They are all things that never existed before someone invented them. There's a popular old quote that says, "If you can dream it or think it, you can do it." I want us to take that to the next level. I want us to figure out how you can create a life beyond even what your mind may be able to think or dream possible. That would be you truly MANifesting your destiny. Even Michael Jordan agrees, saying, "You have to expect great things of yourself before you can do them." I'll give you an example. A buddy I went to Harvard Law School with is a man named Barack Obama. Seven years ago, Barack decided he wanted to be a U.S. congressman from his district in the city of Chicago. Yeah, that's a great goal. Be a congressman. Guess what happened? He ran for congress, and was completely and soundly defeated. Was he sad? Yes. Was he disappointed? For a little while, yes, he was disappointed because he lost. His goal, his dream, was to be a congressman, and he failed. However that loss didn't stop him from continuing to pursue his dreams in politics. He decided to work even harder and ran for an even bigger office. I achieved a fuller realization she was "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" a few years after destroying her window.

My parents had split, and we had no choice but to live with her for six painful months. I was getting an apple and she told me to give her half. I got a knife and cut, and being a young lad, it was a haphazard job. I was left with one piece substantially larger than the other. It seemed wise to give my grandmother the larger half, so I did. Then she proceeded to berate me for being a "greedy little bugger." She told me I should have given her the bigger half. I was looking at my half, which was about one-third of an apple, then looked at her two-thirds of an apple and said to myself You really are a nutbag. I won't repeat any of the racist slurs she often spewed. For three decades, I watched my grandmother torment my mother. My mother told me horror stories about her childhood, and I believe them. Mom had one of the shittiest, most abusive childhoods you can imagine. So, yes, she's a little neurotic as an adult. But she is not at all abusive, quite the opposite. I have never wanted for love. Mom showered my sister and me with love to the point it was almost annoying. "Yeah, I get it, Mom. You love me, but now you're embarrassing me." I always knew from my earliest days that, no matter what, Mom had my back. And yet, when she became pregnant for the first time with my older sister, there was panic. My mom dreaded she would be like her own mother and perpetuate a cycle of abuse. She spoke of this to her doctor, who gave her some simple yet poignant advice: "The suffering you've endured can be undone by loving your children with all your heart.

Think of what your own mother would have done, and do the opposite." The advice sounded good but did not resonate. The fear remained. Later, at home, she felt my sister kick. My mother told me of feeling the growing child inside her. She believed the kick was a message saying, I am here, and I need you. Even though my sister was not yet born, my mother realized in that instant she loved her in a way she had never loved another person before. Her heart soared. The choice to stand firm is about commitment and faith. In standing strong we are exercising the will of the heart and showing the mind that there is nothing negative in forgiving and moving on. With a courageous presence we send a message to the universe that we can turn over a new leaf with grace and skill. We have all earned the right to navigate our lives without stress or apprehension. For some, that premise starts today. I am confident that I have most certainly earned that right. We all have earned that right. You see, there comes a time in our lives when we come to a fork in the road. Off to the right is the path we are familiar with: the destination is well-known and there will be no surprises. Off to the left, on the other hand, is the less-traveled path that holds limitless, exciting possibilities. Which path do we choose? The path to the right has served us well, but it is now time to acknowledge the positive, feel the strength, and venture off to the left into new territory filled with beautiful possibilities. Focused on the ball at this moment, I realize that we must be determined to bounce, embrace the supportive feelings, confront the problems, and pair them with valid solutions.

It is the least we can do in the name of self-preservation. So, here I am. Like many of us, I have had turmoil and strife in my life. But now today, a spark has ignited. It's such a strange feeling. It's not an uncomfortable sensation; instead it is exhilarating and exciting! I feel my sorrow lessen as I realize how strong we really are as human beings. I again gaze at the lush green leaves of the apple tree. Raindrops collect on its leaves, forming small drops that slowly fall to the ground. So calm. My grandmother was just that, a calm force in my life, urging me to examine what it means to truly live. I miss her. I will always love her. Her words echo in my ears, "You are much stronger than you know." She was right. Unknowingly, I have spent years putting together the building blocks of resolve from within. I am the one who made it happen. We all have that strength; we just need to open our hearts and welcome its existence. Traveller's diarrhoea is the most common affliction for those travelling overseas and is so named because the cause is often simply the change in food or water. Unfortunately, if you're in developing countries, you're also more likely to encounter food that is contaminated, harbouring dangerous bacteria and viruses such as E. coli, shigella, salmonella, rotavirus and giardia.

Remember the best treatment is simply to drink plenty of fluids, as fluid loss through the bowel is significant. Keep your fluid intake up. Little and often is better than big and once only, and make sure the fluids are safe to drink. Water that is either boiled or bottled is fine, but a rehydration drink such as Hydralyte or Gastrolyte is better, as it replaces lost electrolytes and is recommended for children. You can make your own rehydration drink by dissolving 8 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 1 litre of safe water. Alternatively, sip weak black tea, sports drinks, mineral water or well-diluted fruit juice or soft drink (1 part juice or lemonade to 4 parts water). There's no need to starve yourself. If you feel like eating, try bland carbohydrate foods like boiled rice, oats, plain toast, banana, cracker biscuits, mashed potato, cooked cereals and cooked pasta. Avoid or limit milk products, alcohol, and fatty and spicy foods. There's usually no need to see a doctor unless the diarrhoea is severe or has not improved after two to three days. Antidiarrhoeals should not be taken unless you absolutely must (eg you have to get on a plane), as they can make things worse in the long run. For further information and to obtain sachets of rehydration powder and antibiotics (as well as vaccinations), visit a traveller's medical and vaccination centre. They apply to developing countries, especially those with warm or tropical climates, like SouthEast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. High-risk destinations are India, Nepal, tour boats on the Nile and poorer areas outside the main cities of any developing country. If you have a particularly negative thought that constantly permeates your mind, consider reframing it. When you hear that thought in your head, ask yourself if it's true. Ask yourself if you're jumping to conclusions, but don't blame yourself for the thought. Reassure yourself that it's a natural thought, but it's probably not true. Challenge it logically, ask yourself how things could be different, and ask your inner voice to reframe it into something more respectful. We might have some pretty strange conversations with ourselves, but we're trying to retrain our brain, so it's only to be expected!