This whole matter deserves more careful attention. The next painful paragraphs were written later that Friday evening, the day of the fifth interview. I've been wandering around like a ghost all evening, trying to find the answer, telling myself it isn't so, I just can't be as miserable as all that, it doesn't make sense, and then I'm swamped with the realization that it is so, sense or not, I am that miserable. So then I collapse in a chair and try to look full at that pain, let it wash right over me, in hopes, I suppose, that it may work like a crisis -- that if I take the full force of it at once, it may knock me into darkness and oblivion from which I will emerge a new person. Well, it didn't work that way, but as I was crouching there in a miserable huddle, not improved by the fact that my cold is rapidly getting worse, your face with its disapproving expression rose vividly in my mind's eye. Perhaps I was addressing my thoughts to you -- really, I can't remember, but anyway I was carrying on a despairing struggle to solve the riddle of my relationship with my mother, when suddenly, two things happened -- and for the life of me I can't remember which happened first, but whichever way it was, they trod right upon each other's heels. For one thing, it suddenly occurred to me that of course Mother, too, has a right to make her own choices and to be any kind of person she chooses to be. As simple as all that, the answer is. The other thing was that as I looked at your face, it was as if a hand reached out and quite literally peeled a heavy shadow away from it, revealing the fresh, individual face which I was so disappointed to lose this afternoon. It was the most extraordinarily vivid experience; Something will come to mind. Take one small step into your new field of energy and do something positive about that idea. If you want to be known for celebrating responsibility, keep taking small steps on the ideas and financial challenges that show up when you ponder this concept. ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability is another one of those words. Few of us check our intentions when we use either responsibility or accountability. And we also ignore our own attempts to shove someone onto the River of Shame. So accountability is about how you keep track, how you keep your agreements with yourself. I keep my agreements with myself, or I don't. I'm accountable, and here is the clincher, to me. If I didn't do what I said I would do, there are several alternatives.

NLP, we know, therefore, that you are in control of your mind, your results. And all the NLP resources help to create a more whole and choice-filled life. Around 40 percent of all our students simply study NLP as a personal development resource. They find the devices extremely flexible for use in all areas of life. Learn how you build and use your life's patterns of emotion, actions, and belief. Adjust or modify any habits that will help you live your best life. Develop your relationship with others and yourself. Consider yourself ready to fulfill your goals and desires. Understand how the internal language produces life's programs-and how to alter them as you need them. Live your life as a more honest you, to be the best you can be. Not the face, that is, that was just a vivid memory, but the shadow of my own feelings, which I had projected on it. Isn't it astonishing how that insight corrects, not only present feelings, but reaches back to correct the distortions of stored memories? And that explains the haunting, but elusive sense I've had of something odd and baffling in your appearance, so that I've been torn between nervous reluctance to look at you, and a desire to stare and stare in hopes of penetrating and dispelling the enigma. Then there were two or three times when I would have sworn you laughed, but when I looked you were perfectly sober, and you quite obviously hadn't and couldn't have been even smiling. And on one of those occasions when I looked at you, something seemed to move rapidly from your face towards my left hand and disappear. Hallucinations, of all things! It may not surprise you, but it simply staggers me. Anyway, the misery has melted away, and though I feel tired and rather afraid to believe it, and my cold is a perfect horror, life is more than bearable again, and in fact I'd almost like to go home at once, to practice the new approach. Here, as so often, the significant insights occur between interviews, and while the insight appears simple enough, it is the fact that it comes to have emotional and operational meaning, which gives it its newness and vividness. When this same insight was verbalized in the next interview, it seemed significant, but the counselor would never have guessed the depth and sharpness of the experience which preceded it.

