Wrong perception or misperception is a mistaken belief, idea, or interpretation of something. If you remember from the earlier articles in this article, there are certain professions that go very well with your natural tendency to be an empath. It is a good idea for anyone with this skill to use it more as a career and allow it to open up all of the people around you that much more. You can give your gift to society when you consider how your skills can benefit the working world and whatever profession you choose to follow. Anything you do as a career can offer empathy, and when you are feeling confident in your abilities, you make your work that much more fulfilling, by utilizing your skills and abilities to help other people feel good in what they do as well. If you have learned how to master your emotions, then you will not have a need to compete, and you can just offer support to any individual who is looking for a leg up, while you continue to climb your own life ladders. What you can do as a career will depend on who you are as a person and how you want to define yourself in this life. You may not wish to support yourself financially as an empath, choosing a career that would honor that gift and bring it to the forefront. For you, your empathy may be better used close to home, friends, family, and personal relationships. Regardless of your professions, you will always bring empathy into the folds of all of your life experience when you accept that you have this gift and that you want to use it for good. In the previous articles, you have discovered so many facts and details about what being a true empath can look and feel like and what kinds of situations can be the most challenging and difficult for you. And of course, whatever your current state, following through on suggestions that include diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, and stress reduction will bring you enormous rewards in terms of weight loss, appearance, vitality, sexuality, and sensuality. So let's get started! Lara was a nurse in her mid-30s who worked the emergency room's night shift. Hoping to be pregnant soon, she'd been putting in overtime so that she and her husband would have some extra money when the baby came. A cheerful, sociable person, Lara enjoyed her work, but on her days off she tended to skimp on sleep so she'd have more waking hours to spend with her friends and her husband. When she was working, Lara often went for hours without eating and then had a big meal at the end of her shift, usually something starchy and filling like pasta, pancakes, or French toast. After several months of trying, Lara still hadn't gotten pregnant and came to me for help. When I asked her about her monthly cycle, she told me she'd been having somewhat irregular periods and a few mild but persistent PMS symptoms: some weepiness and depression for a few days before her period, occasional cravings for sweets, and some minor but noticeable bloating. Obviously I'm super-hormonal, right?

Lara said in her typical blunt, cheerful fashion. Sit and close your eyes, breathing softly in and out, naturally in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now, focus and see the roots of anger in your wrong perceptions or your unsupported assumptions and ignorance and breathe in. Smile to your wrong perceptions and ignorance and breathe out. Continue to seek out the wrong perceptions that have been troubling you and maintain this exercise for 10 minutes. Non-judging awareness sees something as it is and lets it go. See it as process. The emotional stuff you take to be you is really not so personal. If you go to a lot of work meetings, make a card that says BREATHE and put it somewhere where you can see it. Whenever you feel agitated, bored, antsy, anxious, or feel your mind wandering, look at the card. Stay in the present moment and breathe. It is not a bad thing to be so sensitive to other people's feelings and emotions, and even when it feels awful at the moment, if you follow the instructions in articles 5 and 6 about developing your skills and mastering your emotions, then you will be able to act confidently with your gift. Not all people will be as open as you are and may not understand how you are able to work in these ways. Once you allow your gift to take hold of your identity and give yourself the confidence to support it, there may be people in your life, even close relatives and partners, who feel unhappy that you are in such control of your feelings, in a way they have not yet discovered. This is a great time for your empathic abilities to show up. When you have educated yourself to be more emotionally intelligent, receptive, and agile, then you can support yourself and your emotions through all of your relationships. You will be able to regard anyone else's feelings as a matter of importance, and while you show them your newfound skills and mastery, you may even be able to invoke their own learning process. Empaths are very gifted at leading by example: it's not pushy or forceful; it is simply a part of your emotional skills and nature to be in a better balance with your feelings, once you have learned how to develop your gift. This can lead to other people seeing that there is a good opening for them to look at things like you do as well.

