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What shocked him was the gulf between this and their cardiopulmonary health, which he found languishing in the fortieth percentile. He then dug deeper and evaluated their heart and lung health separately, something few people even consider doing. Frank discovered that many players' lungs were lagging far behind their hearts, meaning that the big pump in their chest, which was already taxed from carrying all that weight around, was pulling double duty on the cardiovascular front to make up for an inadequate oxygen supply. Frank believes that part of the problem, aside from the fact that these coaches never train their athletes to improve lung capacity, is the sheer mass that today's football players build in the weight room and at the dinner table. Here's Frank's analogy, which better explains this concept: Say you put up a fifteen-hundred-square-foot house. You're going to include electrical and HVAC systems that can handle that square footage. But then you sell that house and the new owner adds on another fifteen hundred square feet. Suddenly you've got a house that's not heated or cooled adequately and has circuits that keep blowing. GO HUMANITY! But, why stop there? Through your active participation in events, consistent funding for support and promoting victories in ending world hunger on social media, you can become a vocal agent for this cause! The more and more you contribute with time, funds and voicing your concerns, the more you will become a more powerful agent for this positive change. Here are ten organizations you can get plugged into RIGHT NOW: Mercy Corps - https://www. US AID - https://www. Feed the Future - https://www. Rise Against Hunger - https://www. Freedom from Hunger - https://www. I cannot tell you how many sleepless nights I had. I was like a detective checking his calendar, his cell phone account, and his trip schedules for work.

I asked pointed questions of his coworkers. I would set traps for him, not trusting him to act responsibly. And all of the time I certainly felt I had this right. I would drive by where I had heard they met, or drive by her house and look at her to figure out what it was that was so special about her. Even when I had kids, I would load them in the car and go on my searches. I did this with more than one woman and in more than one town as we made several moves across the country. I snooped in his briefcase, his desk, and his wallet. It was my whole life. It's the same with three-hundred-pound players. Their infrastructure hasn't caught up to their size or output. We used to think that high BMI was okay if most of that weight was muscle instead of fat, but we didn't consider the massive internal carbon footprint that such size has on these young men. To help solve this issue, Frank, Brandon Rager, and their VitalityPro colleagues devised lung workouts that help improve capacity. They also tailored the players' programming so that it simulates playing seventy-two-down games, with each twelve-down possession requiring athletes to maintain 70 percent of their best effort for each play. The results have been amazing, with players who routinely finished last in agility and speed drills becoming top performers and giant linemen who used to tap out of practice after a couple plays being able to stay in and perform at or above that 70 percent mark for the entire drill. The point here is that so-called fitness testing needs to be far broader than what we've had up until now, and we need to start looking not only at components of health, fitness, and performance but also the biggest discrepancies between all three. With a testing program like the VitalityPro Health Screen, we can use technology appropriately to identify the biggest barriers to success and then create tailored programs for individuals and teams to overcome these. Such an approach is just as applicable to the recreational athlete as it is to the nation's best football players. Tech isn't the solution but a conduit. Bread for the World - https://www. The Hunger Project - https://www.

Action Against Hunger - https://www. The Salvation Army - https://www. Compassion International - https://www. You should also research your local food banks and non-profit organizations. Because, while a lot of hunger and undernourishment issues happen in other parts of the globe, you've got hungry people a few blocks from you, too. Google local food banks in your area and see how you can contribute with finances and time! This article's Lack of Sales What is the Issue? And yet I never confronted him. Hypervigilance becomes a way of life. You vigilantly watch his behavior and try to attach meaning to it. He came home early, that means . He's acting all loving, and that means . He is being nice to the kids, that means . He's angry, that means . He's quiet, that means . You may be consumed with what you think he is feeling and thinking. You pride yourself in being able to read his innermost thoughts and feelings. Subprime Lending for Your Health After the financial crash of 2009, as a nation we finally realized that taking out an interest-only loan on a home you can't afford is a bad idea, and that the companies making such loans were building their houses of mammon upon sinking sand.

Eventually the bill for that house will come due, and if you've bought a house you can't afford, that bill is disastrous. If we can agree this was foolish, why then do we happily apply subprime thinking to our bodies, giving up future health for short-term performance gains? Brandon Rager shared with me that when he was playing football for San Diego State University, he used to joke with his teammates about not being able to walk properly or remember anything when they were forty. While they were technically student-athletes, in reality each of these football players considered themselves NFL prospects and were hoping to set their families up for life by making a go of it at the next level. If you're a legit pro sports prospect, perhaps the risks you're taking--hits to the head, joint deterioration, chronic pain--seem worth it for short-term financial gain, even if the long-term ramifications later call this into question. But if you're a recreational athlete who is taking too much contact, logging too many miles, or putting yourself in a daily hurt locker, what short-term benefits are you getting that outweigh the future issues you're storing up? And is the technology you're using really helping you or just pushing you to go farther, faster, and harder, until you run (or hit, lift, or play) yourself into oblivion? Consider Michael Lewis's description of a former NFL player in The Blind Side: He limps, but they all limp. I'm a little partial to this world issue, but my lack of article sales is an issue, nonetheless. The world would be a much better place if I just got more article sales! Why is This Bad? Why would it be a better place? The topic of this article is about helping to turn yourself and others from being pathetically apathetic people into compassionate, empathetic people to GET STUFF DONE. Even if it's just to improve how you live, that's success! What would the results be if I sold many copies of this article? And, what if people actually did what was written here? For kicks and giggles, let's break down the number of real implementers of this article, based on the success of New Year's Resolutions. You'll find on Forbes and other websites this statistic: Only 8% of people keep their New Year's Resolutions. No wonder you are tired, have no time left for yourself, and are losing yourself in the process. You are trying to live inside his body, mind, and heart.

Preoccupation with the addict's problems frequently leads to controlling behavior on your part. Controlling behavior is the manipulation of people, places, and things. It is an attempt to bring stability to chaos and to bring safety to that which is dangerous. Controlling behavior is also a defense against shame. When you are controlling, you don't feel a sense of inadequacy. Instead you feel empowered. At times it's simply an expression of anger. Controlling behavior imparts a sense of power at a time in your life when you are overwhelmed with fear and helplessness. One nasty scar runs down his right knee and another lines his left ankle. Former NFL linemen age painfully and die young. If the answer is likely to be no, then you need to reconsider the goals that you and your gadgets are pushing you toward, and reset them so you don't end up with your health bank foreclosing on a $2 million performance mansion that was far beyond your means. The Gardener, the Farmer, and the Lineman Frank realized that while these elite athletes were undoubtedly fit and were able to perform at the highest echelons of competition, they had major limitations in their basic health. This brought him to a question: if these big, strong, fast guys aren't the healthiest population group, then who is? In search of an answer, he began analyzing data on dozens of different sportsmen and women, as well as studies on the overall well-being of various professions and people with all kinds of hobbies. After crunching enough numbers to make him cross-eyed, Frank found that two groups consistently stood out. Triathletes? Track stars? So, if the New Year's Resolution was to read this article, I would theoretically need to sell 100,000 copies of this article if I wanted 8,000 people to become more compassionate and caring with their lives. That's a lot of articles.