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This led to the next step in my healing process. It is difficult to tell someone that God loves them if you don't believe it yourself. Wanting to believe in what I told these women, I found myself thrown back in front of God's mirror of truth. I knew that I was still stuck in my own false beliefs and that I had to look outside of myself to find truth. So, I signed up for a Bible study led by one of my fellow counselors at the center. As you have learned, latching onto someone else who will take you along toward his life goals is chancy and unreliable at best. On the other hand, having no goal at all almost assures that you won't get where you want to be. As you heal and become more independent and resilient, this can be a time to create a new life plan. This is your life. What do you want to do with it? What interests you? What excites you? What would you like to be known for? Create a plan to move in the direction of your yearnings. And be sure to figure out what kind of people you want to have travel that path with you. Relationships as far as strengths and weaknesses go, it's good to have someone preferably the other half in your relationship to balance you out. What areas that i'm strong in may be your weakness. Collaborate. It is key to long term companionships! Where is my Soulmate?

We often hear people discuss soulmate . People think it's some cool thing to say, like a story ,let's say a Tyler Perry movie. Now this is not to criticize his work. I have respect and admire anyone who has a dream and a goal and accomplished things. I'm not speaking on him as a man, i'm not speaking on his filmography. I'll stick to my plan. I have an amazing memory. I bring passion and enthusiasm to my work. I expect good things to happen. You become what you constantly tell yourself, and as a leader, you must build yourself up, especially when trying to build up others. Leading the Entitlement Generation Who Is Generation Y? A generation is a group of individuals born in the same time period who exhibit similar behaviors and share similar life experiences. Generation Y is a group of individuals born between the mid to late 1970s and the early 2000s. There are more than 70 million people in this generation, one of the largest generations in history. The important thing is that I have a set of core values I live by. That's how I make sure I don't end up in jail or alone, in a ditch. Without values, none of the concepts I talk about in this article will work. Without values, freedom is a dangerous concept. Freedom means that you do whatever you want as long as you're not harming others.

That's one of the keys values of this article. Another value I have is to always seek the truth. I prefer to look at life for what it is. That's who I am and that's what I believe in. It doesn't mean you should do what I do. We can be authentically loving toward others even if they are incapable of loving us back, whether permanently or temporarily. We can accept that they are where they are, and that it's not personal to us. We can have compassion knowing that we go there ourselves every now and again, and that sometimes we get stuck there too. But love can still reach us even if we are hostile toward its advances. It can and does creep through the cracks and shine its light across the darkness. Awareness Exercise: Opening to Love By curling and tightening your body and your muscles as described below, you will experience metaphorically what happens to your energy when you are blocked to love. By releasing tension, you will understand what happens when you make the decision to open up. You will need a few quiet, uninterrupted moments and a chair. Sit comfortably, but in good posture, and close your eyes. The by-products of fermentation can be healing for the gut and may support healthy gut bacteria. Microbes found in fermented foods including yogurt and kefir are also beneficial. Probiotics. Sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup; Trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils).

Omega-6 oils without their omega-3 counterparts. Possibly limit or eliminate: Gluten or casein. Take part in: For those who can afford it, fecal microbial transplant. I was no longer just me. I was the carrier of another consciousness. My daughter Nina was born nine months later at 7:27 p. The midwife swaddled her in a blanket and handed her to me to hold in my arms for the first time. When she looked up at me--as she oriented herself to a new world of breath, body, temperature, and touch--I saw the sparkle of that unique speck of starlight shining back at me from the glimmering infinity of her eyes. Twenty-three years later, my daughter had grown into a young woman and my mother was dying. For days, my mother had been talking about finding a way out of her body. She spoke about a point at the top of her head that she imagined she could fly through as she embarked on what she viewed as her soul's next adventure. Over and over, she asked us to repeat the prayer from the Tibetan article of the Dead that speaks of [e]jecting one's consciousness into the space of the unborn Rigpa, the phrase Tibetan adepts use to describe the transfer of awareness from the limitations of incarnation to the vast expanse of the universal mind. Sometimes in my mother's dreamy half-sleep states she would tell us that she was waiting for [t]hat Karl von Rigpa to come with his special car. I thought I already knew a lot about the Bible, but still hoped this would help. We worked through A Heart Like His by Beth Moore. From the moment I opened that article and my Bible, God met me there with the healing balm of His words. He helped me set aside my prideful thinking that I already knew the story of David's life and be open to what He wanted to say to me through the familiar story. From his humble beginning as a shepherd boy that no one thought was important enough to accomplish anything, to becoming the greatest king in Israel's history, David's life spoke to me in ways I never expected.

I dove into the Scriptures with fresh eyes. I couldn't believe how much I had never seen before! When we got to the story of David, Bathsheba, and the mess they created with their affair, God had prepared my heart to do business with Him. As I read Psalm 51 for the first time in the context of when David wrote it, I fell to my knees sobbing before the Lord. I was just like David! Being choosy about your life companions isn't elitist or selfish; For a specialized job, you wouldn't hire just anyone who happened to come through the door. Be at least as choosy about the people with whom you select to share your most intimate self. Invest in Yourself Pay attention to yourself. Time spent being with yourself provides your greatest opportunity to learn who you are and create the life you truly love and enjoy. When you're coming out of such an intense, enmeshed relationship as you've been in with the narcissist, you may find it difficult to be alone. You may feel lonely and lost. The thought of spending time just thinking about yourself may seem pointless, self-indulgent, and a waste of time. In actuality it is your greatest investment in yourself. Feel free to check Wikipedia for a synopsis of 75% of his films lol. Anyway I'll save you the trouble. Single woman, or women in a bad relationship. Struggle, hardships, sad music. Prince Charming comes along, saves the day, falls in love, happy music.