The misunderstanding is people think that they must accept the person and get together with the person all over again. I want to tell you that this is not true. Forgiveness does not mean that you must accept the person and start to have the same relationship with that person all over again. Forgiveness means that you are letting that person go away from your mind. Once the memory of that person is out from your mind, you are free. This way, your mind becomes peaceful again. She had to repeatedly unhook from her IC thoughts and feelings, and act from the new future she was designing. Today, she's living a new life with a new husband. Although her ex-husband served jail time, she was even able to find forgiveness and remains friends with him to this day. This is all because she created a new relationship with the unknown and what was possible for her moving forward. She repeatedly got her IC out of power, all day, every day, moment by moment as she was designing her future. She embraced discomfort and uncertainty step by step as she reinvented a whole new life. How is it to look at your life in this way? What is preventing you from staying in the unknown? Consider what it is that you're really protecting yourself from, and the cost of that protection. Your life gets smaller and smaller when you avoid change and risk, because you're trying to fit life into the parameters of your comfort zone. That's my job. I work with guys like Spielberg and Fincher and Gilliam to craft incredibly thrilling and, in their own way, believable worlds. The more believable the world is, the more audiences feel like it's real, that what they're seeing up there on the big screen could actually happen. In the case of Minority Report, we went to great lengths talking to scientists and anthropologists and other experts to make sure that the future we created would feel as real as possible.

To hook the audience, we needed to convince them that our dark vision could come to pass. That darkness is important too, I said. There needs to be conflict and drama in movies to get people to watch them. No one wants to watch a movie where all the characters are perfect and they live in a perfect world and nothing bad ever happens to them. That would be an awful movie, Alex said. Unless it's The Truman Show. Keep this point in mind that if you treat hate with hate, then there will be a world filled with cruel people. There will be no peace in the world at all. Another thing to remember about forgiveness is that people are not bad because people are pure consciousness. It is the behavior that is bad. The person did not hurt you. The action of that person is responsible for hurting you. The question is, do you need to be angry with that person or with their behavior that hurt you. I give you my perception of the answer to this question. I believe that we should not be angry with either that person or with that person's behavior. Because if we spend our lives being in anger and resentment, we miss the beauty of life. We create so many obstacles because we want to stay under the illusion of safety! It's an illusion, though, that we can actually predict and control where life goes, one we buy into so we can feel the false sense of safety that creates. Is safety and security really what you're going for? Step Seven: Design Your Life Questions

Answering these questions helps you access the part of your mind that lies below your IC thoughts: What helped me remain true to those values? Take your time with these questions. Giving up an old identity and stretching for a new one is about investigating how your Inner Critic has been conditioned to protect that old identity. To successfully navigate real change, you have to hear a different calling, something that calls you forth into new ways of being and new actions. The larger your calling, the more your Inner Critic will scream. True, I said, laughing. But seriously, we need to remember that when we watch science fiction movies about the future, they're not only products being sold; It does, Alex said, looking out over the lab. That's what I train students to do here. So if people are serious about imagining their future, they should definitely not base it on science fiction movies, I said. If we all woke up tomorrow morning and we were living in a science fiction movie, living in Minority Report, that wouldn't be good. That would be a nightmare, Alex agreed. Science fiction . I never thought about it that way, Alex said, shifting in his chair. But yes, you're right. The real beauty of life is love. It reminded me of a beautiful story about a situation that happened to me in a restaurant. I used to deliver food part-time when I first came to the USA. I went into a restaurant there was a lady.

She was a pure soul, but her soul was in pain. Once I was in the restaurant, I went to her and asked her to give me the customer's food. She suddenly got angry for no reason. She told me that I am a threat to the restaurant's people. I am scaring people in the restaurant. She told me to leave the restaurant and wait outside the restaurant, and she will bring the food out there. And her screams create a lot of discomfort. This is all a normal part of your growth and transformation. Allow yourself to practice discomfort on purpose. Remember, uncomfortable emotions and feelings are nothing more than vibrations in your body. And even more, the physical sensations of fear and excitement are exactly the same. Your heart beats fast, your breathing gets shallow, your hands get clammy. The only difference is the thoughts in your mind. As you are designing your new future, see yourself living your life from what's possible rather than what you are afraid of. When you practice living from possibility, you start to see and relate to your life differently. You can actually generate the feeling of excitement just by changing your thoughts from fear of what if to excitement about what's possible. Truth 3: The Future Has a Dirty Little Secret Okay, let's review. We've established that the future isn't some fixed entity that we're all hurtling toward, like it or not. We also know that the future isn't going to look like a science fiction movie--and that this is a very good thing.

What will it look like, then? That takes us to the third and final truth about the future, which I like to call its dirty little secret. It's twenty-five years into the future, a booming voice intoned. You walk out the door into a world transformed. Cue the sound of beating drums. I was sitting in a darkened auditorium in New Orleans, having come to the Big Easy for a conference on the future of cities. I followed her direction and went outside the restaurant and waited for her to give me the food to deliver it to the person. She came and handed me the food and was still angry. I took the food, thanked her, and headed towards my car. I started to drive, and I kept sending blessings to the lady. Because I realized that her beautiful soul was in deep hurt and pain, and after making the delivery, I went home stopped working that night. At home, I went to the meditative state at night to send her love and healing for her issues to be resolved. I got an intuition during my meditative state that she was going through a tough relationship. She could not take that anger out on anybody, so she found me as her friend and took the painful energy out of her mind. I still send her blessing in life and pray that she has a life of beauty and joy. We need to have a deep love for humanity because love is the remedy for all the pain and suffering. Again, remember that the whole spectrum of feelings you feel when declaring your future is normal. This is no small task. You are in the beginning stages of designing a new you. The fear is normal.