It is designed to allow for the development of the beliefs and habits that you need. You are in charge of yourself. You can learn to control your mind--the conscious and the unconscious. You can learn how you can take control of the patterns that you live by, rewriting that map once and for all and ensuring that you do, in fact, develop the understanding that you need to change who you are, how you behave, and more. It is simple to learn and, so long as you are willing to do so and put in the effort, NLP can become an incredibly useful tool to aid you in your own personal self-development. It takes little more than a brisk walk to change one's mood. Planning your next vacation increases your immediate productivity. Learning something new will lead to a new mental journey. Coloring will take you away and fill you up with a sense of wonder. Reaching out to a friend will lift both of your spirits. Happiness can be fleeting because it can be detached from meaning. Meaning is the mental tick that gets you out of bed when you don't want to. It is the volunteer who receives nothing for her work except knowing that somehow and someway she may make her teammates feel better and help the cause, movement, or the group succeed. Life philosophies require that our daily activities connect to something greater. We need to be fulfilled and focusing on any of the As can lead to our desire and need to live meaningful lives. A review of the research doesn't help much. A few studies have found that a moderate amount of coffee may lower the risk for diabetes. However, some smaller studies have linked caffeine to higher blood sugar levels after meals. The only reasonable conclusion you can make is that, when it comes to caffeine's effect on blood sugar, the jury's still out. Then, in 2010, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of studies that examined the association between caffeine consumption and the risk of diabetes.

This included a 2005 study that incorporated findings on nearly 200,000 participants. This study suggested that consuming six or seven cups of coffee per day reduces a person's risk of diabetes by about a third. A couple cups of coffee a day probably won't hurt you and is a better choice than soda or juice. Sleep Apnea is a medical term for temporary stoparticle of breathing. W hat NLP Targets When it comes to programming yourself, there are three ways that you will really be able to aid yourself in becoming the best version of yourself that you can become. You can develop the state that you are looking to master. You can work on your story that you tell of yourself. You can change the strategy through which you work through life. In targeting these, you can make the changes that you want to have. C hanging your state N LP firstly works to change your state- this is your emotions or mood that you are in at any point in time. When you have that in consideration, you need to realize that, ultimately, the way that you interact with the world is determined entirely by the way in which you engage with the world. You can recognize that your state, that emotional feeling that you have at any point in time, is directly related to the ways in which you interact with the world and then, that consideration means that you will also be able to figure out how best to change them. At the very least, the pursuit of mastery of any of the As gives us the chance to narrow our focus and to get feedback from that focus. With sustained efforts in -- Athletics, Adventure, Academics, Advocacy, Art, or The Human Algorithm -- we can create a sense of meaning and purpose for our lives. How often have you had a stressful day and at the end of decided to do something, sometimes anything, that made you happy? Suddenly, your frustrating day can be put into perspective. Practicing the 6As generates opportunities for meaning and purpose which are as important as food, water, and shelter.

Belief in something greater and belief in contribution is a central tenant to meaning. John awakes early to volunteer on behalf of a medical cause. He works day and night because he believes in advancing the cause. Attention seekers often burn out because their effort was derived from attention for short-term benefit rather than for long-term meaning. People who believe in a cause generate unlimited energy for themselves and others because they have found meaning in the effort. A lot of people periodically stop breathing during sleep, which is called sleep apnea. Actually, most of us have occasional apnea while we sleep; However, some individuals do it excessively. Apnea spells can last 15 to 20 seconds and occur as often as 40 to 50 times an hour. Sleep apnea rarely poses any immediate danger. However, it can prevent you from getting the right kind of sleep. You may think you sleep well, but you're not getting enough of what's called restorative sleep--the deep sleep that replenishes your energy and alertness. Consequently, you suffer from excessive sleepiness and tiredness during the day. Obesity brings on sleep apnea, which is why America is now experiencing an epidemic of sleep apnea. Of course, obesity is linked to insulin resistance, so people with sleep apnea often have insulin resistance. You know that your state will influence the behaviors that you have, sometimes in very dangerous ways, and that can be a huge problem for you. You must be able to take control of everything that you have going on. You must be willing and able to take complete and utter control over the mindset that you have. In learning NLP, you will get that power. Changing your story

N LP will also aid you in changing your story--this is the narrative of the life that you have lived so far. Usually, this narrative is highly corroded or highly corrupt. It could be that you are not thinking about the way in which you are behaving. It could be that you think that the way that you have lived your life is actually more of a problem than it actually is. It could be that your story has become some sort of excuse for why you cannot take control in the first place. Independence of Circumstance. Life philosophies need to function in all circumstances. The 6As require movement, discovery, learning, creativity, and assistance of any type. That means that the standard is simply action, any action, toward a life with meaning and purpose daily. At 17, Karen sat in a wheelchair as she went to her prom. Her survival, happiness, and meaning were central to her life even if her pursuit of these activities had to be modified. A Human Algorithm example Angel is a doctoral student in public health. She reads, writes, analyzes documents, and checks about 100 emails daily. For many people, this would take up all their time, but not for Angel. On the other hand, sleep apnea causes your body to produce more adrenaline at night, which further reduces insulin sensitivity. Thus, obesity sets the stage for sleep apnea, which lowers insulin sensitivity, which promotes more weight gain. Sometimes doctors recommend treatment of sleep apnea with small home respirators called continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, devices. These machines deliver a steady stream of compressed air to your airways via a hose attached to a face mask. The flow of air keeps your airway open so that you can get the restorative sleep you need.

Besides improving insulin resistance, CPAP treatment can dramatically improve daytime sleepiness and energy levels. Exercise and weight loss also improve sleep apnea--and the insulin resistance that goes along with it. TURNING OFF THE SUGAR TAP If you have sleep problems--due to shift changes, jet lag, insomnia, or sleep apnea--correcting them will improve your body's sensitivity to insulin and help reduce those after-meal sugar shocks. However, if you can't find a solution to your sleep problem, it's even more important to reduce the glycemic load of your diet and to use sugar blockers to inhibit the absorption of glucose into your bloodstream. However, you can reframe that story. You can rewrite the way that you talk to yourself and if you do that, you know that you can better work on the ways in which you talk to yourself. You can develop the ability to better work with other people. You can show yourself the ways in which you are able to control yourself. You can ensure that, ultimately, you do remember that you must keep track of the way in which you talk to yourself and if you can reframe everything, you know that you are able to better work with yourself so your future behaviors can fit what you wish to do in life. C hanging your strategy F inally, you can use NLP to help you change your strategy. The strategy is the mental map that you develop; When it comes down to it, the strategy that you follow, those mental maps that you create, will control everything. No matter what it is that you want in your life and no matter how much you wish to change what is happening, you want to ensure that you can, in fact, change them. She starts her day by running and often takes pictures of the sunrise as it peaks over the mountain. At night, she plays guitar, plans trips around the world, works on a article all the while planning for her next marathon. Her average speed per mile is 7:15 which means it takes her about 3 hours and 10 minutes to finish a marathon. By itself, it is impressive, but Angel's impressiveness doesn't end there. She always has had a sense of fairness so recently when she was sexually assaulted, she fiercely advocated for herself in a system stacked against her.