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Erasing personal history frees us from the encumbering thoughts of other people. I will allow another sixty days for additional training. By the end of that period, I expect you to achieve the following: [list goals]. If you haven't achieved these goals by November 15th, I will let you go. Max, I suggest you do two things between now and then. First, work on achieving the goals we have just discussed. Second, use some of your time to explore other employment opportunities for which you may be better suited. Now, just so that all of this is very clear, I will prepare a written summary of this conversation. You'll have a copy tomorrow. You owe it to your company and the employee not to disguise the gravity of the situation. Dismissal for Cause I know I'm repeating myself, but only because action is so vital. It will create a compound effect in your life when you begin to make healthier choices . Imagine, if you continue to do nothing, what your life will look like 6 months from now? How about a year? Now imagine, if you started just ONE healthier habit per month, what your life would look like in 6 months? In this scenario, your life could be COMPLETELY different. This Doesn't Have To Be The End. If you've enjoyed this article, you should know each week I write to hundreds of people from around the country on how to improve their health and overall well-being. The best part?

The health advice is delivered right to your email inbox. It's a tremendous act of kindness toward yourself. So, right now, I want you to celebrate something. Like, today. I'm not saying you have to throw a massive party in three hours, but you can absolutely be kind to yourself right now by celebrating something on purpose. Practically speaking, you'll need to decide three things: what to celebrate, how to celebrate, and who to celebrate with. What to Celebrate It could be that you've been working on something diligently for weeks, even though there aren't any results yet to show for it. It could be that you're living the life of a stay-at-home mom and feel more content than you did a few months ago. Or maybe you got an article accepted by a website, but it feels too small to really acknowledge. Celebrate whatever feels important--tangible or intangible, on any point of the journey. STEP 5 Light the palo santo stick again and imagine how its smoke cleans up the energy created by the burned excuses, leaving you feeling lighter and more positive. This may all feel a bit silly, but what you are doing with this symbolic ritual is telling yourself that these excuses are no longer yours to claim. Repeat the ritual whenever you feel it's needed. SORRY NOT SORRY Whenever we are not being productive, we feel guilty: I have done the wrong thing, because all I did this morning was have breakfast, check Instagram and stare out of the window. I failed to do the right thing, because I didn't finish the report I was due to send in this week. It's easy to beat yourself up, even though the world hasn't ended. And taking a break to do nothing is another instance where no crime has been committed.

So rewrite the narrative. Try to avoid so-called attention grabbers and only use neutral media. Also, you should reduce the brightness of the screens, since too much light also has adverse effects on sleep. Understand Hypnosis (History & Benefits) What is Hypnosis? The Greek word Hypnos means sleep in German. Still, hypnosis doesn't sleep. Instead, hypnosis is similar to the state between sleep and waking consciousness. The hypnotic trance is above a relaxed, relaxed, and fear-free state; Often, the images of the past, wishful photos, or ideas and thoughts appear that are of great concern to the person concerned at that time. Trance experience is sometimes also associated with a changed perception of time. We are not defined by our past--the future is what matters. Start keeping personal things to yourself that you normally would share with someone else. Slowly over time, tell people less and less about what you do and who you are. In this manner, you can begin to erase your personal history. Camouflage your personal history to keep from being pinned down by other people's thoughts or expectations. You need not be pigeonholed because you are bipolar, for example. The benefits of erasing your personal history include: No one pins you down with his or her thoughts or expectations. You can re-create yourself into whomever you want to be.

Forgetting the past allows you to focus on what is happening now and stop wasting your energy mulling over past events. In contrast to dismissal for poor or inadequate performance, termination for cause is characteristically sudden. It is motivated by such problems as: Gross failure to perform In instances of dismissal for cause, your objectives are: To amass adequate documentation YOUR SCRIPT: DISMISSING FOR CAUSE Most terminations for cause do not result from dramatic instances of misconduct. Here is a typical scenario: YOU: Gail, three days ago I brought to your attention discrepancies in your petty cash records and asked that you prepare an explanation of them by this morning. I indicated to you that if the explanation was not satisfactory in all regards, you would face termination for cause. Have your prepared something for me? YOU: Then I have no choice but to tell you that you are released from the payroll effective immediately. After reading a article like mine or watching a motivational video, it's easy to be inspired and live healthy for a couple days. Unfortunately, motivation and inspiration are always temporary feelings, and it can cause us to slide back into unhealthy routines. To maintain momentum, you need a continuous stream of positive and helpful health advice. So the best thing to do next is to visit my website and leave your name and email address, then I'll know to send you more health tips like the ones you've enjoyed reading in this article. You can do that at https://www. FREE Healthy Bonus Gifts If you would like more in-depth information and self help tips on common topics, please go to the website addresses below. When you get there, you'll see a special tips report I have written for you containing even more information on ways to get the help you need . Talk To A Physical Therapist From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

If you would like to talk to a specialist about any health-related problem you are currently having, I can also offer you a free, 20-minute telephone consultation with a certified physical therapist from my own clinic. Pick something that matters and celebrate it. GET YOURSELF A PREZZIE If you grew up with any kind of financial strain on the family or with parents who were frugal, the idea of actually buying something for yourself might feel ludicrous. In fact, this is the voice I hear in my head sometimes: What, I'm supposed to buy myself something every time I don't yell at my kid? You want me to go into credit card debt to celebrate stupid things? No, Kendra, of course not, and I'm sorry I made you so angry. A gift to yourself can be a kindness. A present can act as a marker, as a reminder of that skill you thought you'd never learn. When you put on the shoes or wear the earrings or treat yourself to a fancy facial, you remember how good it felt to meet the sales goal at work, to finish the article proposal, to organize the enormous church clothing drive. It's okay to get yourself a gift, especially when you can use that gift to remember who you are and what makes you come alive. Think of reasons why you were doing nothing that won't make you feel guilty. I have done nothing wrong, because I listened to my body which was craving some time off. I needed to see things at a distance, and stopping helped me to have clarity. It's bad to take time out because people need me Ask yourself: why do you care so much about what other people think of you? Are you afraid they will be disappointed in you or think you're a bad and selfish person? Most of us have been raised with the idea that we should care for others, that it would be self-centred and arrogant to put our own needs first. However, if you continuously sacrifice your free time in favour of other people, you're burning the candle at both ends until you have nothing left to give. If you want to feel indispensable and needed, this is your wake-up call.