The struggle that she has to deal with is an internal one. It is not your job to fix your parent. Most of the time a narcissistic mother is not going to be aware of the way that she is making people feel or of the things that she is doing to cause you pain. This is not to justify her behavior but to make you understand that you do not have the ability to fix what is wrong with her. In her mind, she is always going to find a way to justify her behavior. There are those narcissists that are aware of the pain that they are causing, and they do it on purpose but most of the time, they really have no idea that they are suffering from a mental disorder and to them, their behavior is normal. When you have a narcissistic mother, you have to ask yourself if you can live with her behavior for the rest of your life. Are you able to accept that this is how she is while ensuring that you are not going to let her behavior negatively affect your life? Just understanding that she is a narcissist may be enough for you to be able to accept her behavior and ensure that it does not affect you any longer. It's fine. Ashley nodded her head toward the doctor as if to say, Go on. Dr Ramos shrugged and articled through the reports on her clipboard. Okay, Julie. We got your lab work back, and it looks like your electrolytes have fallen off a cliff. On your history, you told us nothing about eating issues but I only see these numbers in young women who are bulimic. Is there something I should know? Julie's eyes cut to Ashley, and the doctor picked it up. She turned to Ashley and said, Can you help? Julie insisted, I'm okay, really! Every employee in the UK has a basic entitlement of 5.

Paid holiday leave is not a favour granted by your employer, it's a legal entitlement to a break from work. It supports your wellbeing by giving you time to spend with family and friends and/or pursuing hobbies and interests. Or you could spend time off doing very little at all! Try and plan periods of leave for the year so that you always have a break to look forward to. Plan a holiday with friends and family so you can't let them down by backing out. Commit yourself to a break by articleing accommodation, flights, train or coach journeys in advance. Flexible working can help contribute towards a positive work-life balance. More and more people are working flexibly, at times and in locations that fit around their lives. Flexible working might already be available within your company, so do find out what's on offer before making a more formal request. Graduating from the school in 1973, Calatrava had gained a solid education in the subject. He had learned all of the most important design rules and principles. He was more than capable of taking his place in some architecture firm and working his way up. But he felt something elemental was missing in his knowledge. In looking at all of the great works of architecture that he most admired--the Pantheon in Rome, the buildings of Gaudi in Barcelona, the bridges designed by Robert Maillart in Switzerland--he had no solid idea about their actual construction. He knew more than enough about their form, their aesthetics, and how they functioned as public buildings, but he knew nothing about how they stood up, how the pieces fit together, how the buildings of Le Corbusier managed to create that impression of movement and dynamism. It was like knowing how to draw a beautiful bird but not understanding how it could fly. As with drawing, he wanted to go beyond the surface, the design element, and touch upon the reality. He felt that the world was changing; With advances in technology and new materials, revolutionary possibilities had emerged for a new kind of architecture, but to truly exploit that he would have to learn something about engineering. However, if you cannot, you need to remove yourself from the relationship.

Just because she is your mother does not mean that you have to have a relationship with her no matter how she treats you. At some point, you may decide that you have had enough and that it is time for you to focus on your own happiness. You deserve to have the happy life that you have always dreamed of. If you cannot create that life with your mother being a part of it, then she doesn't need to be a part of it. Having a toxic person in our lives stops us from truly being happy and creating the life that we want. Choose to stand up for yourself and end the toxic behavior. If you choose to confront your mother about her behavior letting her know why you are eliminating her from your life and expect things to get worse. She is going to play the victim and she is going to try to get everyone else in the family to come against you because you have caused her pain. Make sure that you are ready to eliminate more than just your mother from your life because she is going to be sure that the entire family is on her side. I just got overstressed. I'm pre-med and want to do well in my grades. You know how it is. The assertive physician was having none of that. You're right, I do know how it is. Numbers like yours are not caused by stress. You're doing something to your body. You can tell me, or I can take your roommate here out in the hall and find out what she knows, because it appears she doesn't agree with your conspiracy of silence. Ashley nodded and looked at Julie with pleading eyes. Her roommate shifted her eyes to the TV, picked up the combo bed control/TV remote, and began flipping through channels. After 26 weeks of continuous service, you have the right to make a formal request.

It's a legal requirement that you write a letter or an email addressed to your employer, labelled as a `statutory request', with the date clearly stated. Once submitted, your employer must respond within three months with a yes or no answer. If they refuse your request and you think it wasn't considered fairly, you'll be eligible to appeal against their decision. Your request is more likely to be approved if you've taken into account their needs as well as your own. Explain how the changes will work for both you and your employer. This shows that you've put some real thought into the change, and can justify why it's a good idea. If your proposed changes could affect the business negatively, then your employer could have a good reason to say no. So, do address the possible difficulties, and suggest realistic ways to overcome them. When I reduced my hours at work from working five to four days a week, I found that working less hours prompted me to focus more on each task; Thinking in this direction, Calatrava made a fateful decision--he would virtually start over and enroll at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, to gain a degree in civil engineering. It would be an arduous process, but he would train himself to think and draw like an engineer. Knowing how buildings were constructed would liberate him and give him ideas about how to slowly expand the boundaries of what could be made. In the first few years he grounded himself in the rigors of engineering--all of the mathematics and physics required for the field.But as he progressed, he found himself returning to that paradox that he had been obsessed with in childhood--how to express movement and change. In architecture, the golden rule was that buildings had to be stable and stationary. Calatrava felt the desire to break up this rigid convention. For his PhD dissertation, he decided to explore the possibilities of bringing actual movement into architecture. Inspired by NASA and its designs for space travel, as well as the folding bird wings designed by Leonardo da Vinci, Calatrava chose as his topic the foldability of structures--how through advanced engineering structures could move and transform themselves. Completing his dissertation in 1981, he finally entered the work world--after fourteen years of a university apprenticeship in art, architecture, and engineering. In the coming years he would experiment in designing new kinds of collapsible doors, windows, and roofs that would move and open up in new ways, altering the shape of the building. The main person that you have to be concerned about in life is you.

You have to be willing to put yourself first, even if it does upset your mother. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you are able to heal from the abuse that you received growing up, even if it means eliminating your mother from your life. You may find that this is going to be like a game to your mother. She may take the rest of your family way from you one at a time seeing how long it is going to take to you go give in to allowing her back into your life. Do not do this. You are going to question your reasons, you are going to wonder if you made the right decision but as time goes on, happiness will replace the toxic relationships. Don't spend your time trying to figure out why she did everything that she did to you. Trying to understand her behavior is not going to benefit you in any way and will only cause you more pain. Instead, you have to move past the things that happened in the past and focus on healing. Ashley gently slipped it from her hand, turned off the TV, and pleaded, You gotta tell her, girl. Please. You--we can get through this. Dr Ramos' demeanor immediately changed. She stepped closer to Julie's bed and softened her voice. I know this step is hard, Julie. But YOU have to take it. I can't. Your roomie can't. She tenderly took the young woman's hand. I stopped jumping from one thing to the next.