If, on the other hand, he contributed effort, or in some way assumed responsibility for the task, either of those options would probably go a long way towards insuring the outcome that the habitual procrastinator so desperately seeks. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an overall term describing a range of problem-oriented psychotherapy techniques focusing on identifying and changing harmful thoughts and behaviors. Unlike more traditional forms of psychotherapy, CBT clients and their therapists work together in an active partnership to explore the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can underlie negative thinking and depression. How these negative beliefs develop often depends on the social and cultural experiences people have growing up and whether there are other accompanying health problems such as chronic pain, social anxiety, or substance abuse. Though CBT tends to focus on current thought patterns and behaviors, people dealing with other mental health issues or early abuse may also explore how these issues may be sabotaging their recovery. Part of the appeal of CBT is its flexibility. Not only can it be administered either individually or in treatment groups but CBT can also be adapted for use in couples or family therapy or in dealing with clients with special needs. Along with CBT programs for children and adolescents, there are also treatment programs aimed at adults dealing with childhood sexual or physical abuse, domestic violence, or other issues that might trigger chronic depression. So, we may complain because we want to appear smarter, but we may also be hard-wired to zoom in on negative or bad events for reasons of evolution. Species that are better at remembering incidents that have led to danger would be more likely to survive. For example, running across a sabre-toothed tiger means bad news. Most of us remember criticism far better than we remember praise. I did well in school, but the only thing I remember a teacher telling me word for word is my PE teacher saying that I had absolutely no talent for sports. PE teacher means bad news. I understand that remembering the positive, focusing on the positive and finding out what works for us may not come naturally. And I realize that doing these things may make me look foolish. But to me it would be foolish not to notice when a man turns kindness into happiness or when a woman discovers a well-being beyond material wealth. And once we have gathered enough pieces of evidence, we might start to see a connection between these things. These sorts of kindness foster a spirit of trust and cooperation. Building a community garden may improve both our health and our sense of connection.

Freedom is organizing our lives so that our happiness does not depend on how much we earn. All the factors that explain why some people are happier than others are connected. I believe that if we put these pieces together, we may not only write a happier chapter in our own lives to come but also build a better tomorrow for those who will follow us. Your list of goals is your roadmap. It's your blueprint. It's your guide. Your goals tell you what direction you're headed in and that's why it's so important to look at them first thing in the morning before you turn on your TV or you start looking through your news feeds on your phone. It's crucial to prime your mind with your goals. It's important to water the seeds you're planting every time you write down a goal. The Reticular Activating System seeks out familiar. When we get a new car, we suddenly see it everywhere. When we own a certain hat or shirt, we see someone wearing it from a mile away. When you constantly review goals and water those seeds, your Reticular Activating System helps you notice everything and everyone related to making that goal a reality. Without priming your mind with your goals, this wouldn't happen. When I was a kid, my parents made me eat everything on my plate or I'd be in trouble. I wasn't given a choice in what I ate, but they didn't care how I ate it. All that mattered was the plate got cleared I didn't get caught giving food to our little Chihuahuas. Most kids in that situation eat all of the food they like first and then spend 2 hours eating the food they don't like. But I did the opposite - I ate the nasty stuff first and then the delicious stuff last. If I ate the nasty stuff first, it was over with and I could enjoy the rest of my dinner and also I didn't have to finish with the taste of the food I hated still in my mouth.

When we try to face something that we've repeatedly put off, we're sure to feel overwhelmed by it. The longer we put that task off, the more apt we are to question our own ability to deal with it--instead of simply taking action. We may wonder: Maybe there's a good reason why I haven't gotten around to it? Could the truth be, I'm incapable of handling it? What if things go wrong? What if I wind up wasting my time? So, with all that against us, just how do we get started on a long put-off task? The answer is: we need to begin developing patience from within ourselves, because as stated before, patience is the enemy of procrastination. By developing patience within yourself, you can train your mind to ignore side issues; in-turn, you will train your mind to calm down because it will learn to stay focused on individual objectives. Typically, individual or group CBT sessions can range from forty-five minutes to over an hour per week. Despite having a strong educational component, clients and therapists can also use CBT sessions to exchange information and ideas about how the treatment is going. In a real sense, clients and therapists are working together as part of the therapy process to find real solutions to mental health issues such as depression. Along with the treatment sessions, clients receive homework assignments with exercises to apply what they learn in treatment. The lessons covered in these assignments can include learning to identify negative thoughts and behaviors that might increase the risk of relapsing, learning coping strategies to deal with potential sources of stress, and learning effective ways of coping with self-defeating thoughts. While there are different forms of CBT, including dialectic behavior therapy, rational living therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and rational behavior therapy, they all focus on a series of core principles including functional analysis, behavior modification, and skill training. Functional analysis involves clients and their therapists working together to explore the clients' own thoughts and beliefs and how they can shape their behavior. Clients are encouraged to talk openly and honestly about their depression and explore the way that their mood issues have impacted their lives. Using techniques such as the Socratic method, clients learn to identify destructive beliefs and thinking patterns by questioning many of the assumptions they have always taken for granted in the past. Some places have already put the pieces together, either knowingly or by chance. One of these is Todmorden in Yorkshire.

Until recently, there was nothing unusual about the place. Fifty thousand people live here; the Industrial Revolution had come and gone. But around ten years ago, a group of citizens sparked a revolution. One of them was Pam Warhurst, a businesswoman and former council leader in Todmorden. `"Who is up for changing the world with local food?" we asked, and we held a meeting in a cafe. Sixty people came. After a bit of talking, one got up and said, "Let's just get on with it. We can grow. We can share. We can cook. No need to write a report or talk more about it. Let's just get on with it." And the whole room exploded. And from that moment, I knew we were on to something.' That was the beginning of Incredible Edible. Today, plant beds, fruit trees and vegetable patches seem to occupy every free space around the town. Outside the police station, the fire station, the parking lots, the train station, the cemetery. Yes, the cemetery - they say the soil is extremely good there. The message is the same for everyone: take some - it's free. Every school grows vegetables and fruit. The kids helped to build the vegetable garden by the school, and the school now teaches agriculture. The initiative is changing the way the pupils think about food and health.

They call it propaganda gardening. They have found the language that unifies us: a language that cuts across age, gender and culture. When it comes to accomplishing our goals, you can finish in pain or you can finish feeling good. It's up to you. Many of us are like the kids who want to eat the tasty food first and the nasty food last. Instead of handling the difficult things first and getting them over with, we put them in the very back and do the easiest things first. Bad idea. When we do the easy things first, it's an uphill battle and it will only get harder and harder and harder. By the time we get to the hard things, we're worn out and we don't have any fight left. But when we do the hard things first and when we have the most energy, we come out of the gate swinging with everything we've got and we do major damage to the hard things. Once the hard things are done, it's all downhill and we coast our way through the rest of the list. Most people allow the hard things to intimidate them so they choose to do what's easy until they're backed into a corner and they have no other choices but to do the hard things. But by the time they're backed into a corner, they're so used to everything being easy that they completely give up. It's like a spoiled kid who's never dealt with hardship - they want everything easy and they're very likely to quit at the first sign of difficulty. Do the hard things first so the rest of your day is a breeze. Try not to "Compare and Despair." Avoid giving yourself vague or conflicting instructions for accomplishing tasks. Respond to your tasks in a logical way. The primary goal of accomplishing your tasks is to increase your self-esteem. Be wary of making harsh or inappropriate self-statements. Understand that there will be consequences for your inaction.