For centuries, dreams have been used to communicate instruction and direction to people of purpose--great men and women. God used dreams to prepare Joseph for his future as a leader of nations. He gave battle plans to Gideon in a dream. The person who manipulates the team is known to deliberately create a major imbalance in power while exploiting the vulnerable in order to serve their agenda. It's vital to comprehend the tricks that manipulative individuals use in coercing others into doing what they need to be done. While this list is not exhaustive, there are important points that you should master in order to benefit in the long run. With that said, a manipulative individual can easily insist that you have a meeting and interact in a certain area where they can exercise control in order for you to be their subject. This may be the person's office, car, or home. In these areas, the people feel dominant while you feel the need to run for a cover or security. In a different scenario, some people, such as the sales representatives can allow you to speak first in order for them to prospect you and analyze your prospective response prior to probing questions. The person will then delve into the creation of a baseline to think about your character and evaluate your strengths as well as weaknesses. The type of questioning in this scene is based on establishing if you have understood all the relevant questions and answers during the interaction. The panel may also want to know if you are a viable candidate for the position. It was almost as if she went into a freeze state. Interestingly, Kim only began experiencing this when a new, strong-minded male boss was hired. After a while, Kim also started to notice that she began to lose her words whenever she was around him. As more time went by, Kim began losing her ability to articulate around all men. Whereas she had once been confident, she now often questioned herself. Around the same time Kim's new boss started, she also got into a new relationship. The closer she got to her boyfriend, the more trouble she had articulating her feelings to him.

She felt uncomfortable asking for what she needed so, often, didn't ask at all. Whenever Kim found herself wanting something she couldn't ask for, she felt her muscles tense up. After a while, it all caught up with Kim. Joan of Arc, Jacob, George Washington, Marie Curie, and the apostle Paul were all guided by their dreams. But I'm nowhere near a `great man,' Michael said. I'm nothing like any of the people you've mentioned. I've messed everything up. I'm certainly no apostle Paul. I'm not even sure I believe in God anymore. Truman smiled and put a hand on Michael's shoulder. That's all right, son, he said. He believes in you. How do you know that? You can rest assured that the person questioning you is well equipped with the right questions and answers to help you in understanding the scope of the business. As such, you should focus on exuding confidence. How to Manipulate Anyone in Your Life As a manipulator, you may develop different tendencies, including manipulating other people who are close to you in real life. Manipulate Your Friends When it comes to manipulating your friends, you might realize that it is a tricky situation. For starters, you will have to know your friends well enough before you put your manipulation skills to the test.

You should not worry that much. It is still possible to make sure that your friends have submitted to your manipulation tactics. For starters, make sure that you have buttered your friend in case you need a favor within a few days. Her anxiety continued to ramp up to the point where she couldn't hold it together. She quit her job, began avoiding social situations, and eventually found herself sabotaging her relationship. Kim finally reached a point where she realized she needed help, and it was then that she came to see me. It was evident that, as a result of the assault, Kim had become locked in a freeze state. Our work was to practice moving Kim out of these freeze states in a non-threatening way. This involved reconnecting and reattaching Kim with her body, and sensory experience in a way that felt comfortable to her. Once Kim was able to do this, things began to shift. The only way we can undo trauma is to re-experience the survival mechanism and move beyond it. In Kim's case, that meant I had to help her visualize safely moving through the assault so that she could have a physical experience of what it would be like to defend herself. Kim is an interesting study because, like so many of us, she was able to keep the impact of her trauma contained for a long time. Michael asked. Because, Truman answered, looking directly at Michael, you wouldn't be here if He didn't. Sometimes, someone is chosen to travel the ages, gathering wisdom for future generations. It's as if God literally reaches down and places His hand on a shoulder, and in this case, the president peered over his glasses, it was your shoulder. A sharp knock at the door interrupted them. Without waiting for a response, a stocky man strode into the room. I'm sorry to barge in, sir, he said, his eyes surveying the room.

I thought I heard you talking to someone. No, Fred, Truman said as he looked directly at Michael, no one here. Then motioning toward the door with his hand, he said, Will you see that I'm not disturbed? Always make sure that you have been nice while also doing some small favors. Ensure that you have told your friend about how good they are. The main point here is to make sure that you have done all it takes to become a friend without raising any suspicion. Utilize Your Emotions Your friends should be caring individuals; If you have any acting skills, make sure that you have used them accordingly to ensure that you will appear to be a very upset individual. Constantly Remind Your Friend about How Good They Are Always ensure that you remember the periods when you have always done some good things for the sake of your friend. Guilt-Trip Your Friends You do not have to utilize the bad friend card. To the point where everyone--including Kim--assumed she had fully recovered and was fine. It wasn't until Kim became closely connected to male figures (like her assailant) that her body came back into that same defensive posture it had been in during the knife attack. It was then that the unresolved trauma came rushing forward and Kim automatically went back to her default survival mechanism--the freeze. It's important to note that the male figures in Kim's life who triggered her were not a threat--neither Kim's boss nor her boyfriend were problematic or posed any sort of threat. The problem is that Kim sensed danger where it was not present because this is what happens when there is an incomplete survival response. The experience becomes lost in the body and the person returns to that default survival skill when stress and tension increase. Because Kim had not resolved the trauma of her past, she sensed danger in the present and reacted accordingly.

Kim is not unusual. In fact, I see a lot of cases in which people's trauma responses creep up on them later on down the line. Stress tends to bring up trauma responses, as does attachment (which is why Kim's boyfriend was triggering). Of course, Mr President, Fred said as he slowly backed out, a concerned look on his face. Still looking around, he added, I'll be escorting you to the conference room within the hour, but if you need me before then-- You'll be right outside, Truman said as he ushered the confused man from the room, and I won't hesitate to call for you. Thank you, Fred. When the president closed the door, Michael asked, He can't see me? Apparently no one can, Truman replied. No one, that is, except the person you came to visit. Of course, that makes me look a little crazy, he said with a grin, in here, all alone, talking to myself. Fred Canfil is my special bodyguard. He's temporarily assigned to the Secret Service, and I've grown rather fond of him. Always mention someone casually and remind them about how they have let you down. Always make it sound like your friend is uncaring without going overboard. Manipulating Your Significant Other When it comes to manipulating your partner, such a task should not be so hard. The best way to manipulate your partner is by turning them on and asking them for favors eventually; If you don't want to use such a tactic, ensure that you have come up with different ways to manipulate your partner depending on what you know about them. The approach that you use should be effective.