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If you have a particular urge for a food, you are probably not hungry, but you are simply greedy. If, on the contrary, you eat the first food on your way, then you are probably really hungry. Find another way to fulfill your emotional needs and eat only when you are hungry. In this way, you will lose weight. Think of something you wanted to do but didn't believe you could. This might have been a sport, learning to drive, play an instrument, making friends with someone special... Initially the belief stopped you from taking action. Then you found a way around that. Can you remember how you did that? By the time you succeeded in the thing you wanted to do, your belief was the opposite from the one you started with. Find a belief that is stopping you from taking action now. What would it be more useful to believe? I will show how walking makes us social, by freeing our hands for tools, and for gestures - movements that allow us to signal meaning to others. Walking allows us to hold hands, sending out signals of exclusive romantic involvement; walking allows us to provide physical support to each other; marching in protest is a common feature of our free political lives, which is why the prevention of assembly and of marches is one of the first orders of an autocrat. Walking is good for the body, good for the brain, and good for society at large. Hormone control can be achieved with the proper diet and exercise by avoiding stress, eliminating smoking and avoiding chemicals. If necessary, bioidentical hormones can be used to replace the natural hormones that we lose as we age. Bioidentical hormones are not synthetic hormones and do not have the same side effects. They are more likely to mimic the natural hormones that we have lost. Unfortunately, not all doctors are familiar with bioidentical hormones and will not prescribe them but will steer you towards drugs and synthetic hormones instead.

For example, some doctors will prescribe the synthetic estrogen/progestin combination to women experiencing menopausal symptoms without doing a blood test. A test of hormone levels would determine if the woman requires more estrogen or if progesterone on its own would be enough to balance her hormones. What action would that free you up to take? How would it be if you were able to believe that life was trying to help you? That every event was for your benefit? And that the universe will support you if you support yourself? This kind of work can bring up negative attitudes about the future. So, it may be useful to say to yourself "from this moment, everything will be OK. " And imagine that it is so. Because whatever you have done in the past has gone. Your future is like a pot in the making, and you're the one with the clay in your hands. This sort of work is easier the more you remember to be kind to yourself when things go wrong. Have you ever forgotten to do this? But the converse is also true. We pay the price for our lack of movement, whether it arises because of the environments we occupy, the design of our offices, or from just being idle and sedentary. I want to show in this book how imperative it is that we start walking again. Our brains and our bodies will be the better for it; our moods, clarity of thought, our creativity, our connectedness to our social, urban and natural worlds will all be the better for it. It is the simple, doable, personal fix we all need. Doctors often prescribe based on the studies and recommendations made by pharmaceutical companies. They don't have time to research each drug that comes on the market so most doctors are influenced by information provided by these companies.

The synthetic estrogen/progestin combination is patentable and therefore profitable while bioidentical progesterone is not. Pharmaceutical companies provide doctors not only with literature, but also with free samples to dispense to their patients. Bioidentical estrogen and progesterone are synthesized from plant extracts such as yams and soybeans. They are designed molecularly to be similar to the hormones in our bodies. These hormones have been used in Europe for many years with great success and minimal side effects. As an aside, when deciding what you want to manifest, it is also by far the best option to choose your heartfelt desires - what you deeply long for. Even if you feel or think initially that you cannot get it, or that you do not deserve it. There is a good reason why there are not many restaurants decorated in blue. The color would have the effect of reducing the appetite. Surround yourself with blue while you eat: serve food on blue plates, paint your kitchen walls in blue, choose a tablecloth and blue placemats, and you will reduce your appetite. On the contrary, red, yellow and orange would have the opposite effect, according to several studies. How did it feel? What could you see? Was there any sound, or were you talking to yourself? Imagine this as vividly as you can until you feel better about yourself. Practice thinking of different times you felt good. Notice how feeling good about yourself makes it easier to shift bad habits. The truth of the matter is that if you truly, deeply desire something - then it is absolutely meant to manifest in your life. These heartfelt desires come directly from your soul or `Higher Self', the part of you that works "behind the scenes" in the world of energy to bring everything you desire your way. It may sound funny, but it works.

When Alan R. Hirsch, a neurologist and director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, tried this method with 3,000 volunteers, he found that the more participants felt these foods, the less hungry they were and the more they were losing weight (an average of 30 pounds per year). The researcher thinks that the phenomenon is explained by the fact that the brain, feeling these foods, has the impression of being eating them. Drugs can be important for our medical care and they do save lives, but often we are given drugs to alleviate symptoms when we only require a change in our diet and a tweaking of our blood chemistry. You just need to stop blocking and start attracting what you desire with the Manifesting Formula, which we will talk about now. The emerging science is giving us a clear picture: regular walking confers enduring and substantial benefits on individuals, and on society at large. This book celebrates both the science of walking and the unalloyed joy of going for a good walk. I want to place an ostensibly simple behavioural change into a central position as the driver of positive psychological and physical well-being. It is an activity that almost everyone can engage in, and that comes naturally to us. Our brains and bodies are built for movement in our daily lives, in our natural and built environments: regular movement improves our thinking, feeling and creative selves in myriad ways, as well as improving our health. And as you build the habit of feeling better about yourself, you will find it easier to take more responsibility for your actions. How often have you heard people complaining about their circumstances and getting stuck in a victim role? People feel downtrodden and worthless. When this happens people would rather complain about something than take action. Why is this? They think that complaining is the best action to take because they cannot see a better alternative. And they don't take responsibility for the situation they're in. As you remember some of the times that this has happened, you may question whether it is the most effective way to behave. It's time to get up and walk our way to a better life - go see the world as it is, and as only we humans can. A knowledgeable doctor will do the necessary tests to determine your hormone levels before giving you a prescription.

Your doctor should also be interested and involved in helping you keep your hormones properly adjusted in the years to come. Each person's blood chemistry is unique and keeps changing with age. Replacing hormones when needed and keeping the hormone levels in control are important facets of health care. In the 1950's, cholesterol testing was just in its infancy. Now, it has been used for years to flag potential heart problems and is completely accepted by the medical profession. Mainstream medicine can take years to catch up with research. For many years now, significant research has been carried out on balancing hormones, and the findings of these studies have indicated positive effects on health and wellness. However, some doctors are wary of the information or do not have time or an interest in finding out about these new medical treatments. It is important to explore new knowledge and benefit from it. First, IMAGINE what it will be like to already have what you desire. Allow pictures to come up before your inner eye as you keep your eyes closed. Imagination is an important part of the manifestation process as it gives your desire a structure. We overlook at our peril the gains to be made from walking, for our health, for our mood, for our clarity of mind. Many of us live now in a deeply unnatural environment, where we spend long periods of the day sitting with our eyes focused on screens, perhaps a half-metre or so from our eyes. When we stand up, and then walk around and move about, our posture changes, with our torso and spinal column shifting to a single vertical axis from our head down through our back, and, through our legs and feet, contacting the ground. By contrast, when we sit, the weight of our body trunk is largely concentrated on the lower back, and in particular, on the coccyx, that little collection of bones that comprises our vestigial human tail.1 The coccyx anchors a remarkable lattice of tendons and muscles extending across the spine and down the upper legs in particular, the gluteus muscles of the upper thighs, which are vital for walking. Little wonder that lower-back pain is one of the most common ailments in the developed world. As you imagine having what you desire, allow yourself to FEEL what it will be like to already have what you desire. Focus on how it feels to have a lot of money in the bank, what you will do, what you will see and how you will see the world differently and feel differently. A study has shown that eating in front of a mirror reduces by one third the quantity of food that a person ingests.