This means it can change dark colors or stuck emotions in your aura to a more positive version closer to your soul's divine truth. Holding deep gratitude for others opens and heals not only your aura but also theirs. Loving the places in yourself that are in pain and not pushing them away allows profound healing to occur. Having gratitude for the embodied lessons that come from your pain is one of the most potent ways you can heal yourself. The color black can mean many different things in the field, so it is important to tap into your own experience of spaciousness or compaction within your body as you perceive the frequency of black. I try not to assign judgment right away when I see colors like black in the field. If black is there and having a negative impact on my client, then judgment from me will cause it to compact even more. I have to become different frequencies, like rose pink (compassion), orange (joy), and gold (essence), to create space in the aura for the compaction to clear. And when the brave souls unite, well. Good luck, haters! Drive attracts drive, and ultimately success will attract success. No one succeeds the first time around. It took me forty fears to be noticed--that is, forty videos that I shot, edited, and posted wondering if anyone cared. Was it luck? Is virality luck? Where does luck comes from? From my experience, luck is what happens when we combine our talents and our courage. My favorite Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen, tells the story of a boy who feels unseen, unloved, and like a complete misfit. What is true is that you resent anyone but you having any bit of control. I want control?

That coming from Mr. Control Freak himself! Are you joking? There's a stop sign ahead. I can see the stop sign perfectly well. I'm just trying to help. By pointing out every stop sign? What if you didn't see it? That being the case, we should focus on early signs of dishonest behaviors and do our best to cut them down in their budding stages before they reach full bloom. AND WHAT ABOUT the Prada bag that started this whole research project? I made the only possible rational decision: I gave it to my mother. Cheating Ourselves Imagine yourself on a soft, sandy beach. The tide is rolling out, creating a wide swath of wet sand for you to wander along. You're heading to the place where you go from time to time to check out girls. Oh, and you're a feisty blue crab. And in reality, you're going to spar with a few other male crabs to see who will win the favor of the females. Ahead you see a pretty little thing with cute claws. Black is most often repressed emotions that have been hanging out in the aura for a long time. Most emotions we perceive as painful if held in long enough will turn from light gray to dark gray and then black.

They are nothing to fear and just need a lot of love to clear. Hate is the only emotion I've seen as originally black in color. It's like a thick ink that poisons the auric field and trickles down into the physical body over time. Resentment cripples the heart chakra and astral layer of the field. It starts out dark red and over time turns black with a jagged red outline. Black is also the color of one of the most powerful forces of manifestation. It is often referred to as the majestic void or the primal womb of creation. Meditating within this space is one of the most powerful learning experiences I've had. That is, until one day when he gives a powerful speech in front of the entire school. The speech called You Will Be Found goes viral, and in the play, millions of teens around the world finally felt seen, understood, and not so lonely after all. At some point, Evan, overwhelmed by the amount of views and positive comments, asks, What happened? It was not Evan's talent that put him on the map, it was his courage to be seen, to stand in front of others and share his powerful speech. The truth is that you will only be found if you make yourself visible. But what happens when you are actually found? What if your project, idea, or song becomes a hit? You thought it was going to be tough to get noticed? Get ready for what happens next! Of course, she had it easy; Wouldn't it be better if I pointed it out? I'm not blind!

And I'm not deaf. You don't have to yell at me. Well, it just pisses me off when you treat me like some kind of imbecile. know how to drive. And it makes me angry when you act like some macho man who isn't willing to accept any help. Help I don't need is insulting. You are way too easily insulted. Julie overdrew her account again. At the same time, you notice that your competition is quickly closing in. You know that the ideal way to handle the situation is to scare off the other crabs. That way you don't have to get into a fight and risk hurting yourself or, worse, lose your chance to mate. So you have to convince the other crabs that you're bigger and stronger. As you inch closer to your competition, you know you need to emphasize your size. However, if you simply pretend to be larger by standing on your toes and halfheartedly waving your claws around, you will probably give yourself away. What to do? What you need to do is give yourself a pep talk and start believing that you are, in fact, bigger and tougher than you really are. Knowing you're the biggest crab on the beach, you stand as high as you can on your hind legs and spread your claws as far and high above you as possible (antlers, peacock tails, and general puffing up help other male creatures do the same thing). Believing in your own fabrication means that you will not flinch. To sit in raw potentiality before it moves into the sphere of creation and then manifestation was very humbling to my ego. this, I knew I could never claim my creations as my own but as co-creations with the divine.

to source and create from the primal womb of creation is a masterful way of manifestation that I now teach in my Manifest Like a Master classes. Violet is another master healing frequency that transmutes negative energies, stagnant energies, and dark clouds from the aura. It also transmutes karma. I don't see this color in people's auras except during healings when the energy of this frequency comes in the form of grace when they need it. I wasn't aware of the power of the violet frequency until about three years into my private practice. While working with a new client, I noticed a dense collection of dark gray clouds in her upper chest and heart area. I spent some time on the lower layers of the aura, clearing and restructuring the channels of energy. Within a few minutes all of the dense energy evaporated into thin air. Or, Look at her, she only got there because of her looks. Or, With that kind of money, anyone could have done it. There is nothing an envious person likes more than to sabotage others' success. It is easy to explain others' success when we bring external factors into the equation and blame those for the outcome. It makes some people feel better on the inside, like they would have also been capable of the same thing if only they had the same starting conditions. It is difficult for some critics to go beyond the easy excuses and understand that often the only reason that person got where she did is because she worked damn hard to be there. Hard work can take us anywhere, but we have to be willing to get consistently uncomfortable to make it happen, and only some people are willing to go there. But, regardless of what you did, or didn't do, in order to be found, people will judge. Being Judged Here's a great case in point: I don't know what to do with her. She's only seventeen years old.