Keep in mind that you have to do the work to understand your feelings before you can be a masterful empath. That explains both the PMS and the trouble getting pregnant. So I'm guessing you want to do something to get my female hormones back into shape! Estrogen, progesterone--those are the hormones to fix, right? Well, yes, I replied, those are important. Both your PMS and your fertility issues may be related to imbalanced estrogen and progesterone, but of course many other factors might be involved. Lara nodded. Okay, so let's at least take care of the sex hormones! Those may be the immediate cause, I reiterated, but they probably aren't the ultimate cause. To get to the root of the problem there are some other hormones we have to look at. For example, your job is very stressful and you're working extra hours. Take silent deep breaths, in through your nose and out your mouth. The point is to concentrate on your breathing. Try this affirmation: I rest in tranquility and grace. I am calm, fulfilled, and happy. I take refuge in my calm center and am balanced. Repeat and believe. When you see an angry person suffering, do this exercise. Breathe in and feel compassion for the angry person who suffers. Breathe out, wishing the angry person to feel less suffering and let go of their angry feelings.

Finding beauty in the ordinary, and the ordinary in beauty, is Zen living in action. You are always responsible for your own emotional state and your reactions to other people and situations, and if you don't connect those dots, then you won't be very good at helping anyone else, let alone yourself. When you accept this as a gift, you will understand all of the different ways that you can be a good friend, colleague, ally, partner, mother, father, stranger, and guide in the waters of life. Everyone has the capacity to be empathic, but not all people would call themselves empaths. It can be developed and strengthened, and if you want to use these powers to help other people and yourself, then acceptance is a great place to start. Answer some of the following questions to decide if you are ready to accept your gift and deepen your skills as an empath: Are you excited to talk to others about life, problems, emotions, personal issues, growth, and transformation? Are you willing to offer your time and energy to be supportive and helpful to other people? Do you feel happy when you have had an intense conversation with someone and know that they needed someone to talk to about it all? Are you interested in being a mentor, mediator, counselor, or healer? Do you like problem-solving your own feelings? Your body can handle stress in bursts, but you've been dealing with a lot for a long time, basically without a break. So I'm wondering if your stress hormones--cortisol and adrenaline--may be either too high or too low a lot of the time. I wouldn't be surprised, Lara said, shrugging. But I'm not sure what difference that would make. When your estrogen and progesterone are out of balance, it's often because your stress hormones went out of balance first, I explained. Stress hormones are incredibly powerful and they affect just about every bodily function--including your menstrual cycle. They may be a contributing factor keeping you from getting pregnant. Lara looked at me in surprise. Insulin is another key hormone to look at, I told her.

Insulin regulates blood sugar. Meditation changes your response to stress and eliminates your response to yourself, because you begin to see things the way they really are--beautiful. You start to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the mundane. Pranayama is the formal practice for controlling the breath. It is a Sanskrit word meaning, extension of the breath, the life force. Stand and loosen your neck, arms, and hands and take deep breaths through your nose. Close your eyes and set your feet about hip-width apart. Let your arms hang naturally. Take a deep breath through your nose and lean to your right, exhaling through your nose. At the end of the exhale, return to upright. Now take in a new deep breath and lean to your left. Do you spend a lot of time exploring and investigating personal growth and self-help manuals and guidance? Are you connected to your feelings in a way that makes them an intense part of your life, every day? Are you failing to notice how strong and powerful your gifts are because other people have told you that you are too sensitive? Are you able to look at these articles and identify with this reality? Do you want to accept that you are good at listening to people and reading their emotions? If you answered yes to at least half of these questions, then you are ready to know more about the power of your gift. If you are asking any of these questions already, then you are ahead of the game and can begin to ignite your emotional mastery so that you can become a wiser person and stronger empath. Don't get discouraged on the road to accepting your truth. There are many people who are not as emotionally secure and capable of emotional intelligence, and as a new empath, you know how easy it is to pick up on those vibes.