around.

They do all of this through the use of making sure that they are able to really recognize the way that they interact. They are able to guide themselves and see that at the end of the day, they should be trusting you. When you can establish rapport with someone else, you are able to bypass their conscious detection; The other person is not on guard around you and that means that you are able to begin influencing them. T his is often done through modeling--which oftentimes involves making sure that the other person moves with you to repeat the same behaviors that you are attempting to encourage. Extending ourselves one standard deviation1 away from the norm is an Adventure that is more likely to transform our perspective leading to living life with meaning and purpose. Adventure Formula put adventure into a formula. wondering and wandering ancestors simply input action into time. our individual lifetimes, it is the action put into time that creates Adventure. If you drive the same route to work every day over time you will experience a lower sense of Adventure as the details of the route fade into routine. you vary your transportation modalities and walk, ride your bike, take ride shares, or use public transportation, then you will experience a higher sense of Adventure because your action over time will differ. Your choice of action (call it x) over the same time (call it y) helps determine your Adventure. In the dictionary, Adventure is defined as an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. As a verb, Adventure is defined as engaging in a hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory. ROSIGLITAZONE (Avandia) and pioglitazone (Actos) belong to a unique class of insulin-sensitizing medications called thiazolidinediones, or TZDs. These drugs are effective for lowering blood sugar and insulin levels, and have been found to slow the loss of insulin-producing beta cells. However, they sometimes have undesirable side effects. Instead of promoting weight loss, as other insulin-sensitizing drugs do, they actually encourage mild weight gain. They also cause fluid retention, which can be dangerous in some patients with heart disease.

The FDA recently prohibited the sale of rosiglitazone because some studies showed an increased rate of heart attacks among patients using it. No such risk has been found with pioglitazone. DIET PLUS SUGAR-BLOCKING MEDICATIONS: A POWERFUL COMBINATION If you're, say, 50 pounds overweight, losing 16 pounds--the amount of weight loss produced by exenatide in the study mentioned above--would certainly be welcome, but undoubtedly you would like to lose more. As the Saint Louis University study mentioned above showed, insulin sensitizers are especially effective when combined with a good weight loss program. Essentially, you guide the other person into following your lead because you want them to follow along. You want them to change their behaviors to those that you can trust to be similar to you and in doing so, you know that the other person is more likely to follow along at the end of the day. D eveloping Your Own Rapport Rapport is developed either naturally, through time that you spend with someone else that you like, or it can be facilitated through other methods as well. If you pay attention to the way in which you interact with people around you, you will be pleased to note that you are not going to have to work hard to develop rapport the natural way. You will simply want to spend some time really interacting with other people. You will want to take your time to really interact with people in meaningful manners. You want to make them like you and because you want to make them like you, you try to be like them in the first place. After all, it is far easier to be able to like someone that is similar to you, right? However, sometimes, you do not have the benefit of time to help you really work better than ever. And that's what makes the second A so amazing. Adventure can be created by anyone at any time with a simple change of outlook. For any Adventurer, often the most difficult moment of day is getting out of bed. What is so powerful about the second A is that embedded in each Adventure is a problem waiting to be explored and solved. The formula works similar to the first.