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Still, it is a very useful mindset to have. The Follower Mindset People with this mindset don't like to question things. They don't have control of their lives and are fine with others taking the control instead. Individuals in this category do what they are told by whomever they give control to without really thinking for themselves or doing what they want. However, this mindset does not allow people to get the true happiness they desire since they end up doing what others want. The Greed Mindset It is okay to want more than you presently have. If you get a car today, it does not mean you won't want a better one in the coming year. Or Mother Teresa to just choose joy? We regard these people as giants of the faith, as saints, and yet they still struggled with depression. The faithfulness of their lives did not make them immune--and it will not make me immune. They remind us that sometimes these things happen. Sometimes we are weighed down by sadness. Sometimes our brains get sick just as our bodies do. Their lives bear witness to this truth. Since that seminary classroom where I first encountered these companions, I've come to realize that the stories we choose to tell communicate something. Ignoring a struggle like depression in the lives of people in church history--those we still talk about today, those we may call heroes--communicates something. It says those stories don't matter, or, worse, that we should be ashamed of them. Finding tools to treat this illness can have a positive global impact.

The case in the beginning of the article is an example of how exercise can elevate neurotransmitters (signal messengers) and good energy hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are opioid-like chemicals in the body that can attach to cell receptors and release natural painkillers or analgesics but can also elevate mood. Studies have shown that endorphins are released when we feel pain and experience stress, such as exercise. It can see the function of tissues instead of just the anatomy. We release endorphins in direct proportion to our level of exertion, and they act on our brains to create a sense of euphoria. This mechanism is thought to be the reason for a runner's high, which is based on a reward mechanism for prolonged exercise. Endorphins also inhibit the pain response; Endorphins also raise our pain thresholds, which allows us to perform in times of pain. Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, are associated with mood disorders. This is not abnormal, but when your mindset is all about wanting way more than you need, then it could be a problem. Similar to the envy mindset, the greed mindset can motivate you to become successful. However, no matter how much you amass, it will never be enough for you, and your greed could be the end of you. The Gratitude Mindset It is easy to forget about gratitude, especially for the little things. This is a common mindset that can fill your life with positivity. You can be grateful for your family, good health, and a roof over your head. If you can adopt this mindset, you will understand the importance of everything you have and will live a happier and more successful life. This is one of the mindsets that does not come with any drawbacks. The Confident Mindset That is why this article exists.

The stories you will read in this article need to be told. They need to be told so that we can be heirs of the wisdom and comfort these brothers and sisters have to share. They need to be told so that we find the courage and freedom to tell our own stories. They need to be told so that we are reminded that God can still use us, that depression will not be our life's epitaph. They are, for me, models of what it looks like to follow Jesus through depression. If you don't struggle with depression, I hope that in these articles you find testimonies of what this struggle is like for so many people around you. I hope your humble listening in to these stories increases your compassion and your awareness of how to help your depressed brothers and sisters. If you, like me, are no stranger to depression, I hope that as you read, you find a friend along the way. Someone whose experience you recognize and can find camaraderie with. Many medications used for treating depression target these transmitters. A major review examined 39 different studies to determine the role of exercise in depression. They found that exercise is moderately more effective for reducing symptoms of depression than no therapy at all. One public health study showed jogging in groups may be effective in improving the outlook of adolescent females with depressive symptoms. Exercise provides a potent mood stabilizer without the side effects seen with many medications, such as weight gain and sexual dysfunction. One of the most exciting benefits of aerobic exercise is its role in the elevation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). It is located in the brain and spinal cord and supports the growth and survival of neurons or nerve cells. The protein helps these cells grow and mature and increases efficiency of the connection between neurons. Research shows that BDNF is vital to neuroplasticity, which is the way in which the brain adapts to new challenges in learning and forming memory. Interestingly, BDNF is found in areas of the brain that control eating, drinking, and body weight. Confidence is crucial for anyone who wants the kind of life they aspire to.

It also influences how you see yourself, the way you interact with others, and how much faith you have in your skills. The confident mindset helps your mental health and makes you happy to be who you are. However, many people with this mindset have a higher chance of developing overconfidence, and this may result in arrogance, which is detrimental to you and those you interact with. The Creative Mindset Not every person is creative, so having this mindset makes you stand out from other people around you. Many people tend to struggle with creativity, which is why they are unable to put in their best in the things they do. The creative mindset can help one be a problem solver, and also offer the ability to develop ideas in instances that others were unable to think of. The Short-Term Mindset This mindset shares a lot of similarities with the lazy mindset. Someone who can whisper, Yes, I've been there. Someone who can offer a little advice about how to survive, how to be faithful. May they bring you comfort. May they bring you hope. May they shine a little light on your path through the dark. MARTIN LUTHER Flee Solitude--Drink, Joke, and Jest An ebony stain followed in the wake of his jerking arm movements across the article. Words poured from him. Dark ink flung at dark thoughts, keeping them at bay, feeding faith's flame. It's likely that it plays a role in the management of these issues as well.

Aerobic exercise has been shown to elevate BDNF levels and improve neuroplasticity. Studies have also attributed elevations in BDNF to increases in the volume of different parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus (a part of our brain that deals with memory) and gray and white matter in the cortex (in charge of higher functions). In a time when more than 30 percent of Medicare beneficiaries report cognitive impairment or severe dementia, tools like exercise can be very valuable in the prevention of cognitive decline. Novel Ways to Exercise We often hear, I don't have time to exercise. Who has an hour to go to the gym? It is true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment--we want to remind readers that even a little goes a long way. In studies, bouts of moderate to intense exercise in 10-minute intervals up to 30 minutes a day can still bestow health benefits, especially when someone is first starting to exercise after living a sedentary lifestyle. This is a modality that uses repeated episodes of high intensity from five seconds to eight minutes, followed by varying recovery periods. This is because most of those with a lazy mindset are primarily interested in short-term joy. These kinds of individuals are only interested in things that will provide them with happiness in the present moment. However, this kind of mindset can lead to misery down the road. The Angry Mindset Individuals who have problems with anger have this mindset. In most cases, they have experienced events in the past that have resulted in them becoming angry about everything and everyone. People could have problems with anger for many reasons; They are also unable to keep their emotions in check, which makes this mindset one that everyone should eradicate. The Productive Mindset Individuals with this mindset can utilize their time correctly and accomplish goals effectively. What if your doctrine is false and in error?