bravely agreed. sketched the sequence of the previous night's dream. It was all about a monster with big orange eyes and very long limbs chasing after him and his sister. wondered whether the monster had a name. said he was called Mr Googly. used a black marker pen to draw the scene and used a black pastel to shade the background. I asked him to tell me the story frame by frame, slowly, and to refer to the monster as Mr Googly. Me</a> and my sister were running, running, running, trying to get away from Mr Googly. <a href=''>He</a> was roaring at us to come back. <a href=''>We</a> built a tall wall to stop him, but he just climbed over it so easily! <a href=''>It</a> was fascinating to watch the battle between Kylie and Ziggy. <a href=''>Her</a> externally facing,I am the leader here', large and in-command gestures with the projected loud, strong voice were obviously incongruent with how Kylie was actually feeling inside. Despite Kylie trying to appear confident to take the leadership position, Ziggy ran and kicked dirt pretty much in her face! He was picking up on Kylie's fear, self-doubt and uncertainty. All the incongruences between Kylie's external body language and her inner emotions resulted in Ziggy testing, ignoring, challenging and doing the absolute opposite of what was desired. You could almost hear his internal dialogue shouting, `Why on earth would I follow you when you're scared and uncertain about what you're doing? I don't trust you! Kylie had to work hard to get present, to focus, to cut out the external noise and distractions, and to quit listening to the voices in her head. She had to focus on aligning her thoughts with her body language and her desired output: one of building trust, belief and understanding between herself and Ziggy. She watched intently for connection clues from Ziggy: a slight turning of the ear, the deference of the head drop, a little lick and mouth chew.

It just helps the western student/teacher fit into what they think is the yogic ideal. Disciple: You obviously think Krishna is just a metaphor? Respectfully, yes. When I imagine Krishna, I see a man with blue skin standing in the streets of India wearing a crown of peacock feathers encrusted with diamonds and gold. His body is covered in the finest yellow silk. He is playing his flute as his wives all dance around him, open-mouthed at his splendour. Captain America in The Avengers says; There's only one God. And he doesn't dress Like that. Disciple: So, it's ok if I don't believe Krishna was real or if I find the Gita perplexing and not for me? If you'd like, you could picture each one of your thoughts or feelings as clouds that you see floating above you. And isn't it so nice just to notice each cloud . Greet each cloud with a gentle I see you. Isn't it nice that you don't have to do anything with that cloud? You can just notice it. You can just watch it. After all, there's nothing to bother you and nothing to do in this relaxed state. I wonder when you'll notice that next cloud floating toward you. Moment by moment. Cloud by cloud.

The sensations usually begin late in the evening or at any time until around midnight or just after. They aren't felt just on the skin, but deep within the thigh and calf muscle, and around 50 percent of sufferers feel them in their arms and through other areas of their body, too. Relief comes through movement and may last for up to 30 minutes before the sensations start again, eventually dissipating over a number of hours, often just as the early hours of the morning creep in. We still don't really know why RLS should occur when it does. It may be that we move around less toward the end of the day, so the leg muscles suddenly feel that they need to expend some energy. Some evidence suggests that RLS is caused by melatonin secretion (as darkness falls) itself. The syndrome is partly inherited, with immediate relatives of sufferers being between three and five times more likely to develop it. However, it can also occur by itself, or appear in people who have kidney problems, peripheral nerve damage, coeliac disease or Crohn's disease. Pregnant women often complain of it, although we think that it's pregnancy that may reveal the condition or that RLS reflects poorer absorption of iron from the gut. In children, there appears to be a link with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Take exercise. I've struggled with staying in shape for all my life. And I was overweight for years. I always played mind games with myself about exercise and diet. Should I go for a run or go to the gym? I'll have this bag of chips and hit the gym tomorrow. What days should I exercise? Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays? Or maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays? That's too much useless thinking.

Whether you're doing your interview online or face-to-face, treat it seriously and do your research beforehand. Practice delivering some answers before the interview. Be clear on why the organization needs you and how you can add value. If you are being interviewed online, set up your device with a plain background behind you and in a quiet room where there will be no interruptions. Position the camera so you can be seen from the waist up. Test all aspects of your tech before the interview. Make eye contact with the camera, sit up straight and don't talk too fast. Dress in the style appropriate for the company or organisation you hope to join. If you're doing a face-to-face interview, arrive early and don't be spotted checking out your phone screen while you're waiting to be called in. Ensure it's switched off before you arrive. Then you can replicate them as much as possible. They shift between open and focused attention. This rhythm is different for each person. Sometimes gone simply means that a person may be incubating a new idea or digesting what has just happened. Knowing and naming what you need to be fully present increase your effectiveness. You might need to host--help them find comfort as you would a guest at a dinner party in your home. AIMING COLLECTIVE INTENTION: QUESTIONS FOR LEADERS Aiming collective intention describes the state of a group aligned in the same direction toward a collective goal. It magnetizes everyone involved. Nelson Mandela's intention to unite all of South Africa was accomplished by aiming everyone's intention toward winning the 1995 World Cup.

Many operations that required inpatient care for a week or more can now be done as day cases. Heroic stuff in many ways. In the early years of the health service, the elderly and frail were housed in huge hospitals, often old workhouses. When I was a senior registrar in geriatric medicine in the late 1980s the long-stay wards at St Mary Abbots Hospital in Kensington were hideous. Forty patients in one huge, noisy, smelly ward with little privacy or dignity. I got the feeling our bosses hid them from us so as not to dent our youthful enthusiasm. In 1982 something fundamental changed. There was a merger of the Department of Health and the Department of Social Security to form the Department of Health and Social Security. It tripped readily off our tongues, as I recall. Local authorities could fund places in nursing and residential homes. And also, if you decide to take a break, that doesn't mean the other side does, too. If anything, they'll see your hibernation as an opportunity. You see the problem? I'm not going to say, Just go outside. I'm not going to say, Read a article. Because you already are. But if you enjoy a good fight, taking a breather will make you that much better a fighter and breather. But what if others don't wish to take a break? What if they just can't stop? Then you need to learn how to direct traffic.