It is a given that I will experience whatever emotions and body sensations show up. The options are No shame, no blame, no excuses, and no reasons. How successful are these actions? Well, I have changed my life again and again when I realize I have slipped in any of these areas. I hear story after story about other people's lives smoothing out and moving forward when they look at these options and make a clear choice of action. And yes, it may seem as if you've hit rough waters when you first start out. Some people are even thrown out of their vessel for a while. But they get back on board and adjust themselves and their tangled ropes and head out for the ocean of abundance once again. Action Step Ultimately, there are three aspects of life that NLP can significantly enhance: The state of an individual is your mood or emotion at any point in time. Your Country has a direct correlation with your attitudes and your behavior. You can monitor your condition with NLP and have complete control over your mind, feelings, opinions, and beliefs. The story of a person is your story and often turns into an excuse or reason not to act. NLP will help you reclassify your life stories, leverage the resources available in your accounts, and use your past to help make your future better and more resourceful. Strategy for an individual is the unconscious patterns of thought, belief, actions, and thinking that either set you up for success or failure. You'll learn a variety of techniques through NLP that will help you improve the strategies that work well and modify the one that doesn't. Manage your personal and professional relationships. Your personal and professional relationships with the help of these skills.

The hallucinations are very uncommon, although not unique in experience in client-centered therapy. In general, in clients undergoing drastic self-reorganization, behaviors which would be labeled as psychotic from a diagnostic frame of reference are encountered with some frequency. When one sees these behaviors from the internal frame of reference their functional meaning appears so clear that it becomes incomprehensible that they should be regarded as symptoms of a disease. To regard all behavior as the meaningful attempt of the organism to adjust to itself and to its environment -- this appears more fruitful for understanding personality processes than to try to categorize some behaviors as abnormal, or as constituting disease entities. The next entry was written on Monday. Well, here we go again -- and it's another quite frightening example of the autonomous character of this business. Like being a devotee of Juggernaut -- after the first voluntary act of throwing yourself in front of it, you get run over whether you like it or not and you get run over all the way, you can't say, Stop it, that's enough, I'm only willing to be partially run over. It's all or nothing. And somehow, the only answer that has any dignity at all is to give your full consent to what you cannot avoid anyway. Saturday morning I wanted to phone and tell you that all was well, because I was sure you'd be pleased to know that the job was more or less satisfactorily completed. Notice how you keep your agreements with yourself. Notice how you keep other people's agreements with you . Become aware of any differences, especially of other people's facial expressions and comments around your actions as you interact with them. To step up into another vibration, acknowledge when you have kept or are about to not keep your agreement. For example, if you agree to meet at 3 P. If you said around 3 P. Being honest to the penny adds to the smooth flow in your own energy field. Be honest with yourself about your responses, the emotions, thoughts, and judgments you heap on yourself. Ride the waves of energy and come to a peaceful conclusion. Become a celebration of responsibility and accountability for yourself.

Stay in Touch Do you have a friend who only seems to call you when they want something and throw a veil over it as a' keep in touch'? That is no different from professional relationships. There are many ways to stay in contact in a sincere manner that shows respect for the other and allows for an ongoing conversation that seems uninterrupted even though you may only talk a few times a year physically. Staying in touch can include a random letter, emailing to say hi, occasionally picking up the phone, and sharing a article you think is interesting, and putting something with a stamp and everything into the actual mail. Your knowledge Go of any thoughts you may have about your understanding of scarcity. Know-how is universal. There's practically nothing new out there. Through sharing the experience, your contribution to comprehensive knowledge would benefit people in far higher numbers than just those few people with whom you communicate. But although the spirit was so cheerful and willing, the flesh was awfully sick with cold, and I just couldn't drag myself out of bed to go to the phone. Towards evening I found that incomprehensible pain and fear starting to wash over me again. By ten o'clock the thing had reached a new high, and this time it was dominated by a wild, irrational fear -- a fear so terrible that by a strange mercy, I couldn't absorb the full impact of it. That revelation was utterly surprising to me! I have always thought of death as somehow the crown of life, a supremely interesting, one-of-a-kind experience, for which you should prepare well beforehand because if you muff it, you will never have another chance, and I've always felt that you should be in good health to die. Somehow the element of shock seemed to numb the fear long enough to let me think a moment. And of course my first thought was that in such straits, God is the only refuge. But when I turned to Him, I faced the ultimate horror, utter reversal and betrayal -- He who claimed to be Love itself, was the death-dealer, the cruel avenger, the destroyer, and I hated and feared Him: in my bitterest need, the Friend to whom I turned revealed Himself as the Enemy. Unless you know, I can't tell you what it's like to come to the end of everything, and find it infinitely more terrible than anything you ever suspected or dreamed. Well, I wrestled with this awful thing, but you can't face such a horror indefinitely -- the mind recoils, and in that recoil there's a certain relief.